Monday, November 10, 2014

newest creations...

Happy Monday!

I've had the soldering iron going a lot lately,
and thought I would show how I finished the large (knocker) crazy quilt scrap pendants.

this is the same one, I left the stitching on the backside, the side that the 
quilter usually keeps hidden as the flipside because I think her work 
deserves the spotlight on both sides!
I then hung the pendants with a stack of the sweetest vintage 
cream and milkglass buttons.

The MIlove charms that I showed in the last post I have now added to rings as well.  
This was my instagram and FB page post letting
our customers know we were on the way to Detroit.  :)

When I find a stamp that I think will add a little fun to the sachets
I get a little giddy.... this one definitely did the trick!
So not only do they smell beautiful, but they are just as pretty
when you pull them out of your dryer.

Here's a group photo of the knockers and a few other pieces before I added the buttons and chains. 
See how much bigger they are than the quarter?  
They have a great weight to them, and make a gorgeous necklace for layering.
I wore mind with a winter scarf at the market and I loved how it peaked out 
from the bottom of my infinity scarf.

I don't create my soldered pendants with vintage photos like I used to these days,
(unless I have a commissioned order)
but this boy has a hold on me and when I found the print on fabric that 
I made of him a couple of years ago he immediately was preserved under glass. 
 I will most likely be sporting him around my neck.
I just love his look of determination.

It's Monday and that usually puts me in a funk with less focus than usual, 
but today the iron will once again be hot with a few orders to get done.

So there you have it, a little update on what's on the worktable.
I cleared off the dining room table so that we could once again have meals together,
and have set up shop in the workroom where I belong.  
let's see how long this will last ;)

I want to add that if you ever see anything on my instagram page

or my facebook page

and have any questions or would like to purchase a special bauble please msg. me
and I will put up a reserve listing for you.
My etsy and website have all of our natural lavender laundry and cleaning products,
 but I haven't listed any of my jewelry in some time because by the time 
I get everything made I am packing up to go to a show or market.  
I of course would love to have my friends that do not live close by be able 
to wear a little somethin somethin that I've made also.
So please don't hesitate to contact me!

I hope you have a week full of grand adventures, love, and laughter! 

love, t.xoxo

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