Monday, May 6, 2013

the gift...

Mayday is wonderful,
truly wonderful.
You know why?
It gave me the opportunity to let Max and his buddy Elijah
experience the pure joy of surprising sweet friends.

they were my 'runners',

ringing the doorbells, or knocking on doors

leaving the little pot on a table
or hanging from the doorknob

and then running back to the car
with the biggest smiles ever!

That was really the gift.
They felt so wonderful as they
surprised our friends,
and I felt pure joy from
watching them have fun.

I made the mayday baskets
a little different from the ones that
I showed in the last post.
I had some peat pots,
painted them white and 
I added something special
for each person.
A crepe paper ruffle, a special bird for our bird lover,
an old MSU creamery lid for our MSU fan,
a little color for our colorful friend...
you get the picture,
each  one different,
just like my friends.

I wish I could have made one
for all those special to me.
Do you think you all
could move into the neighborhood
before next May 1?

It was a gift week for me too..
I won Lynn's giveaway and now I have
the sweetest work of art on my dining room mantle!
(it's absolutely perfect, isn't it?)

Thank you Lynn!

Thanks for stopping by!
love, t.xoxoxoxo


  1. Leave it to you to have the cutest Mayday baskets EVER!!!!!! We got caught a lot ths year...hope yours were faster runners than mine! :) Totally cuteness!!!

  2. These are lovely. Your artistic vision is always fun to see.

  3. LOVE these baskets. And yes, please. I would love to move near you for the month of May...
    glad you like the gift!

  4. Such sweet baskets, your friends are very lucky. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Aren't those the cutest? Well done!


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