Thursday, September 27, 2012

fall has arrived...

The proof is in the chillier nights and mornings.
The colors haven't changed yet,
but mind you,

 fall has arrived!

I would like to tell you that my home is all decorated for the season,
like in years past, but that would be a fib.
Upon looking for a photo, I came across some from that last couple
of years and thought I would make a collage so that I would
get my butt in gear and maybe add some pumpkins to the porch,
maybe take the scarecrows out of the barn and put them in the front yard.


I will take a cue from this pumpkin that I made yesterday
and keep it simple this year.


Today will be more pandora;
Etta James, Ray Charles, Adelle, Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson,
James Taylor, Cat Stevens, anything old and bluesy.
A little chai tea, 
blueberry cake from a sweet friend,
and more pumpkin making.
(oh and throw in some grocery getting too.)

This is what happens after a day full of the above,
I go into creative overload
and before you know it
I am adding old photos and charms to a simple gray pumpkin.

(tell me you understand, o.k.?)

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  1. I just love your pumpkins Theresa!


  2. well aren't those just adorable! ya know I love grey.....

  3. Theresa, I so love your dark pumpkins with the old photoes added as a window to the past- BEAUTIFUL, DEAR.

  4. But of course I understand!!! Love the pumpkin, Theresa.
    Hope the grocery getting wasn't a damper on your creative streak!

  5. Love the black pumpkins! So original, just beautiful! LOVE your header!

  6. Hope you are enjoying fall Theresa!!! Love all your pumpkins!

  7. OK Theresa, now you've taken pumpkin decorating to a whole new level! I love the pumpkins with the vintage clever!

  8. Love your blog header picture, good luck at the show, Celeste

  9. I totally get it Theresa!
    Love your picture pumpkins! I also love your new profile pic. I think it's funny that we both have new profile pics and we are both wearing white : )
    I hope your fall is going great and that you are getting ready to hunker-down for the winter. The way time is flying, it will be here before we are ready for it :( I'm kind of ready for a slower pace though and maybe even get a few things make for Christmas.
    sending many hugs your way...

  10. Okay I can't even imagine how how you did that!!! Those pumpkins are magical! Sneaking a picture in them! You clever girl!! And that color is so rich!!! Navy tugs on my heart strings...always has, always will :)

    oooppps Roo just climbed up and got in his high chair so I might need to stop short & go feed the boy :) I didn't even know he could do that! talk soon!


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