Saturday, November 24, 2012

weekend update...

A sale...
my little way of thanking everyone for all of the support we have been
shown all summer and beyond!

I have been planning a little 'weekend update' for all of you
to give you a glimpse of some of the places that we 
pitched our tent and sold our wares.

at our very first show, there were ferry boat rides and the crowd
was led onto the island by a bag pipe band,
what a great way to start off our adventures!!

our booth set ups went from this...

to this...

Part of the fun of the shows for me was the redecorating for every show!
"What can I convince Duane to put on the back of the truck 
to make our booth prettier?"
just kidding...
He agreed with every choice and was more than
happy to add anything that would make it more appealing!

Part of my update was also to say
thank you for all of your support,
for the emails from some asking about Duane and his job hunt,
to the requests for updates about our adventures.

I am happy to let you all know that he is the areas newest
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent!

I miss having him along for the ride for the last of the seasons shows,
and I know that he misses it too,
he had a ball doing the shows and meeting all of the 
fun people that visited our booth,
but YAY for him!
He has a passion for telling people of the benefits
of having life insurance to protect their families.
We have unfortunately seen first hand the lives affected
by not having it in place for those left behind,
so he takes his job very seriously.

And now here we are, at the end of the craft show season,
right at the brink of what is referred to as Black Friday,
Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and while I can
embrace a couple of those days, mine will combine
the feelings that Thanksgiving and Christmas conjure up for me.

A thankful heart for blessings.

We are seeing the results of the fruits of our labor
with emails and messages from some of the folks that purchased our
laundry and cleaning provisions this summer.
The kind of message that says that they will never use anything else and where will
we be next so that they can get some more...
The ones that say that since they have started spraying
their pillow with our linen spray, they have been sleeping so much better.
The new nickname given to me at the farmers market...
The Lavender Lady...
The 2 shops that approached me to have
our products in their stores!
how exciting is that?

pretty stinking exciting!!!

this is our biggest seller at the shows...
The Laundry Bundle

I am thrilled to now be offering it in the shop!

I have made some special ones for Christmas,
the sachets are made with vintage table cloths covered in poinsettias.

I also made some for the locals...
(one of the wonderful benefits of doing the shows and markets are the other
vendors that I met, this Michigan stamp was made by local artist
Rachel McKay of Grand Rapids)
Her etsy shop is
I love Rachel's creations and know that you will too!

So between being thankful and counting my blessings,
I think the only reasonable thing to do
is to have a big holiday weekend sale!!

I have added a new line of Christmas items to the shop too!

love notes...
sweet messages of love, a sprinkling of silver mica,
soldered into a 6" vintage test tube and adorned with
a little bling,
beautiful for the Christmas tree!

Plus there's so much more!

I hope you will stop by 

and the facebook page for updates on where you can find me next,
along with the newest items being added to the shop!

Thanks again for all the love and support!


p.s. we still have a couple more shows on the calender,
I'll keep you posted as to where we will be next!


  1. Congratulations Theresa to your husband for his new job, that is just wonderful!!
    And I love the way you set up your booth's for the shows, it looked so lovely!!
    I hope your doing well and have a great Sunday!

  2. Oh, Theresa! Such good news! Congrats on your husband's new job. What a blessing! And your product in stores?? Hooray! So awesome!

  3. I know I say it all the time - but I say with complete honesty...


    And Duane? TOTALLY doing the happy dance!!!

    You rock and I love you.

    Hope you have had AN AMAZING Thanksgiving week-end!


  4. Hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! So much for us all to be thankful for!

  5. That is the kind of show I would love to attend! You have a beautiful space!
    Congrats to Duane! I have Farm Bureau Insurance and it is the best!
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I am off to visit your shop!

  6. Wow so many great things happening. I need some lavender linen spray. I'm headed over to shop. So glad you husband is working again and that the shop/shows have so successful for you.


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