Sunday, January 23, 2011

o.k.... now where was I...

Oh my gosh, it has been 2 weeks since I posted....lets see,   I went to the barn, I brought in a few treasures, the tree went to the road last Sunday, and I have been trying to keep up with life ever since. there it is in a nutshell, well kinda.

SERIOUSLY!  I cannot even believe it's been 2 weeks!   To be honest, life has been busy and  I felt like I was spinning in circles I just didn't seem to be able to actually complete a single project.  It didn't help that my creativity add has set in BIG time, so I have no less than 12 projects going at any one time, but I am happy to say that today I actually completed a few of said projects and even got some pictures!  WOOHOO!!!  So here we go...

 I really love how this banner turned out.  Felted wool heats all prettied up with scalloped script paper and vintage white buttons, stitched to a roping of crocheted chainstitching.  so stinkin sweet.

I think the different textures is what has my heart... sorry I couldn't resist ;O

On to the next finally completed project...

A tote bag for around town all gussied up with a vintage image from Karen and one of my all time favorite symbols... the red cross.  I don't care what country you live in, it is there. how perfect.  I added a ticking rosette with a vintage red cross pin in the center. 

Sorry, I know the pics are kind of dark, this good ole winter weather isn't really cooperating for me!
But what did cooperate for me today was one of my favorite of all time people, my brother Wil... this is how fun, and cooperative he is.
1. he was a willing model for my new boutonnieres for etsy.
2. he was a willing model for my new boutonnieres for etsy in the Goodwill dressing room, (with the door open)
3. he let me take pictures of him at the Goodwill with strangers wondering what the heck we were doing and who were WE calling strange(rs)?
o.k. are you ready to me him?  really, if you could meet him in person I promise you would love him instantly, everyone else does.  He has so much charm and such a  fun-loving-life kind of spirit.

adorable, right?

this was his "action shot" as he put it! Oh my gosh, we were laughing so hard!  I had to keep composing myself so I could keep the camera somewhat steady!

You see we had a little get together and ate wonderful food provided by none other than Wil, and played some silly games, all for scratch-off lottery ticket prizes again provided by Wil. Then a few of us ventured out on a scheduled trip to the local GoodWill.  I brought my camera and boutonnieres along so that we could do this.  He pulled the clothes off of the rack stepped into the dressing room, left the door open so that I could get the pictures, and we had our Good Wil  photo shoot!  hilarious!

I am filling  theoldwhitehouse with all sorts of goodies and combining the two stores, so look out for more new creations and lots of vintage surprises in the shop!

Geesh, I started this post yesterday, Saturday, and like  my projects i couldn't finish it all in one sitting.  Well I better get busy again, I have so many more things to share with you and it looks like the sun might even be out today so another photo session is in order... I wonder if I can get someone here to model for me in the  frigid outdoors... "Oh Wil".

I'm linking this to Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy, and  Tea Rose Home'slink parties.

I've so missed our little chats, and all of YOU and am thrilled to be back!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. So glad you are back! Missed you. Ok, what a great post. Love the banner and that tote is amazing. So enjoyed your Goodwill photo shoot! Those boutonnieres are going to be a hit. Yes, spotted the red one with the cross!

  2. First of all, your heart banner is adorable! And your brother is a great model! Do you think he could come to Lansing for a photo shoot? lol Anyway, good to see you back on the blog. I always enjoy visiting your site!

  3. Oh how funny. Your brother sounds just like you, alot of fun! Love the little boutonnieres. I really like the red one in the last pic. Can't wait to see what you have new for the store!

  4. omg that is sooo funny.
    I love how open and free your family is and could care less about who is watching. I love the idea of a goodwill photo shoot!
    Glad your back

  5. Hey Theresa, well it is obvious that comedic humor runs in your family! :) What a fun day! And what a great brother to model for you, in public! Ha! I bet those folks at GoodWill thought you had lost your marbles. Love the heart garland. I'm thinking I could do that. I am always thinking I could do lots of stuff and then I never get around to doing anything different. I must try! Love all your projects. Take care! And don't stay away so long. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. So that is where the creativity bug went...I couldn't find it anywhere over here! I was wondering where he went :) I feel like mine is gone but it is okay because I don't mind having nothing going right now.

    Okay you two would be trouble!!! Of course I kinda like the trouble kind :) I bet you two have so much fun together! I love all the laughing & fun you two have!!! Just wish I had been there to laugh along! But I am smiling big!!!!

  7. Wow! You have been a busy girl! The Goodwill photo shot sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  8. Hi Theresa!
    I'm glad that you are back. The blogging world has not been the same since you were gone!

    I love the heart banner, it's so cute.

    Your brother Wil is a character for sure. I'm glad that you laugh and have fun together. I have a brother who is the same way.


  9. Love your blog, and what a funny, cute post! I too love the GoodWill, but have never done a photo shoot there! Guess you need a model first!
    I am really glad to see that there are others with many projects going on at once....I should not even be reading blogs as I type! I have glitter, paper, and hearts all over my den right NOW! I am just on a break!~LOL Cathy aka GGJ

  10. Theresa you are too funny and yes I have missed you too but I know how time can get away from you.
    I have to tell you... George came up to the computer and said " who is that?" speaking of your brother....I said I didn't know ...just some crazy guy with a flower!!! haha just kidding.
    Well have to turn the computer off and go home but thanks for the chuckle!

    L~ Carole all the new creations

  11. Hi Theresa, I just luv your post and the banner of hearts are CUTE! I luv the way they look. I too have been a bit sluglish at putting out new post also. Have yoursekf a great week..........Julian

  12. Your brother seems like a real fun guy!

    Hey, I've been awarded with a Stylish Blogger Award and I'm passing it on to you. Please check out my most recent post to see about accepting and passing it on. Totally up to you if you choose to participate, this post was hard and alot of work! As Uncle Ben in Spiderman says, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Ha! Anyway, just wanted you to know in case you didn't already, I really enjoy your blog.

  13. Cute banner - cute brother! And great post! Thank you for the "home tour" the other day - and would love to get together sometime and "make stuff"!

  14. Congrats on the Graphics Fairy feature!

  15. Your tote bag is seriously pretty. What a lovely gift that would make! But my favorite would be your swag of charming hearts. Feminine, not fussy.I like that. I might just try a little colorway of my own playing on your idea. Thanks for the tip! You keep a delightful blog!
    Rose McGuinn

  16. Love that tote bag! It's perfect!


  17. Your garland is fantastic! The bag is pretty cute too :) Popped over from Graphics Fairy.

  18. How did you do the bag? Did you get the fabric printed somewhere?


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