Tuesday, February 4, 2014

around the dining room...

I have struggled with getting the house back together after Christmas.
Where to put everything, and the cleaning, oh the cleaning!
The struggle comes from wanting to have a more minimal look to our home, 
and a minimal approach to our life.
So that means edit, edit, edit...

This post is full of pictures so I am going to 
  keep the banter at a minimum and let the photos do the talking for me.

OH, except to tell you how much I love this oil painting 
that I found at a garage sale years ago for only $5.! 
I know, right???
Why was anyone getting rid of this awesome guy?

ok, I'm done now, back to the pictures...

These French linen lavender heart sachets are now available in the shop

I should have turned on the fireplace for you!

I couldn't get myself to put the twinkly lights away, and I'm so glad that I didn't.
They bring such peace and happiness to the room.
I don't know how long things will stay like this because
I haven't been able to get out to the barn to bring in 
some of my favorite treasures!
We have a whole lotta snow over here...

see the deer tracks on the frozen river?

Captain loves the snow!
I hope that you are staying cozy warm these days!

now, on to the bedroom and then the kitchen, 
and the living room could use a makeover too...

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful photos! That painting was such a wonderful find Theresa. I loved this glimpse into your beautiful home.
    Your blog banner is so pretty with all the hearts---I love them!
    sending hugs...

  2. Were in the middle of a major storm here and it's ever so lovely....well at least until I have to go shovel out! Ha! I love your vignette and the painting is stunning. I wonder who "he" was? He looks kind and gentle. I hope you are well. Blessings to you this winter day....

  3. Theresa - SO beautiful and peaceful, these photos. LOVE the painting find and your St. Francis. And I think the twinkle lights probably need to stay up if they are that happy in the room. I know those of you who live in the snow are sick of it, but I must say I really miss it this time of year...especially fresh fallen with just a few tracks in it. You and Captain stay warm...don't clean too hard! Tanya

  4. I haven't visited for a while, and am glad I stopped by to see this lovely post with it's beautiful photos. I love the picture of the old grandpa...I would never have given that away, but made him an honorary part of the family...:)

    I'm still tidying up from Christmas. Worse yet, we just finished the last of our Christmas candy yesterday!

    have a great weekend...:)


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