Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's all in the details...

I love the packaging of my goods as much as I like making and finding them.   It gives the buyer the notion of having bought a gift for their own.

Quite a while a go my sister and I did shows and bought an enormous amount of brown bags of which I have been using as my 'wrapping paper'  it makes it way too easy to wrap something and it still has the brown kraft paper look that I love!

and doilies... well don't even get me started!  Oh my gosh, I just love them!  They add such a pretty and special touch, all for just pennies!
Remember the wool bag I showed a while back?  They make a great protective shipping bag.  I wrap the delicate goods in bubble wrap and tissue and then put it in a upcycled wool bag.  This particular item is in the bag and decorated with a vintage cotton doily and a scrap of cotton that I stamped with a damask large stamp and then a fleur de lis  stamp and then pinned a vintage medal on with a rusty old safety pin.

tie it all up with some twine... ooh la la!

So you could be buying something as utilitarian as these fabulous rusty horse shoes from me

because your dress form needs a new necklace for her spring wardrobe...

or these cool old upholstery springs to use in an assemblage...
and they would come wrapped in something like this!  See, like a little gift you give to yourself!

Like I said, as much fun wrapping the item as it is finding and making it!  Ofcourse like everything I do, even when I try to make the same thing twice, it just never seems to happen.  I look around my workroom while I am wrapping and among my bits and bobs when something catches my attention on it goes!

I'm linking up to some of my favorite parties...  White Wednesday, the amount of white goodness out in blogland never ceases to amaze me!    Link Love,  Sachiko has some of the wonderful tutorials and clothing make-overs to see!  I wish I was so clever!  There's a new party in town over at Savvy Southern Style, Wow us Wednesdays,  so I'm going to go over and meet some new friends!  I'm feeling like a party girl tonight!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Theresa xoxo 


  1. Your packages look so special, Theresa!

  2. "Brown paper packages tied up withe string''lala lala

    So pretty. Happy WW there girlfriend : D


  3. I love that you put as much thought into the item as you do the wrapping of it. I can just imagine the little goodies in those beautiful packages.

  4. I love the horse shoe necklace and yes I think everyone needs one :)

  5. Wow, I am so glad to have found you out there in the world! You are a girl after my own heart for sure! I have a jar of those springs that I bought at the flea, and have yet to figure out what I am going to do with them. When I saw your picture of them, I knew there was hope for me yet! Also , can I say I love the picture in your header..is that old, or something you tweaked? Priceless! they are all smiling and if that is an old one, it's rare to see everybody smiling! I'll be back@!!!

  6. You are my kinda girl!!! :) I am not as crative as you but I like spending a lot on wrapping paper & tucking special things under the bow :) I reall don't like those store bought gift bags..I love to wrap! Your original wrapping is a gift Theresa!!!!

  7. Beautiful post. I love brown paper bags. One year I wrapped all my Christmas presents with it and tied up with plaid christmas ribbon. It was cheap and everyone loved it. ~~Sherry~~

  8. LOVE your gift wrap!! I love wrapping things up like this too, but mine isn't as beautiful as yours! You are so talented!!
    I would love to feature you and your art on my new blog Theresa, I know you would be a big hit with your fabulous creations.
    Have a great day.

  9. Every package is beautiful. Such creative pieces. The recepients will be delighted.

  10. What great wrapping ideas you have gave me, how fabulous it must be to get a gift wrapped that is as charming as the gift it's self. love how you also used sheet music, gives it such a romantic feel.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed your visit.

    Have a fabulous day,

  11. Yummy! What a treat to get one of those in your mailbox! Have a great day Theresa!

  12. Hi Theresa, I am at my daughters today & able to log in.... sure do miss my daily blog hopping, Your Post is perfect, You always have the greatest details! Love Your Packaging (makes me feel like I need to step it up a bit) Take Care

  13. Oh wow, Theresa, this is all "Perfection!" How have you been? Good, I hope!!! And hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day too!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas at my party.

  15. Hi Theresa! Oh, you are too kind about what you said in your comment. I never consider myself a "Big blogger". There is always someone more talented and popular than I am, and I am always humbled that people come and see what I am doing at my little corner of blogland.

    Your poject looks stunning as usual, I love your creations. :)

  16. You do such a beautiful job making the packages so special...great ideas!

  17. Hey Party Girl! I like your idea of the rocking chairs and crocheting. I was invited to a girls nite last nite. Or had the option of going to my yarn and fiber group for an embroidery lesson, but guess what I chose - to stay home, take a nice hot bubble bath, don my pajamas, and veg on the couch. I swear that's all I want to do of late, with a little crafting thrown in. Forget housework. :/ Love your creations and your pretty gift wrap. It is so special to purchase something and have it arrive in such a fabulous manner. I love the sweater bag with doily and other tidbits attached. You certainly have a knack for dolling things up. Happy day to you! Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. Hi Theresa, Im going to have to buy a couple geraniums this weekend to replace the couple that the frost killed. But this is the first Winter it killed a couple. But it is always fun to go see whats new at the nursery. Have a great evening....Julian

  19. Love all of your fun ideas but I have to say that crusty horse shoe necklace is my fave...too fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog...now I found you too and I'll be following :) Take care, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  20. Hi Theresa,
    Your packaging is so pretty! I'm telling you I would never unwrap what I bought because I wouldn't want to mess up the packaging!! The thought and care you put into making your gift extra special is just wonderful!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. I lov ehow you put as much time an effort into wrapping the present as the present itself! Love all your cretive ideas.

  22. Theresa, your talents go beyond amazing. What special ways to wrap up the beauties before sending them to their new homes!
    Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I can always count on being surprised by your artist touches.
    Hugs to you from here...

  23. Hi Theresa,
    Thanks so much for coming to "visit!" I hope you had a great weekend...You inspire sooo many people with your amazing talent!!


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