Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thanks Amy!

I have to start this post by thanking Amy from Mittens for giving me some fresh inspiration to alter something again... Thanks Amy! I sat this morning at my worktable (freshly cleaned off- but now looks a mess again, but a happy mess!) and took the time to make a couple of little creations. One out of the book cover like her upcoming party inspired. Now that I'm on a roll I figure I can have another one or two for the party :) Hers is absolutely beautiful, like everything she creates, you can just sense the soulfulness in her work. If you haven't met Amy yet do yourself a favor and get on over there, she is fabulous!
So here's a closeup of the couple that inspired this piece. They look to be celebrating their anniversary, see the cake and flowers on the table and the happy celebration faces? I just love this photo, whenever I find one of these I can't help but think how much simpler our lives are, physically anyway, than what it took for these people to get through their "daily grind". So even though I jest about their happy faces please know that I admire their strength and fortitude.
So I thought that Robert Browning's poem was perfect for them, and of course a little bling! The girdle/nylons strap hook was just so lonely so I added a little tape measure with 50 and 51 . Now mind you I don't know what anniversary they are celebrating but it's at least 50 right? Unless their newlyweds ;) a white chippy key hole from a dresser was also added.
As well as one of my last skeleton keys. I'm gonna tell you a little secret... that one might actually be from our porch doors, I'm not sure, but I was on a roll I tell you and well this piece really needed a skeleton key. Sooooo if it is well, I better find us a new one soon! Shhhh, Duane doesn't know yet!
All of this plus a corner of a vintage hanky and some cotton lace trim covers an old book cover.
Then I pulled out this photo of a family gathering in front of their home. There is a baseball game going on. You can see the players are under the piece of glass from a broken pair of old glasses. Another key... hmmmm no wonder I'm out, I just love these things!
Here's a close-up of the players and the words under the key... a house built of... I wanted to highlight with the key. All this and a grungy flag on a silver platter. I really enjoyed the process of putting these together, the places that the paper, the photos, the little extras take me, I swear when I'm working on this kind of stuff I'm in another world all together.
Just to let you know I haven't stopped making flowers, well here's one of my latest flowers. Not a rosette exactly but a wool felted mum or dahlia of sorts. I put this one on a purse my sister Molly made for me. Don't you just love the rhinestone closure and the rhinestone belt buckles on the handle? The yellows don't exactly match but I wanted to see it on a bag and this one is beautiful.
I've been working on a post to show you all some of the goodies I've found in the past few weeks. I'm still in the process of taking the pics of my goodies. I haven't gotten out to sales like I used to and keep trying to tell myself to use up some of the treasures I am already hoarding before adding to the piles but every once in a while I do get out and find things that I. just. have. to . have. really. Is anybody else out there regretting that their families (or maybe even yourself) ever even saw the show Hoarders? :)

Well that's it for now, I'm going to link up (kinda late) to Silver Sunday and see what the others are sharing today. Thanks for hosting Beth! Have a fabulous week!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa,
    I just love your creativity!! The altered book cover is just beautiful. I saw Amy's post about the upcoming party and told her to count me in so now I have to ramp up my creativity and come up with something.
    The picture of the "happy" couple is just priceless. Like you said, we definitely have it easy compared to the hardships they endured.
    Thanks for sharing your creations.
    Have a great week.

  2. I get in the zone when I am creating too. I have a TV in my crafts room, but seldom turn it on. I love all of your creations and it is fun to see a mum, we have all kind of OD'd on roses lately!


  3. I just love your art work, it's beautiful. Your very talented!!! I also love the purse dressed up with that gorgeous rhinestone and your adorable flower! Happy SS... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  4. Theresa it is FABULOUS!
    I just love the picture you used and that girdle strap is just the best.
    It all came together so well. It is crazy how much we complain about how hard our lives are now but I was just thinking the other day, how did people have time for themselves back then, it was all chores and non stop work. We are so spoiled...anyway I can't wait to see what else you come up with, I am addicted to wanting to make more as well.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words you have sent me and I will try hard to heed the advice. <3

  5. Such a wonderful gathering of goodies...thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Your artwork is FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing and for the sweet inspiration!
    Happy Monday!

  7. Beautiful artwork and the picture of the couple is priceless. I will continue to enjoy your creativity. ~~Sherry~~

  8. gorgeous items you have made there and with so much thought and detail. I think the bag looks perfect too
    alicia :0)

  9. Hi Theresa, What Fabulous Creations, I Love all of them & I love the effect of the Glass Lense on the Old Photograph..... I am off to start Un-Earthing the boxes ~ How are you surviving in this heat, I know the thermometer say it is Only 90, but I think it Feels like 150 Degrees!

    Stay Cool ~ Stay Creative

  10. I like that you gave them some bling...they deserve it after the seemingly tough life they must have had.
    Hoarders was on last that show, makes me feel that I'm not THAT bad yet!
    I think we collector gals have a little hoarding in all of us:))
    Love the work!

  11. Hi Theresa,
    What great work. I love your altered art pieces and that poem is perfect! Happy creating, thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!

  12. Hi Theresa, I love your collages. They are extra special since you've used bits and pieces of vintage this and that to put them together. That felt flower is lovely too. I am going to try my hand at different flowers soon. Of course, I am supposed to be organizing myself around all the stuff I've unpacked. Always time in the day for a bit of creativity.

    I heard about the butterfly exhibit at Frederick Meijer Gardens, but that's in the Spring -- the glass exhibit was very cool. Don't know how they keep it all looking so lovely for so long -- a 5 month show and that handblown glass is everywhere as you could see by the pictures.

    Hope you are having a fabulous day. Thanks for stopping by. :) Tammy

  13. Looks like both you and your sister are talented. Love your felted flower.
    I'm late arriving and posting for Silver Sunday this month, but hope you will stop by for a visit. I'm sharing some recent sliver finds. ~ Sarah

  14. Theresa, you are like the queen of cool creativity!! I just love the way you used the glass over the picture on the silver tray!! I love to follow and watch and see what Amy comes up with!! I've been gone on vacation for a week, and have missed checking out the blogs!! Hope your doing good. XO Fran.


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