Monday, November 4, 2013

let's play catch up (again)...

Hello! I missed all of October here in blogland... I can't even believe it myself. It has been a wild ride of doing shows almost every weekend and spending the week preparing for them.   To get you a little up to date on what I've been up to I went through the pics on my phone going backwards from most the recent ones and stopped when I figured you were saying "enough already!"

I made shadow box pendants for last weeks show, and a customer had me marry two necklaces together as we chatted a bit.  I love how it turned out!  I may have to take a second look at some of my stock!

Here are some repurposed glass bottles with vintage ornament toppers for Christmas.   The show was the Recycled Art Market.  It's one of my favorites because everything you make has to be at least 50% recycled.  Right up my alley! 

Soldered bottles, some with pearls, some with feathers, some with little trees... They come with a chain to be worn but they look great on the tree too.

 pumpkins, bottles, vintage button rings, and soldered ornaments hanging from repurposed feather trees made by my brother Wil.  Plus the lavender laundry and cleaning goods in the background.

the worktable...

Max the zombie making his rounds on Halloween with his buddies.  Yes, you have to RUN between houses when the city only gives you 2 hours to gather as much candy as your pillowcase can hold!

And YES, at our house you still trick or treat when you're in high school as long as a costume is involved... especially if you made yourself a sweet fairy forest deer costume 

...most especially if you stand long enough for a zillion pics for your mom.

Vintage button rings from my stash of beautiful metal buttons, most were given to me by a dear friend so I could repurpose them... Thanks Judy! xoxo

 Our newest addition to the lavender goodness - Lavender Carpet Freshener!  Lavender buds, and lavender oil along with natural freshening agents to freshen your carpets and vacuum as you clean.  It's really lovely and makes your home smell fabulous!

I put our heron decoy in this apple picking bag a while ago, and he got a fall makeover with corn tassels.

Every birthday should end with you falling asleep in the car hugging your new best friend that your sister bought for you at the cider mill!

...because this is how much fun you had at said cider mill!  Happy #11  Max!  xoxoxo 

Speaking of new best friends, have you met Captain yet?  When we got him in August the humane society called him a 'lab mix'. We are pretty sure now that the 'mix' is Great Dane.  He's much bigger than this already!  

But he's ALL puppy!

Sometimes I play with apps on my phone for Instagram.  This one is my fave by Rhonnadesigns.  

I think i heard someone In the back yell "enough already!" so I'll stop now.  Thanks for playing catch up with me!  This is the first time I've blogged from my phone, we'll see how it goes, maybe I could blog more often and not have to recap an entire month!

I hope that you are having a wonderful autumn!  Thanks for stopping by!
Love, t.xoxo


  1. Howdy..Sounds like all is well..good to see you :D

  2. ADORE ALL of this - the necklace up top ROCKS, but I LOVE the photos of the kids and the puppy. You've been a busy girl, Theresa - good on ya'! Happy Monday - Tanya

  3. Even though I see you creations on FB and LOVE all of them. It is fun to read about them on your blog. It sounds like you have been very busy! Love your new pup! xo Cindy

  4. Must have that lavendar carpet mix.

  5. you did all this from your PHONE????!!!! How did you get more than one photo to load up?
    O.K. the rings. How on earth have I missed those? Where do we get them???????
    Can you tell I'm catching up as well?


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