Sunday, February 13, 2011

Silver Sunday...

I haven't played with everyone over at Silver Sunday in quite some time... I'm thrilled to join in the party today!  I thought that since I took pictures of my latest crafty adventure, soldering that I would give you a peek... oh my gosh it is so much fun!  I tried it a couple of years ago but after much frustration I put it aside, well no more!  It, apparently like all of the other art forms I try, is addicting and with the right teacher is so rewarding!  Thanks again Jill! 

After making many little bubbles and such I finally sat down at the kitchen table and got down to business!  I made a few more trinkets to solder, thanks to Sally Jean Alexander's book Pretty Little Things and tried the crystal for my necklace.  My initials on the little bubble were done by cutting the letters out of an old book and adhering them on the tiny bubble with Diamond Glaze and then gluing the bubble to a silver piece from chandelier crystals, and the Red Cross pin was actually just set into a bezel from Hobby Lobby with a piece of background paper behind it and then filled with Diamond Glaze.  I do not profess to be a jewelry artist, far from it, but I am proud to wear this, it being one of my first pieces.

Have I told you how much I love the red cross symbol and vintage photos of service men, and well I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to our flag so adding the red, white and blue is a natural!  This piece is too big to wear I think, it is made from a small match box.  It is a little shadow box and I am thinking I will make it into a book mark.  As you can see, I need more practice on my soldering, but that will come with time.

Jenny Doh just showed something similar to this on Crescendoh that was made with a piece of vintage doily, I used a piece of embroidery from a vintage hanky and then added a crystal to hang off of the bottom.

This is where I put a bit of my silliness to good use!  I mean she looks happy, right? LOL  See the scallop edge I am hooked on?  It is a special tape that is already trimmed like that!  I love time saving stuff like that!
These glass bubbles just about got the best of me though ... they are tricky and I think I need to master the straight stuff first!

I also should share that I need to get me some silver cleaner to shine these up! 

This is going to be a book mark too,  I am going to add a nice ribbon to it...

and give it to Duane's mom for her bday.  (she doesn't read my blog so I can say that on here)

So now you know something else about me... I am the Jackie of all trades and master of none!  I can't help myself, I seriously only try a fraction of the things I want to try.  I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to art... so many choices and so little time!  Here is the I need an art intervention? And if you tried to have one for me would I be able to convince you to try the lastest project that I am jonesin to make?  ;O

Are you like that?  Do you want to try every new thing you see?  Are you like most crafty people I know and see something, and maybe instead of buying it you take it as a challenge and tell yourself... I can make that, and for a good many things in the dept. stores, make it for a fraction of the price!  I have always looked at that thinking as a gift... but maybe it is a bit of a double edge sword... because I would be kidding myself to think that I really have time to do everything I want to tackle.  I mean, there are after all loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes to tackle first!  So now I am off the immerse myself up to my elbows in the kitchen sink and get a bit of my household duties done!I'm sure you can guess just how thrilled I am to do that, but I will look at it as a blessing. 
 If we have dirty dishes, then it means we have good food in our bellies. :)

Thank you Beth for the Silver Sunday Party!

Have a fabulous Sunday Everyone!    Theresa xoxo


  1. I have a serious case of crafting ADD {CADD} ... glad to hear I'm not a lone ... your jewels are wonderful...keep it up!


  2. You are one talented lady. These are total delights. Simply charming!
    Happy Heart Day! ~ Sarah

  3. i have this book and it is great! i love the crystals hanging from the necklace and i think i have some in a drawer somewhere......

  4. You've done a pretty neat job for your first pieces. I tried the soldering once and it was a mess. But I'd love to try again and spend enough time to get good at it. So many cool ideas out there. Be happy and behave, too funny!

    It must be some kind of crafting gene, or character flaw (ha!) where we can appreciate someone's work but be still want to give it a try ourselves. Just so much satisfaction in creating something from nothing.
    Happy Valentine's,

  5. Your art is beautiful! Practice makes perfect........I'd say you're well on your way. Just a little secret to share. You can make the ripple edge tape with a cheap pair of scissors used for making fancy edges for scrapbooking. Lots of designs. Hugs,Terri

  6. It is a many ppl out there are just so afraid to try anything in the fear that it won't be perfect. Maybe some elementary school art class trama they went thru?? who knows? I love that you are so willing to give it a go.
    I have to say I have suffered from wanting to make everything too but now I have found myself buying the said item. Sometimes seeing all the art making things still in the bag has taught me a lesson. There are just so many hours in the day........and yes I like my belly full too:)

    hugs and Happy Valentines Day,


  7. You go girl! OK time Sally Jean is teaching here and she comes in for Art and Soul, you have an excuse to come stay with me and take one of her classes. She is such a good instructor.

    Happy Valentines day my sweet friend.


  8. Your necklace is wonderful. I haven't tried the Diamond Glaze, but i did just read that heating it in hot water about 30 minutes before you are going to use it helps with the cooler winter temps right now. Hope that helps?!?

  9. Happy Valentines Day Theresa. I must say, for your first soldering projects, I think you are doing a great job. I can't even imagine what the process is for that. I especially love the bit of lace, so elegant. You certainly are up to trying just about anything and everything. And seem to be successful at all. :) Have a great day! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. These are so wonderful...I have been wanting to learn this!

  11. Oh gosh that looks like so much fun, and by the looks of it addicting too.
    You made some lovely pieces of jewelry! You sure should be very proud when you wear those.

  12. Theresa, your comment so touched me! Thanks for being real. 30 years has been a work in progress and I loved what you said "wine and weeds", so true, but in the end I'm so glad "we have worked" at it. It's so been worth it! Thanks my friend for your honesty and I so hope you've had an awesome ♥ day!!

  13. Yay for you! welcome to the addicting world of soldering....I love it. You're pieces are beautiful I especially love Ms."Be Happy" ...hilarious. Good to see you back on Silver Sunday can't wait to see what else you'll unveil.

  14. I stopped by earlier today & was enjoying your beauties when boy trouble...surprise!!! That happens sooooo often! :) I wanted to come back now that the rascals are in bed & admire properly :) you know enjoy all those textures & those scalloped edges! LOVE those!

    I wish I had more of that, "I wanna try that" in my you! But I actually just like to admire your stuff & other ladies stuff & go WOW!!! & that is enough for me :) But I do enjoy looking!!!! Fun to see what you will come up with next!

    Hope you guys had a great day together!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Wow you are so talented. I always so enjoy coming to your blog!I love the necklace with the initials. It is so pretty. I have hit a milestone on my blog and I wanted to say Thank You for helping me get there. I so appreciated your kind comment on my blog.Thanks Again

  16. Love your creations! I've been thinking about learning to for sure I will...

  17. Theresa, I love your crystal and soldered creations. As I admired them, I kept thinking "I need to learn how to do that!" So, I guess you and I are a lot alike. When I see something new, I want to gather the materials necessary and try the project myself. There are so many sources of inspiration that sometimes I feel overwhelmed and don't know what to focus on first.....that does sound like ADD, doesn't it?


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