Sunday, April 14, 2013

bottled stories...

vintage love...

I spent most of the week on the computer
absorbing all of the info that I could to grow my business,
applying to art shows for this season,
and digging through receipts for our taxes.

(last minute... who me?)

with a scrapbook of vintage photos as my muse,
I sat down this past weekend for some much needed creative time,
and created bottled stories.

vintage photos, beads, buttons, needle and thread and
a few other trinkets, with a chosen word for
each bottle, helps to tell a long forgotten story.
Okay, a story that I envisioned for them,
one that I created by the pose, or the facial expression
in the photo. A chance to share a forgotten photo,
because we all have a story to share.

These photos are from the same scrapbook that
I made this pumpkin with.

All of the photos look to have been taken
by a budding photographer in college.
Some of them are photos of friends from UofM
 and some from MSU,
which at the time was called
Michigan Agricultural College.
Some are from days at the lake with family
and all of them pull at my heart.

I know that I will be making more of these,
as I still have quite a few photos
that have a story to tell.

Although they will be listed as 
pendants with a ball chain for you to wear
around your neck, 
I can also add them to a key fob,
for you to hang from your favorite bag.

If you see one that you would like
before I can get the rest of the pics taken for etsy, 
(not a lot of sun here lately and I need to get individual shots taken)
just send me a msg. 
and I will put up a reserve listing for you :)
$28.00 + 3.00 shipping

GENUINE - sold
IMAGINE - sold

Thanks so much everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sunday!

love, t.xoxo

p.s. If it's sunshiny where you live,
could you maybe send some our way, we could sure use it!!!


  1. Absoultely Beautiful!! You always create beautiful treasures.

  2. THESE are WICKED FABULOUS!!! Hope you day is a beautiful as your pendants...XOXO Tanya

  3. Theresa, these are truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What wonderful things you conjure up in that brain of yours! Each one is a lovely work of art my friend.
    Have a wonderful day. No sunshine to send you from here :(

  4. What a precious way to preserve memories and photos. You are very talented. Thanx for sharing. Tiff

  5. I'll send you some sunshine,...since I know I'll have more than enough very soon :D
    your bottle stories are delightful they'll fly out of your shop.
    OK..Here comes the sun...

  6. These are absolutely fabulous ! I'm sure they well be a sell out !

    Overcast here this morning but when the sun peaks out I'll send some your way !

    Happy Spring ..

  7. these are just beautiful dan truly speak to my soul! i just love old photographs and always wonder at what the person's "Story" might have been. what a lovely way to bring them back to life and put them in the hands of those who might cherish them. Gorgeous! (as for sending some sunshine your way...can't help you there. ugh!) ;)

  8. Theresa ~ You have out done Yourself ~ Love these.... I have such a fascination with tiny bottles, I have been doing things with the old glass watch parts vials with corks, but nothing as pretty as these.... Keep Creating Treasures

  9. Hi Theresa,
    I absolutely love these!! I so agree that everyone has a story to tell and I love your take on that with your beautiful bottled stories!! Love, love, love!!

  10. Beautiful Theresa. Love them!
    PS- we finally have some sunshine today, our snow is starting to melt! Hooray. Hope you get some sun too.

  11. I think your bottles are spectacular! So original and I'm glad I didn't learn soldering and went a different way. You are the soldering queen of Michigan, and I'll be the collage jewelry lady!

  12. oohh I love these!!! well, I LOVE all of your art work!
    xoxo Cindy


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