Wednesday, May 23, 2012

just an all out proud post...

Duane graduated with his MBA on the 12th of this month
and with all of the busyness around here,
I haven't been able to share how proud I am of him.
This was his 4th attempt,
what with work, running a business, family obligations,
life in general, the other times
he had to put it on hold.
Well not any longer!
His perseverance paid off!

I took this as he was walking in, and caught him waving to us
as soon as he spotted us in the bleachers.

Hannah decided that we all graduated 
some of us from the school of hard knocks...
with a masters no less!

I love this pic of Duane and Max holding hands on the way to the car after the ceremony,
 they even have their footsteps in sinc.
Two peas in a pod I tell you.  
Around here they love to tag team tease the mom,
it's o.k. with me, 
a good laugh is worth being picked on
especially when it's done with a loving yet
devilish look in their eyes!
I wish I would have been able to take a photo
of Cam and Duane too, but the day got crazy, 
the ceremony lasted longer than was planned and we had to
race to our lunch reservation  
and then Cam and his girlfriend Audrey had to eat and run
because Cam had to go to work.
Cam did make sure that Danielle and John got to see their 
dad get his diploma and took a video of it on his phone and sent it to them.
John also was able to watch it live on the schools website.
Isn't technology grand?!!

The next day being mothers day is always a mixed bag of emotions.
I am so blessed to be called mom by these
amazing 5 people that I love dearly, 
yet the day is full of thoughts of my mom and how much I miss her.
Hannah knows that so well and soldered
this pendant for me.
It is a piece of one of my moms scarves that 
Hannah saved from her things.

wait there's more!

Cam called us last night at midnight to tell us that he
was accepted at MSU where he will be studying
in the Fisheries and Wildlife Program!
I don't mind getting woke up for that!
(I took this photo last Sunday at his first roller hockey game of the summer.) 

John is loving his new life in NYC and is working 3 jobs plus modeling
to make his dreams come true...

(these photos are courtesy of Ford Modeling Agency)

This photo was taken of him on the street in NYC.
I will tell you that I love it when I get to see this kind of shot...
I get to see him in his new environment, no styling, just him going about his daily business.
He is doing great in NYC and loves it.
I'm excited to tell you that at the end of the month we will
be able to pick up the latest copy of Interview magazine
and see a fashion spread with him in it!

Danielle is working her tail off in Atlanta,
(it seems to be a common theme)
she unfortunately had a bit of a set back due to
trusting someone when they said "move here and you have a job."
She picked herself up and brushed herself off and
she is waiting tables and tackling life head on and
this weekend is meeting someone for an 
opportunity on a different film project.
So proud of her perseverance and strength... 
(another theme that we have going here)
set backs create an enormous amount of character!
I am a fine example of that!
Being the character that I am most of the time.

Life doesn't always go our way.
Maybe our way isn't the way to go though...
We have been thrown our share of curve balls with one as recent
as last week, but my man and I have become quite the team at
catching what life throws at us and throwing it back.
I hope our aim is good this time!

I think that's enough of the horn tooting for now.
Thanks so much for indulging me,
I just wanted to catch you all up on what has been keeping me away!

to put it simply...


We have been super busy just like the rest of you,
this time of year has so much work and
family time to enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!
I think tomorrow I will have my latest project to share,
so I hope you will stay tuned!



  1. Theresa you should be proud. What beautiful children you have. What blessings.


  2. It's the journey sweets, just like we said earlier today..That you have a man who loves you, holding your hand as you follow the path is the ultimate blessing <3

  3. So many wonderful loved one to be proud of! Awh! Life is sweet!

  4. Hi Theresa,
    You have every reason to be such a proud wife and mom!! You can tell by reading your posts just how close you and your family are....that is a real blessing!

  5. Oh yikes, got me all watery-eyed here. What wonderful testaments to you - and family here - just amazing....You - and yours - are from some mighty fine and strong stock I tell ya....Oh that John is all kinds of handsome...(and, YEA!! I wear Dolce & Gabbana perfume!!) - but I have to say, it is that second photo of Duane that did me in. That sorta says it all, doesn't it??? Smiles & Hugs to you (& your amazing family!) ~ Robin

  6. Toot away, that was so fun....More kids,more curve balls, more worry, more fun! I would be busting my buttons with pride!


  7. Oh, Theresa, I LOVE this post.
    You give voice to the feelings of being a mamma. So many ups and downs, turns and twists, but so, SO blessed. Thank you for sharing with us about your sweet kids. You must be full to overflowing.
    Catch that curve ball, girl. Glad you have a good team mate.

  8. I don't how you were able to post all this great have to be floating about ten feet off the floor! Amazing what you and your husband have accomplished. To be surrounded by the fruit of your labors truly is a blessing and you go ahead and toot that horn. It's the perfect accompaniment to a symphony of life well lived.

  9. LOVE this post! Congrats to Duane! He is truly an inspiration! I am just hoping that when I finally graduate that I can get my walker up on stage! Your children are so beautiful, just like their mamma! I may not get a chance to visit as often, but I think of you all the time! Love and miss you!

  10. Congrats to Duane! And to your kids who all are doing great! You certainly raised them well and should be very proud! :) Happy weekend wishes. Tammy

  11. Beautiful Post, Theresa.... You all have so much to
    be proud of ~ Congrats to Duane, Love that photo of
    Him & Max, Hannah's Beautiful tribute necklace for
    You... & The Rest~ You both Have & Are doing a Wonderful job!

  12. You have such a beautiful family Theresa...and you SHOULD be proud my sweet friend. Aren't families just the best????
    sending hugs...

  13. Hi Theresa, just happen to be visiting blogs, congrats to your son's acceptance to MSU, my son Nathan also graduated from Fisheries and Wildlife at MSU, you have a wonderful family!

  14. Hi Theresa, congrats to all your family, My son Nathan also graduated from Fisheries and Wildlife at MSU, loved it, continued success to you all,


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