Saturday, February 12, 2011

not a scrap of wool wasted...

Of all of the fabrics that I work with I have a special fondness for wool.   Raw, roving, yarn, but most especially felted vintage goodness.  I love the feel of a beautiful skirt or sweater felted and ready to cut. 

There is just so much to create with it and once I get cutting there is no stopping me!  
After I felted this cable sweater, the gorgeous pattern in the center screamed "make me a bag" to me and so that is just what I did (mostly because I find it hard to ignore the screaming in my head!)

Another favorite material of mine is ... ANYTHING VINTAGE o.k. there I said it!  I have a hard time ignoring vintage, I try... I turn my head... I walk away... but eventually I find myself coming back for more!  It makes the coolest bag linings, and well the coolest EVERYTHING!  The colors are wonderful and the patterns so lively...

Here is another little peak, gorgeous greens, orange, poppy reds, beautiful blues in the best aqua tones...

Sorry, the inside of a bag is really hard to take pictures of...

 I even added some to the handle, two pieces of the arms that were connected and then the (what was once a tablecloth) vintage material was sewn to the bottom for added strength so that the handle doesn't get stretched out when the bag is full.

Which I did,  with doo dads for creating art, and vintage religious medals, a flower brooch and anything else that I thought my sister Molly would like!   A little belated "I love you, your special and by the way, "Merry Christmas" gift  from me to her.

It's not too late for that, is it?
I mean, I did get it to her before the next holiday arrived, right?

I have so much more to share with all of you!  My computer is not working though, ugh.  so I have confiscated Duane's while he is out this morning.  I am going to try to get a few posts finished and saved for the week so that I have something to share this week :)  I also have so many things to list in theoldwhitehouse and so have to scurry before he comes home and needs this for his paper that is due tomorrow!

Have an AMAZING weekend, full of love, and all of the goodness that it brings!

Thanks for stopping by!  Theresa xoxo


  1. Wow! That purse if fabulous! Anyone would be proud to carry that! Lucky sister!

  2. Bloggie is looking so very pretty Theresa.
    The purse of course is simply fabulous.
    Very you....
    Have a fab weekend girlfriend!


  3. I love your pretty purse! Just lovely:))

    Have a blessed weekend filled with rosepetals and chocolates!

    Kay Ellen

  4. Oh that bag is just to die for! I've never worked with wool - a bit intimidating I think but wow, oh wow is this gorgeous!


  5. I saw a similar sweater purse in BH&G a year or so ago...but yours looks so much classier. Job well done and thanx for sharing. Tif

  6. I am seriously drooling over that bag ... LOVE it!
    I've been wearing my crochet rosettes on my hat all winter ... love them too ... thanks again!


  7. Hi Theresa!
    I love your sweater bag and the lining is so pretty. Love the big rosette too.


  8. Oh never too late to give a gift Theresa! :) That is pretty cool! It was cute & then even cuter when we peeked inside & then way too cute when you put that flower on there!!! How do you get all this done & raise your 5 kids! What a lucky little pack you have!!!! I wish I had your energy!!! :) Someday..... :) right? :)

  9. That is a pretty bag Theresa! And a great Thanks for sharing and stay warm and also enjoy your Valentines day........Julian

  10. That is totally gorgeous! A perfect way to use an old sweater that no longer fits or is in style. Felt it, use it like this! You're going to get a lot of compliments when you carry that one out and about!

  11. When Cat Daddy and I were cleaning out the closets during the Texas Ice Age...I came across an old wool sports jacket. C.D. asked if I wanted to put it in the donation pile and I immediatly thought "What would T do?". Needless to say...I kept it!
    Wonderful handbag and the inside detail shows what an artist you truly are.

  12. Oh Theresa,
    Your handbag is perfect and soooo beautiful!! I love handbags that are lined with vintage fabrics, it's always such a lovely little surprise every time you open it to take something out!
    And it looks great with the rosette on the outside of it!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.


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