Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Marketplace

Have you shopped 
Debra has a large following of 
etsy and online shopkeepers
such as myself that she has created a party for!
I know, isn't she so sweet?

If you haven't joined in yet, 
you really should,
let everyone know what you have listed in your shop
and find some fabulous 
items from someone elses.

I added a couple of items to the party today...

washed ashore...
an organic piece of sea glass, soldered, aged and
adorned with a rosary connector and pink stones,
embraced with a few rhinestones for the sparkle that we all love!

a tiny brown and white striped feather in a bottle with some glass glitter,
soldered, aged, and labeled with the word
that keeps me grounded.

Debra featured my sparkly green earrings this week!
Thank you Debra!

a combination of beautiful green disco balls
and rhinestone rondelles along with a dangle of 
green glass tiny bell flowers.

You can find all of these and much more at the shop...

Debra's Marketplace posts are wonderful
opportunities for us shopkeepers to
share our products with folks who might 
otherwise not find us among the vast
array of shops on etsy and the www.
If you have a moment, stop by Debra's
fabulous blog

she is hosting a giveaway today!!
You can enter her giveaway and visit a few of the shops
for some ooak vintage and handmade goods!

Welcome to all of the new followers of
the blog and to those who have 
started following along on the FB page!
I really appreciate your visits!

Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. my friend, you are so sweet! thanks for sharing The Marketplace! xoxo

  2. Hi Theresa, Great post on Debra's Marketplace, I finally opened my newest Etsy shop
    so I was able to join in today..... I love your creations, you certainly keep busy ~
    after typing all morning (Listings) I decided to take a break & visit my favorite blogging friends~
    We hit 66 here yesterday, but today it is Cold & Rainy, hope you are staying warm & have
    evidence of Spring....

  3. Hello to the Lovely Theresa! Hope your week is off to a great start! Miss you, wish I could get into blogging again, and I love looking at ideas of other people, but I am just not feeling it right now. Wish I could, I need to take some more pictures of everything I am doing so I remember it in my old age...

  4. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO Theresa!!! How are you? Been thinking of you lately. Have you started any plants for the garden yet? I haven't trying to get my office/studio/craft/computer room organized so I can create more!! LOL I did go and see if I had any buds yet and I do!! My lilac and butterfly bush!! Woo Hoo and some bulbs are sprouting. I have been trying to network alot. Keeps me busy!! My daughter Kati got into the Masters program in Conniticut(sp) University of Connuticut for Public Admistration. GO UCONN!! Pretty big deal and a new adventure for her. I will miss her alot as you already know from your kids!! Well hope you are doing good. Gettin ready for the markets I bet!! Take care. XOXO Luv fran.


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