Sunday, November 24, 2013

shop update...

late night shopkeeping...

After I got home tonight from selling the goods
at the Detroit Eastern Market,
I quickly fell asleep.
Most likely midsentence.
When I awoke a few hours later,
I couldn't go back to sleep.
So here I am to fill you in on some new items we have been working on
 for your gift giving pleasure...

This summer I found these scoops for our lavender laundry soap, 
I 'scooped' up a bunch to include with our listing of soap.
why,you ask?
Because they are the perfect size and so crazy cute!

Another new listing is what we like to refer to as our 
extreme lavender cleaning bundle.
You get one of each of our lavender laundry and cleaning products,
plus that crazy cute scoop,
all tucked into a handstamped cloth bag...
all for $40.00 plus shipping!

These items make fabulous 
Christmas presents, hostess gifts, wedding gifts,
so give it all to those you love
or save some for yourself...
there's enough in the bag to share!

you can find them here...
(the etsy shop)

and here


Plus because I have so much time on my hands
and because our customers ask if we can include 
candles in our line of lavender goodness
I have recently made some of these for your gift giving as well...
french lavender essential oil soy candle
in a 8 oz. reusable glass jar 
with a sparkly glass glitter clay star
tied on with jute twine
handmade a batch at a time 
by me
for you.

(these will be listed by Monday, as I need to take a few more pics)

Thanks for stopping by!
t. xoxo

WOW 2 posts in a weeks time...
I should stay up all night more often!
but that wouldn't be good for anyone involved
over here at the old white house!


  1. Where do you find the hours in a day for ALL you do, woman? This is all FABULOUS, and the little scoops ROCK! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Theresa - Tanya

  2. Dear Theresa, Wishing you a Beautiful & Happy Thanksgiving... xox


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