Saturday, July 2, 2011

a day in the life of @ 612...

In the life of a girl with too many craft supplies,
and so many ideas,
and so many flowers sitting on the table waiting to be used...

there comes the moment when it all makes sense.

Around here it seems that moment arrives with a chid in tow...
"Mom, I need a present for ____________"
you fill in the blank.
"Do you have anything we can make"

(it's like they know I work best under pressure or something!)

Today was such a day.
Believe it or not, I didn't have to make a single flower for this bib necklace
that I put together for Danielle's friend's 21st birthday.
D-"Mom can WE make something for Carly?"
M-"What would WE make?"
D-"I don't know... she loves all of your flowers though"
~nuff said.
I like this girl already!
D- "oh and I need to leave in about an hour or so..."
D- "I love you!!!"
I'm such a sucker for a smooch and I love you and a good challenge.

by the way... you know why the WE in this drama has been highlighted right?
I did mention the sucker part, right?

 This little project has given me a whole new appreciation
for stockpiling my supplies.
(also known as making tons of flowers without a definite plan for them)

I really must go through my stash and see what else I can come up with!
I can thank the fabulous land of blog for this inspiration!

so here goes...
Thanks to all of you fabulously creative bloggers who have shown us your anthro inspired creations,
otherwise I honestly wouldn't have known the first thing about bib necklaces!
Today I am the coolest mom on the block

and it feels sooooo good!  ;O

Happy Saturday!

Theresa xoxo
aka... coolest mom on the block

(for today anyway until another mom breaks out the popsicles!)


  1. Hi Theresa,
    Don't you just love it when you can wow one of your kids with something you've made! I agree, you are the coolest Mom on the block. I love the bib necklace!


  2. What a cute necklace and even a cuter story!!


  3. Way to go Coolest Mom on the Block!!! That necklace is some kind of awesome!! Danielle's friend is some kind of lucky!!! Even popsicles wouldn't beat that! Smiles & Hugs Sweetie~ Robin

  4. You really are the coolest mom ever! I want that necklace! ;) Happy July 4th!


  5. Sounds all too familiar. Love how this necklace turned out with all your handmade flowers.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend:-)


  6. YAY! If I could make something so beautiful I would be the cool mom too! Beautiful...;j

  7. I wish I was Carly! You rock coolest Mom on the block.

  8. Theresa "Life is like a box of Chocolates, you can never have to many"!! At least I think that's the way I remember Forest Gump saying his Momma said that!! or maybe it's you can't eat just one. Oh well anyways you are the coolest Mom for putting that together really fast and for sharing with us. Bet I can guess what's gonna show up in your Etsy!! LOL Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog about my "Nest Purse" my mind is creating more of them on different things as we speak!! LOL Anyways have a Happy 4th!! XO Love, Fran.

  9. The popsicles must be the red white and blue rocket ones right ?

    way cool necklace Mom! Groovy! You Rock! oh yeah, that's right "they" don't say that anymore.
    How about's beautiful Mom <3

  10. Hi Coolest Mom on the Block!! I'm sure your daughter's gift of your necklace was a huge hit!! It is gorgeous! Keep stockpiling those flowers!

  11. Oh, this sounds soooo familiar!!!
    But yes, I bet you really are the coolest mom around and I know that your daughter's friend will be thrilled to pieces!!!!


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