Thursday, July 7, 2011

this is why I plant flowers...

The kids love to surprise me with little bouquets as soon as they see a flower arrive in the garden...

Max and I picked these peonies together when they were in bloom.

Hannah does this the most...

she loves to pick them and arrange them, who knows maybe we have a florist in the family?

todays pick was the few hydrangea blooms and some lavender

she picks the vase too
I love this old silver hotel pitcher and she knows it!

After she has finished arranging them, she finds me and
says "look what I picked for you"

blessed I tell you.

gotta run, I have to work in a few minutes and I haven't even put on my face yet!

can't be scaring away the customers!

Happy Thursday!

Theresa xoxo


  1. Those are the most gorgeous bouquets I've seen in a long, long, time. Hannah truly has a wonderful gift - love how she chooses to arrange them, and the containers...You ARE blessed - and glad you know it!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Hi Theresa! Oh I think Hannah should come live with me! I need that girl...& Annie would love a sister!!! She sure does some nice work! I think that would be the perfect job..maybe I should start getting Annie interested in flowers...every family needs a florist!

  3. Looks like she gonna be a florist! Great work Hanna!

  4. So beautiful and SO sweet!
    I wish my garden was producing like yours.

  5. Wow, those are gorgeous! yes, I think you have a florist on your hands.

  6. What pretty boquets!
    You havec thoughtful and creative kiddos too.

  7. Does she take orders? The bitty one is always picking me flowers but she doesn't have the knack like Hannah. What a lovely thing for the kids to do for you!

  8. What sweet gifts from your kids!!
    Never thought to put hydrangea and lavendar together....I'm thinking I will give it a try.
    Now I just have to find one of those gorgeous silver pitchers!!

  9. It has been so awesome catching up with my friend at 612 Riverside!!! I jus tlove it here! Hannah is my kindda girl. Let her know that I loved her beautiful arrangements, will you?
    I went back to read the posts I had missed here, and I have to tell you that necklace is beautiful! You are such a talent Theresa. Everything you do is wonderful!
    sending hugs from here...

  10. Your kids sound so sweet!! The flowers are beautiful and it's so nice that the kids love bringing them in to you!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  11. Hey Theresa -- love that big necklace you made for Danielle's friend. I almost bought something similar but much simpler while in Nepal -- a new shop opened in a new complex near our hotel and I was the first customer.

    Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! We certainly enjoyed nature and being outdoors while in Nepal. Now it is back to heat and dust and everything dying off because of the heat. :/

    Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy

  12. Peonies are my favorite! They have such a short season though and I can no longer find them in the city.

    Thank you so very much for the AMAZING comment you left me! I love hearing how the project has inspired others and it's a wonderful motivator for me. congrats on having such a beautiful family and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you all.


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