Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We tend to stay pretty busy over here, just like the rest of you I'm sure.
I'm going to spare you all the detailed chit chat and share some
photos of what I've been up to with 
just a little play by play in between...

we went to the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago.
we are already out of apples and we need to get some 
this weekend at the Eastern Market.

this guy turned 12!

so him and his buddies do what they love to do best.
play a little airsoft wars in our backyard.  
They aren't just shooting at eachother like I thought it was,
nope they strategize these games and play a physical 
game of Stratego.
I just stay out of the way of oncoming pellets!

we made it to Art Prize and here is a pic
of Hannah and Max playing in the room with the winning piece.

we are still going to shows and the farmers market most every week.
If you are in the area and get the chance, 
the Detroit Eastern Market is a great 
place to shop, have some lunch and meet wonderful people!

I am now in the midst of adding lots of soldered pieces to the baubles
just in time for Christmas shopping!
As I cleaning my workroom I came across a few
soldered story bottles that needed some tweeking, 
so I added those to the work pile.  

these were a big hit last year, so I am creating more
little snow storms in the bottles for this year.

something very new to the booth are my
MIlove charms.  I will be putting them on key chains also!
I love the organic look that happens when I press into the 
molten lava hot solder.

I think setting up for the show is 1/2 the fun :)

in between all the work and fun, I also try to keep us healthy
with good meals... thank goodness for pinterest!
This is my new favorite salad...
kale, (this time I mixed in romaine because I used all the kale in our smoothies)
roasted butternut squash, apples, craisins,  and sunflower seeds with a 
maple vinaigrette dressing... yum!
actually you can find it in my pin board titled just that - YUM

I also continue to 'play' on my phone with
Rhonna Designs and Photofy
to create marketing pics and thank you notes-
even Max's bday party invites.

(and I really DO start each day with a grateful heart)

well there you have it... my life in a nutshell!
I am supposed to be sewing sachets so I better get to it,
soon they will also get a touch of Christmas spirit with
some Christmas stamps on them.

I hope that you are having a fabulous day and
enjoying every bit of your autumn!
t. xoxo

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  1. Ok Theresa I have to know how much the Michigan necklas is? With Kaitlin moving to Connecticut I wan to get that for her. Not sure yet if she'll be moving back to Michigan. But she does love it. I am praying maybe she comes back to Traverse City. It's growing in the field she is getting her masters in. A Mom can hope and I know you know what I mean!! AND how cool to see 11 little boys still being boys and playing!!! and even outside using their brains!! I still just LOVE your talent!! Someday Theresa we will meet in person!! I almost was gonna come to Davisburg and surprise but I had no money!! LOL seems to be my daily thing!! Keep on Keepin on!! XOXO Love Fran.


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