Monday, August 13, 2012

once upon a time...

I am going out on a limb here people and am going to
share pretty pictures and a story.

Remember this post?
I thought I would give you a little update...
4 days after Duane received his MBA on that beautiful Sat.
he got a phone call from his employer and they reconfigured his
district and he was laid off.
Now, I didn't share all of this before now because I knew
that it wasn't the end of our story.
Why only give you the part that put us into a tailspin?

You need to know the parts that are helping us dance out
of the tailspin!  
We put hope into our soap ;)
The way we looked at it, God gave Duane the tenacity and brains to get through
his MBA program and me the ability and creativity to make soap
and we put them together with His help.
 We are just using what we were given.
The markets that I have been going to and the shows that
we have been applying to are what we are pouring
ourselves into these days.

All of us... 

On Thursday as I sat behind my sewing machine
making 100 or so sachets,
I looked into the kitchen and my heart swelled with love
and pride and I watched Duane and Max fill 200 bottles of 
our linen water.  A little while later I walked into the room
where Hannah was filling bags of soap that her and Duane made,
 and when Danielle came home from shopping for supplies, 
she filled the sachets that I had sewn.
(That's right, I have Danielle home for a while!!)
John and Cam have been helping too, with marketing ideas, 
contacts, research and crazy amounts of support!

This photo is from our booth at the South Haven Blueberry Festival
this past weekend. 
(that's Danielle hiding behind our table)
 We got in on a last minute cancellation, so this past week was CRAZY!!
We had the best time at the show and will be
heading back to South Haven for the Labor Day show.
We have every weekend filled with a show or
festival until the middle of Sept. and are researching more for the upcoming
holiday markets.
Plus I am doing 2 markets during the week.
This weekend we are double booked!!

The fact that our entire family is helping in one way or another
has made this time in our life a more positive one than
I can ever remember.
I know that we are not alone in our employment
situation and I have met many people who have stories like ours.  
I met a man at the market that makes delicious
salsa.  Art was downsized from a job that he was very unhappy doing, but
it was a job.  He had been told for years that he should sell his salsa,
but waved away the idea until he decided that he really didn't 
want to look for another job that would make him just as unhappy.
So he made salsa.
That was 1 year ago and now he is in 24 stores and restaurants,
around the state and he is loving every minute of it!

Now that's a story!
I just know that we are only in the first few chapters of our story,
but I will keep turning the pages because I just know that 
our ending is a happy one.

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

Isn't this perfect for the first chapter of our story?
Remove the word SHE and insert THEY.

Like I said, I didn't tell you about the page that
started this chapter of our life because I didn't want anyone
to feel bad for us.  I just knew that whatever came our
way, we would be fine.
We have made lemonade out of life's
lemons before and we are actually pretty good at it.
So stop on over, have a seat and I will pour you
one of the best glasses you have ever had.

Right after I turn this page...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I know that that
I have been MIA alot lately so I thought it was
time I stopped in with a bit of an explanation.

You support and love means the world to me,
along with our wonderful friends, and family around


p.s. I will update you on the kids soon,
there are some great stories there too!


  1. SweetT2,
    Looking to my left on your sidebar, I see the word "Inspiration". Girl...that is what you and your family are.
    Y'all are amazing.
    I know I'm going to see y'all go great places with your great products. I know I'm so proud to know you and be a witness to all the things God has planned in the next chapter.
    Three words...Fab U Lous!
    Well actually 3 more...I love you!!!

  2. We've been where you are and it's not an easy road. Congrats on the success! I just signed up for my first festival sale today and I'm scared but at the same time excited. Your story gives me confidence!

  3. Hi Theresa,
    I think if there's any family that can pull together and make something work it is yours. The one thing that has always come through loud and clear to me through your posts is the love of your family and the support that you have for one another! I'm glad you shared your story with us. It is very inspirational! Good luck at all of the markets. I have a feeling I'll be seeing your soaps on the store shelves soon!

  4. It is wonderful to hear such an inspiring story. Best of luck in your expanded endeavor, which seems like it was just meant to be. :)

  5. You have always been an inspiration to us and now even more. I know you will go far my friend with the love and support of your family.

  6. You have the best attitude my sweet Theresa! I am so, so proud of you and that awesome family of yours. This just inspires me and gave me goosebumps as I read your post! Keep it up...and go make more lemonade : )
    sending love...

  7. Bravo!
    What a wonderful chapter, thank you so much for sharing!
    Looking forward to hearing more!

  8. Hey there, dear Theresa. I had missed this post and came looking for you! all I can say is God is Good, and He has good plans for our lives. I'm so glad that you're walking out God's amazing plan! miss you! xoxo

  9. Enjoyed this so much, your strength and love as a family shines through your photographs and words. In His time!! So glad you had a great show! :)

  10. Oh Theresa,
    What a testimony this blog is. Your family is awesome and I'm so glad you have each other. The booth display is fabulous. Go, little family, GO!!
    Wishing you all the best.

  11. Theresa, what a wonderful post. I keep a journal with sayings to inspire, I have just entered the one from Elizabeth Edwards. The only thing we can change is ourselves and you and your family have made a very positive change. Do you realize that someone may be inspired or motivated to reevaluate their situation, too? I will be back to read about your continued success and thanks for sharing! Words do matter and you have done your readers a service. Best of luck!

  12. Oh, Theresa! This made me cry...what an opportunity you have...nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing families really working together...your children are learning a very precious life lesson...God is so good!
    Now, we know where you have been, busy girl!

  13. We have missed you! I love, love, this post,.....Yes, use your brains and skills and it can be done. There is a lot of people making a living selling in markets and on-line, and you now have it on the run,,,Exhausting, yes,...But, I can tell that it is not the worst time of your life! Good for you!


  14. I couldn't say it ANY better than DebTheCeleb did... so Ditto what DebTheCeleb said.

    I love you too!!! xoxoxo


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