Tuesday, March 1, 2016

looking back... going forward...

time changes everything...

When I started this blog, we lived in a big old white house 
(just in case you ever wondered about the name of our business.)
 I was creating larger assemblage pieces, mixed media collages, 
and repurposing discarded treasures, whenever I found time, mostly for our home or for gifts.

I shared our home after moving a few things around...

(I really need to recreate these fenced platters in our new home!)

our hot chocolate sledding station

 This old dock table is still one of my very 
favorite creations, mostly because two of my favorite people helped us 
put it together!

and then there were the assemblages...

I was a stay at home mom with 5 babes still in my nest.

Now 3 of them have moved out, and lead great lives of their own, 
and my life has changed over these last few years.

because of this...

Since creating our line of natural lavender laundry and cleaning products,
 I am making products, sewing, making jewelry, answering emails,
 filling out show applications, going to a market a week, meeting so many fantastic people,
and juggling mom life, and although it can be overwhelming at times,
I can't think of anyone that I would want to change places with!

(Unless maybe they were doing all of this while staying organized, and having coffee with their friends!)

Creating my jewelry is really my 'art therapy', it makes me slow down, and lets my mind unwind. 
 It's my way of staying connected to the assemblage work that I love, but in tiny form.
I use vintage trinkets, and old costume jewelry, because I am 
drawn to the stories that they hold.  I use the stones that I do because of the organic
feel and look they give my pieces.
I use rhinestones, because, well ...their shiny of course! :)

I do custom work, when I have time, and sell my OOAK jewelry primarily at the Detroit Eastern Market, 
as well as local shows and markets.
Although I don't have them listed online, if you ever see anything
on any of my social media pages that you are interested in, 
please just send me a message and I would be happy put an invoice together for you.

I hope to see you at a market someday, 
and in the meantime, if you would like to see what I'm up to,
please check my Instagram acct. and FB page, 
where you can see pics on a more regular basis.
(because sometimes I still show how our home is decorated, and family life,
 along with the booth, and new creations!) 

like this picture of our new dining room...

Thanks for all the love you have shown me on this blog over the last few years!
t. xoxo



  1. How I have missed you and your posts! I keep looking for you at every sale I go to. It was so much fun getting to meet you in person. I am hoping to run into you again here real soon!


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