Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I have a thing for anchors...

There are a few symbols that always catch my attention
while on the hunt for something special to use in my work.
an anchor is one of those...

How about you?  Do you have a special icon that you gravitate
toward when looking for treasures?
A few others for me are ~
red cross pins
religious medals
let's not forget about
souvenir trinkets
all vintage of course,
all giving a specialness to the piece.

happy treasure hunting!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I have tried to get my items listed as I make them,
but going to the market every week makes that tough.
If ever you see something on the blog or facebook or instagram
and you are interested in it, please contact me so I can make that happen!

(I hope that you will follow me over to fb and instagram
as I have more opportunity to update there more often)


  1. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!


  2. I just bought Annie some pixie pants with anchors all over them from old navy last night! :). Actually maybe you should get a pair! They would be darling on you! She loves them so much that I am surprised she didn't sleep in them :). I don't know if I love anchors or the clean navy and white that usually goes with them cause I am a sucker for buying anchor goodies too :).


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