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Monday, November 4, 2013

let's play catch up (again)...

Hello! I missed all of October here in blogland... I can't even believe it myself. It has been a wild ride of doing shows almost every weekend and spending the week preparing for them.   To get you a little up to date on what I've been up to I went through the pics on my phone going backwards from most the recent ones and stopped when I figured you were saying "enough already!"

I made shadow box pendants for last weeks show, and a customer had me marry two necklaces together as we chatted a bit.  I love how it turned out!  I may have to take a second look at some of my stock!

Here are some repurposed glass bottles with vintage ornament toppers for Christmas.   The show was the Recycled Art Market.  It's one of my favorites because everything you make has to be at least 50% recycled.  Right up my alley! 

Soldered bottles, some with pearls, some with feathers, some with little trees... They come with a chain to be worn but they look great on the tree too.

 pumpkins, bottles, vintage button rings, and soldered ornaments hanging from repurposed feather trees made by my brother Wil.  Plus the lavender laundry and cleaning goods in the background.

the worktable...

Max the zombie making his rounds on Halloween with his buddies.  Yes, you have to RUN between houses when the city only gives you 2 hours to gather as much candy as your pillowcase can hold!

And YES, at our house you still trick or treat when you're in high school as long as a costume is involved... especially if you made yourself a sweet fairy forest deer costume 

...most especially if you stand long enough for a zillion pics for your mom.

Vintage button rings from my stash of beautiful metal buttons, most were given to me by a dear friend so I could repurpose them... Thanks Judy! xoxo

 Our newest addition to the lavender goodness - Lavender Carpet Freshener!  Lavender buds, and lavender oil along with natural freshening agents to freshen your carpets and vacuum as you clean.  It's really lovely and makes your home smell fabulous!

I put our heron decoy in this apple picking bag a while ago, and he got a fall makeover with corn tassels.

Every birthday should end with you falling asleep in the car hugging your new best friend that your sister bought for you at the cider mill!

...because this is how much fun you had at said cider mill!  Happy #11  Max!  xoxoxo 

Speaking of new best friends, have you met Captain yet?  When we got him in August the humane society called him a 'lab mix'. We are pretty sure now that the 'mix' is Great Dane.  He's much bigger than this already!  

But he's ALL puppy!

Sometimes I play with apps on my phone for Instagram.  This one is my fave by Rhonnadesigns.  

I think i heard someone In the back yell "enough already!" so I'll stop now.  Thanks for playing catch up with me!  This is the first time I've blogged from my phone, we'll see how it goes, maybe I could blog more often and not have to recap an entire month!

I hope that you are having a wonderful autumn!  Thanks for stopping by!
Love, t.xoxo

Sunday, April 14, 2013

bottled stories...

vintage love...

I spent most of the week on the computer
absorbing all of the info that I could to grow my business,
applying to art shows for this season,
and digging through receipts for our taxes.

(last minute... who me?)

with a scrapbook of vintage photos as my muse,
I sat down this past weekend for some much needed creative time,
and created bottled stories.

vintage photos, beads, buttons, needle and thread and
a few other trinkets, with a chosen word for
each bottle, helps to tell a long forgotten story.
Okay, a story that I envisioned for them,
one that I created by the pose, or the facial expression
in the photo. A chance to share a forgotten photo,
because we all have a story to share.

These photos are from the same scrapbook that
I made this pumpkin with.

All of the photos look to have been taken
by a budding photographer in college.
Some of them are photos of friends from UofM
 and some from MSU,
which at the time was called
Michigan Agricultural College.
Some are from days at the lake with family
and all of them pull at my heart.

I know that I will be making more of these,
as I still have quite a few photos
that have a story to tell.

Although they will be listed as 
pendants with a ball chain for you to wear
around your neck, 
I can also add them to a key fob,
for you to hang from your favorite bag.

If you see one that you would like
before I can get the rest of the pics taken for etsy, 
(not a lot of sun here lately and I need to get individual shots taken)
just send me a msg. 
and I will put up a reserve listing for you :)
$28.00 + 3.00 shipping

GENUINE - sold
IMAGINE - sold

Thanks so much everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sunday!

love, t.xoxo

p.s. If it's sunshiny where you live,
could you maybe send some our way, we could sure use it!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

the attention span of a gnat...

Sometimes having the attention span of a gnat is a good thing...

because of it, I am really never bored.
I am someone who has to keep her hands busy,
I generally don't watch television with the family
unless I am multitasking.
(unless I plan on letting it lull me to sleep)

Earrings are a good thing to make while I 'watch!'
I grab a handful of beads and findings and
snuggle in with everyone.

 The early hours of the morning are my
favorite time to solder.
Generally I have the pieces all put together and like to accumulate 
a nice pile of them to solder.
I'm usually the first one awake 
and it's quiet around here and I drink my coffee,
listen to pandora, and go to town!

this one is a double sided

vintage fabric scrap from a small vintage napkin with the trim on the front
and the word simplify on the back.

this one is made from a vintage piece of embroidery 

the latest pieces from the worktable,
most of them are listed in the shop

...and when I'm not making jewelry,
you know I'm sewing sachets and making soap!
These were the sachets that I made for the 
Soap'n House that I mentioned a few posts ago.
It unfortunately was postponed because
of the late winter weather so these
are waiting for the next show or for sale on etsy :)
I just love using the vivid colors of the vintage fabrics,
for the dryer sachets, it makes them easy to spot among the laundry,
and of course the Michigan stamp one is a favorite of mine.

So you see, having the attention span of a gnat
has served me well,
I flit from project to project always trying something new!
I do miss creating collages, and assemblage pieces
but this gnat has also learned her limits.
There is really only so much time in the day,
and right now my days are very full.

In between creating with my hands, I have been 
expanding my lil brain too!
I am in the process of creating a new website for us.
The blog will be connected to it,
but I wanted to create our own site 
apart from etsy.
Sometimes as I'm putting it together,
I think of it as one of those brain exercises 
that they encourage for gnats my age!

"If you don't use it, you lose it"

(I wish that worked for the rest of my body!)

That's a little of what I've been up to,
how about you?
I'd love to hear all about it!


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's all in the details...

I have been spending most of my creating time making jewelry and I love it , but recently I used some of that time to create pretty packaging for the baubles!

Still a work in progress, but at least now I have an idea of the direction I want to go!

I have spring fever and it's not nearly spring around here yet.
I want to paint every room in the house and 
clean, clean, clean,
change things out, 
freshen things up,
and throw open the windows
(though that wouldn't be a good idea yet!)

I just need a few more minions around
 that can help me accomplish all of the tasks 
that need to be done around here!

Until they show up,
I need to get ready for another show,
so more baubles to be created
and more soap to be made!

My friends, Tammy and LeeAnn are having another
Soap'n House
on Tuesday the 19th @ 4:00
(for all of you local folks)
and have invited me to sell the goods!
They are the girls behind

and they make some really beautiful and luscious
soaps, scrubs and lotions for the whole family.
Click on the link to check out their FB page
for more info.
and to order your own.
(for all you far away folks)

spring is around the corner
life is good.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Marketplace

Have you shopped 
Debra has a large following of 
etsy and online shopkeepers
such as myself that she has created a party for!
I know, isn't she so sweet?

If you haven't joined in yet, 
you really should,
let everyone know what you have listed in your shop
and find some fabulous 
items from someone elses.

I added a couple of items to the party today...

washed ashore...
an organic piece of sea glass, soldered, aged and
adorned with a rosary connector and pink stones,
embraced with a few rhinestones for the sparkle that we all love!

a tiny brown and white striped feather in a bottle with some glass glitter,
soldered, aged, and labeled with the word
that keeps me grounded.

Debra featured my sparkly green earrings this week!
Thank you Debra!

a combination of beautiful green disco balls
and rhinestone rondelles along with a dangle of 
green glass tiny bell flowers.

You can find all of these and much more at the shop...

Debra's Marketplace posts are wonderful
opportunities for us shopkeepers to
share our products with folks who might 
otherwise not find us among the vast
array of shops on etsy and the www.
If you have a moment, stop by Debra's
fabulous blog

she is hosting a giveaway today!!
You can enter her giveaway and visit a few of the shops
for some ooak vintage and handmade goods!

Welcome to all of the new followers of
the blog and to those who have 
started following along on the FB page!
I really appreciate your visits!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

let the soldering commence...

(waiting for jump rings)

just a quick sneak peek at some of the new 
soldered pendants for this weekends show...

4th Annual Recycled Art Market
held at 
City High/Middle School
1400 Fuller Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI.
I am so excited about this show,
at least 50% of your artwork must be recycled.
love that.

I think that the upcoming election must be having
a subconscious effect on my artistic choices...
as I picked through a bag of vintage stamps my love of 
our country and history took over and I chose
the presidents over flowers.
I also added the Statue of Liberty, and some historical landmarks 
along with crystals, old marbles, beach glass
and a truly wonderful wooden pink yardstick
that was broken, now is found...
as soldered charms.

Lots more to do,
much creative brainstorming going on over here!

My east coast babes are well,
and for that I am eternally thankful.

My babes at home are down with
the flu and on good advice
we are going to be getting some grape juice today,
Thanks Z!
So no trick or treating pics to show,
we stayed in and watched movies.

O.k... back to work 

Thanks for stopping by, 
I always enjoy your company!

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Thanks for the party Debra!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

upcycled gift box... the tutorial (kinda)

I am going to confess right now... 
I am cheap thrifty,
plus I have a difficult time buying something 
that can be made, reused, repurposed, saved...

I needed a box to ship my jewelry orders out.
I looked at ordering boxes...
(for about a minute!)

I just knew that if I put my mind to it, I would come up with a better solution.

I had a flashback to the little paper towel roll vase that I made
a couple of years ago, and with a little adjusting ~ waalaa!
A new jewelry gift box for my creations!

(the original idea for this came from Somerset Life)

(the only problem is that now I want to make more of these!)
I think that they need to hang on doorknobs everywhere :)
I thought I would walk you through the process
just in case you want to make the gift boxes.

Instead of the ribbon looped on either side of the roll
I stapled it on the back and punched a hole on the front so that 
the ribbon could be slipped through and tied into a bow.

Using an extra strength glue stick, cover the toilet paper roll and then 
wrap it in the paper of your choice.
Staple the bottom shut,
and cover the staples with a scrap of doily or paper of your choice.
The one above was my prototype...
after that one, I left the extra paper at the top and tucked it inside
for a more finished look.  
( use the glue around the inside of the roll before you tuck the paper inside) 

flatten it out and stamp with your favorite stamps,
staple on the ribbon and use a hole punch on the front for
the ribbon to go through.
Tuck your treasure inside,
tie the bow, and there you go!

Now as these new garden series necklaces leave the shop
they will arrive more like a gift than a purchase!

I confessed at the beginning of the post to being thrifty,
now I must confess to NOT being the best tutorial creator in blogland!
I get so wrapped up in the creating part that taking pictures
doesn't enter my mind until the work is done.
please accept my apologies.  :)
If you have any questions at all,
please feel free to ask in the comments and I will get right back to you.

Well, back to the worktable for me...
Thanks so much for stopping by,
see you soon!


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

white wednesday...

vintage chandelier crystals an aged crucifix and fresh water pearls...
one of the newest listings in the shop.

Another quick post from me I'm afraid...
I keep hearing the white rabbit in my ear telling me 
I'm late, I'm late!

No date to speak of but I have a million projects to do 
and a messy house, and a busy family schedule this week.

I have been on a creative streak and the soldering iron has 
me in its grasp...

I'm hoping to have a more substantial post soon,
and have time to catch up with all of you... 
but you know I can't
miss out on White Wednesday!

sooooo, how's life treating you?


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Friday, January 20, 2012

weekend plans...

I'm thinking more of this...

I'm sorry for the grainy pictures, I was losing daylight quickly as I tried to snap a few for you!

I'm still investigating but I think that i got this altered photo from 

she has some really fantastic freebies for us!

vintage bark cloth under glass.

still beading...
I've combined my love of collage and soldering into new necklaces.
I am loving the process, picking vintage costume jewels to add to new
glass seed beads.  My brain is spinning!

We are supposed to get some snow tonight,
so that means more beading tomorrow too!
Picture me cozied up on the couch surrounded by beads with a fire going in the fireplace,
and movies on the t.v.
sounds like a pretty good Saturday so far!

I'm thinking beef stew for dinner for the carnivores and vegie stew for us herbivores,
yup that's a good Saturday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Theresa xoxoxoxo

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Thanks Debra!

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