Monday, September 30, 2013

it's pumpkin time...

I fell in love with this burlap, it's perfect for my pumpkins!

just in time for fall shows...

I hope that the cooler weather has found you well,
and that a visit to a local show is in your future!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. That fabric seems made for a fabric pumpkin. Love it! And definitely not surprised it sold already!


  2. oh'll be busy and happily exhausted. i did my FIRST show EVER 2 w-ends ago with Susan from Evelyn and Rose. oh my...i have a newfound respect for folks like yourself who do this over and over again! wow! A LOT of work! happily...the show was a huge success and i did SO much better than i thought i would! ;)

  3. Oh it is WONDERFUL, dear... I love that fabric, too, and love your real stem !!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  4. Hello Dear Friend, It looks like you are knee deep into Shows!
    Hope Fall & Business are treating you well ~ Miss Ya

  5. I love your use of printed burlap! I'm trying to come up with something different this year for decorated pumpkins, and it's difficult with all the other creative examples out there!

  6. Hello My Friend, hope the sales are going splendidly and you are enjoying them and finding new friends and customers. Take a breather and enjoy fall too. Miss you. I just told Cheryl that we all have to just make a date and get together. I am thinking next summer I will persuade Lib to make a road trip. Let's do it.
    PS- the house across the street just sold. Did I mention it has an indoor basketball court and a sweet little barn? You would have been the BEST neighbor...


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