Wednesday, May 9, 2012

all this and more...

I am so excited to be included in this years spring show at
The Garden Gallery!
As I toured Nancy's shop, my head was spinning in every direction to take it all in...
no kidding, she has so many amazing items for sale that
I wanted to move into the shop!

Nancy and her husband Don are a great team, she comes up with
creative designs,  and he helps make them a reality.

Like this incredible piece... found the cart, refurbished it and made a new top for it...
now it's a seriously cool piece that would be great just about anywhere
in my your home. :)
The mantle behind it?  Equally amazing... look at that mirror!

Her vignettes make me want to scoop up the whole thing and take
them home to recreate them, every one tells a story.

These are folks after my own heart...
see the paneling on the wall?  It's fencing that they salvaged and put throughout a couple of the rooms.
Yes, I said rooms!
Nancy has 4 rooms stocked with treasures and another outbuilding that will be 
open for the sale and more things on the grounds!
So much goodness, that I NEED to have!

Like this first aid cabinet!

This is where I come in...
she is carrying my laundry soap for the sale,
all full of natural lavender goodness!

The show will also have my jewelry in it!

I took a handful of things over there this weekend,

and have been adding to the collection since!
Lots more to come!

I saved the best for last.
These old locker baskets on the original shelves made me stop in my tracks.
I think I may have even made a screeching sound with my feet!
Oh my gosh, it is beyond cool, and is on the top of my wish list!
wish. wish. wish.
there, that should do it!

This is just a sampling of the amazing treasures in the show.
There are cabinets, tables, chairs, smalls, industrial, shabby, cottage style, 
and everything has Nancy's magic touch!

You are not going to want to miss this!

May 18th & 19th 
 May 20th

The Garden Gallery
4400 S. Dewitt Rd.
St. Johns, MI

I am also going to be teaching a 
Altered Domino Pendant class at 
The Garden Gallery
June 20th
space is limited, so make sure to sign up for that too!

Lots of fun on the horizon,
I hope to see you there!

That's what I've been up to...
how about you?

See you soon!

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Thanks as always for the parties girls!!


  1. WOW!! I had to look several times at the photos to see all the great stuff! I LOVE the lockers!! You will do very well at the show! Wish I lived closer!

  2. What a neat place to be a part of! Looks like a place I could spend all day!! Best of luck with all your pretties!

  3. I've made that feet screeching sound myself, many times LOL!!!!
    It all looks wonderful.

  4. Wow girl you are on a roll and I think you should roll those lockers right home to your house! Yowza.
    Still using my necklace you made for me as a talisman each day. So far it has kept me from going cuckoo!!!!
    love ya

  5. oh that locker set is awesome! i would have "screeched" with my feet to! lol Coming over from Primp's party to say hello! xoox, tracie

  6. Theresa, I love what you got to see as you poured over the shop. I can't get enough of all the treasures that people have for sale. That's the nice things about blogs, you can go to all these places even if there are none where you live. Thanks for sharing these. I enjoyed seeing everything. I hope you'll stop by and see me at Quriky Vistas! I found you at Common Ground's Link Party.

  7. Hi Theresa,
    Oh how I wish I could be there. I can see why you love the shop so much and yes, those locker baskets would have stopped me in my tracks too.

    Your necklaces are so beautiful.


  8. You know that sound Fred Flintstone's feet make when he's taking off in his car...that would be mine heading to this shop if I could. What a great shop and the perfect place for your wonderful designs.
    P.S. I am in love with that cart.

  9. oh, your jewelry is darling! have fun at the show:)

  10. How wonderful, Theresa! Sure wish I could be there. Lots of treasures and goodies to behold. I'm sure your luscious laundry detergent and fabulous jewelry will be a big hit. I could take just about everything in that locker set picture. We always need storage around here. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  11. Hey there! Not sure why you posted that locker basket thing because now Kate probably already has her running shoes on headed in that direction & now you will never get you hands on it! May the fastest woman win. :)

    Let me know!

    Thanks for the well wishes for Mother's Day! I hpoe yours was fab too! I already know it was though since you raised the sweetest kids I don't even know but I pretend I do :)

    Very jealous you have some fun days ahead! The shop looks fab!!!!

  12. I just called Lib and she told me she was just leaving a comment that I may make a mad dash for the locker room baskets and shelves. And she is right!!! I think I could run all the way through Wisconsin before I got tired just to get my hands on that baby. Good think you are in MI!!!

  13. Oh, Theresa,
    How exciting to see all your beautiful items in the sale!!!!
    I would quite possibly be speechless if I saw that locker unit. Unbelievable. I'm guessing shipping would knock it out of the ball park. Hmmm. Wonder how fast I could drive???
    Good luck on your class!


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