Saturday, July 14, 2012

a little of this, a little of that...

Let's start with this...

Last week I helped my good friend Julie put together a 50th birthday party for her husband, Tom.
She had so many great ideas for the decorations, the food and the entertainment so it was
an easy job!  This guy, Tod Parkhouse,  the caricature artist was a big hit,  
the guests, young and old alike were lined up for him to draw a silly picture of them.

Here he is drawing one of Max and Hannah

How adorable is that!!!  
It cracks me up every time I look at it!

Duane and I had ours drawn too, but nobody to take a photo of it happening,
Thank goodness for small favors!

Julie hired great local band to play on her beautiful wrap around porch
 while the guests relaxed on the  front lawn
visiting with friends in their lawn chairs.
Also a big hit!
(one day I need to take you on a tour of her gorgeous home)

I am so bummed that I didn't have more time to take some photos of the
decorations with my camera before the guests arrived.
 (I did take a few with Julies before I went
home to get mine but that doesn't help me show them to you now!)


I made these chalkboard tags out of precut wood from the craft store
and them we used my new favorite tool, the chalkboard paint pen
to write on everything.
If you haven't gotten one for yourself yet and you love chalkboards as much
as I do, you must head to your nearest craft store
cuz they aint cheap and I couldn't find any single pens,
you have to buy the set for $12.00
but go get yourself some,
I promise you won't be sorry!
I was able to use the 50% coupon though so I did my famous
Happy Dance as I walked out the door!

We also wrapped some vintage ice buckets with a strip of burlap and topped
them with huge burlap fluffy flowers and filled them with hosta leaves.
Julie also bought plain white paper napkins and stamped the corner
with cool vintage looking stamps.
Plus everything was in galvanized buckets or tool boxes.
She had so many wonderful details that I wish I could show you right now.


now, here's some of that...

We have added some really colorful lavender sachets to the mix of 
our laundry provisions
and they are a big hit at the market!
All vintage materials, curtains, tablecloths,sheets, a pillow case or two,
and some mens dress shirts because Danielle said we needed something for the men.
She was so right!

and finally...

Oliver has decided that this large wash basin
is his favorite new hang out.

As I took this picture I had to laugh because we 
recently watched Jim Gaffigan, Mr. Universe,
and he talks about how we are becoming obsessed with taking
pictures of everything.  One of his lines is 'The cat is sleeping,
I should take a picture of him'
...and tweet it.

Seriously though, could you help but take a picture
of what we like to call,
"kitty in a bowl"?

I didn't think so.

Happy Saturday,
make it special!



  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!

  2. What a great party has the old time feel to it.....see did you have something to do with that? haha The kids look so cute standing next to their caricature.
    I love seeing peoples animals it shows there compassion for living creatures. I did read a blogger complaining about when they follow someone because they show a pic of a great old door then after that show nothing but pics of their cat:( I had to chuckle......are they talking about MOI!
    Keep showing it all I'll always be at your door.


  3. What a fun idea to have an artist do those character sketches of your guests. I love the drawing of your children. I think it looks sort of like them. I love your kitty in the bowl too. Happy weekend.


  4. That looks like an awesome party. And beautiful weather! We had our kids caricatures done by a guy in Madrid, Spain who was originally from Iraq. :) Your sachets are so pretty! Cats are so funny! Oliver in a bowl is precious. I think taking pictures of everything makes us appreciate all that is around us. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  5. What an awesome party Theresa, it looks like you all had an amazing time!!
    And your lavender sachets look so lovely.
    I love your kitty's new bed, I had to look twice before I saw him. :)
    Wishing you a lovely week.

  6. I definitely think 'kitty in a bowl' is worth the shot. It's the cutest thing I've seen all day. Oh...except those darling drawings of your Max and Hannah!
    Now that looks like a birthday party to me!!! It makes me want to turn fifty all over again : )
    sending hugs...

  7. LOVE all of it, especially Oliver in the wash basin!

  8. What a fun party! I hired a caricature artist for a bridal shower once, and it was so fun. Great mementos, and we had them all framed.

    Your lavender sachets are very cute. I hope your sales are doing well!


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