Tuesday, September 18, 2012

barn door meets desk drawers...

You know that cleaning isn't really cleaning to me unless I can rearrange something ~ 
or even better... 

make something!

meet my new favorite piece in the whole house!

it's barn door meets desk drawers!

I have had the barn door all summer, 
I got it from Nancy's sale,
Thank you Nancy!!
it's huge, 7 1/2 feet long
(sadly, mostly leaned up against a tree in the back yard)
and then a few weeks ago while running errands,
I popped into a garage sale and found the two desk pieces.
The man sold them for both, the top was no where to be found,
but that was o.k. I already knew that I had the PERFECT top!
are you ready for this?
The whole piece was only $30.00 to make!

Doing something nice for my house felt sooooo good,
that I decided to continue and actually clean it!
Oh my gosh, it has been ignored all summer but you know how it goes,
as soon as inspiration hits, you grab it!
I love the new shelves in the kitchen also,
they add that industrial look that I love.

I'm hoping that the sun will cooperate soon and I can take some non-blurry pics.
but I couldn't wait...
I was just too excited to show all of you my new barn door counter!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love that! 7-1/2', huh? That's B-I-G. But how perfect to find the desk pieces to sit it on. And the little curtain puts the finishing touch on it.

    I had to laugh, though. You sound like me about the house cleaning. Just about the only time I want (or am willing) to clean is if I'm in a rearranging mood or get something new. :-)

  2. What a fabulous idea, and a resonably priced one at that! Lovely.

  3. I have stuff from years ago! Then it hits you, I could do this with that!!! I know exactly what your talking about. Love the re-purpose! 8^)

  4. I purchased barn doors from Nancy as well. They finally got hung in my living room today of all days. So, imagine my surprise when I saw your post. I love my doors!! Great idea for yours. Love it!!

  5. it's like it was meant to be....even if it did take you sometime to put them together. I have things for years that still haven't found their partner:)

  6. Wow! That's an amazing piece! I just found you through Primp and LOVE your blog and your style! I'm your newest follower :)

  7. Theresa
    That is amazing!!! I love the marriage of the two. Great upcyle and so much function!

    Have a great week my friend


  8. Painting or rearranging is the only way to motivate me to actually clean!
    Love the desk and what a deal. I looked at some barn doors here in Dallas and the price? Sit down girl...they were $350...EACH!
    Good going!

  9. I have a door on my porch waiting for it's new life, it's reincarnation. Wish I had the room to do what you did! LOVE it!
    How were the shows? Great I hope. I had my fingers crossed all weekend..I was walking across the street with Ben and we were talking about my blog and I thought of you and I sent up a quick prayer on your behalf right outside West Elm... Did it land over your way? <3

  10. You clever girl! I so miss your posts. I don't think I have done anything creative in a very long time, but you are giving me the bug! Love your repurposing! Come and visit me at my new blog! www.maggiescrazytalk.blogspot.com

  11. What fun..just an adorable Vintage desk. Don't you love it when a plan just falls into place. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  12. Love your piece you made with the barn door!! Really great. Also, love all of your pumpkins.


  13. Love your "new" desk!! So great!!!


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