Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Cover Party over at Amys!!!!

I love Amy's BOOK COVER PARTY idea! I use book covers all of the time. They make a great canvas for my altered projects... I am so glad I finished this when she announced the party because I haven't been able to do another like I thought I would. And I'm sorry to say I have to make this short and sweet because I have to be somewhere...
so I will let the photos do the talking...
and I will visit again soon!
the next one is like cheating, you've already seen it, but the party inspired it so here it is again!
Have fun at the party!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Theresa! That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!! I have to go find some books to send you so you can create goodness for me...

    ;-D Enjoy your evening!

  2. Oh Theresa, I love these book covers! They are amazing. Girl, you are so talented -- there is NOTHING you cannot do, and you are organized enough to find the time to fit it all in. Well done! You are amazing!

  3. Hi Theresa,
    I love your book cover creations. The clip on the first one with the tape measure detail is just perfect. I also like the little weight lifter statue with the picture you used.
    I'm glad you showed the 2nd one's never cheating to post again....think of all the people who didn't see it the first time!

  4. Love them both! Especially the giant saftey pin!

  5. Very, very neat! You are really talented.


  6. Oh Theresa, it is too eerie on how our minds work.
    We just had decided a few days ago to dress brooklyn for halloween like a strong man, NO JOKE.
    complete with stick and balloons as his barbel!
    I love how you incorporate the measuring tapes into your artwork. The clip for hanging is my fav!
    I just love it all.
    Thanks so much for all of your support with this challenge, I loved your excitement from the get go.
    My day has been super busy, all good but super busy and I am just now sitting down enjoying a scone and coffee, yes it is almost 9 pm, but hey why not treat myself to blogging and a snack to end the day.

  7. Wow,
    Very creative book covers! Love those old clips they're hanging from, wish I had about 100 of those.....:).

  8. Theresa
    I am so inspired by your post I have never seen book covers used to create art. Your workmanship is so beautiful. You are very very talented. thank you for the fresh idea!! Have a great week!


  9. Love Your Strong Man Art ~ is that little porcelain guy from the tea boxes? it looks like the little Rose Tea Critters..... I tried an exacto, well a Knock Off Exacto, after about the 30th pass, I went for the scissors.... I need to pick out the rest of the book covers to finish the a n y & the a y d ~ I figure if I do 2 each day, I will be down by Friday (the D will be the most difficult with the curve..... but will look great on My Wall! I am hoping for Rain Too, I thought I heard the faint rumblings of thunder awhile ago, but not sure.... Friday is ZOO day with My Grands & My Daughters, so I hope that is Perfect Weather! Have a Great Week ~ Here's to alittle Rain in Our Day!

  10. Theresa,
    I LOVE that large safety pin..fantastic.
    I also love using the old book covers, they make a wonderful hard surface to create on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your altered cover, Theresa. Those numbers on that piece of ruler??, they got me...I'm in love!

  12. Hey Theresa ~ Me Again.... I should have been cleaning, but decided to Finish the Letters, stop by to see the end product when you get a chance ~ So Far, NO RAIN Here, Yet ~ fingers are still crossed.... I think we should do a Fall Outing in October (Keep that in Mind)

  13. Hi Theresa,
    Love these altered fun. I want to give it a try!
    Happy day!

  14. Hi Theresa, I luv the book covers. They are so cool and intresting you have some great talent. Thank You for stopping by. Have a good week....Julian

  15. Your book cover are absolutely beautiful! So is your blog!!

  16. Hi Theresa -- I wanted to let you know that I have featured this project on my blog for my post revealing my August bookmarks. Wonderful job.


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