Monday, June 13, 2011

eenie meenie minie moe ~ pick a subject and away we go....

My post today will reflect the way my brain is working...
a million thoughts and no end in sight!

thought #1

first of all here is that dresser garden I told you about ~

would I do it again? yes.
 would I do it differently? yes.

what I learned...
1. do not try to paint wood with a veneer and then fill it with dirt and water.
it will buckle, ugh.
2. make sure it is level BEFORE you put the dirt in it. ugh.
3. edit, edit, edit.

You know how it goes, way too excited to make a real plan.
I mean that's the way it goes for me,
not implying that you all are flying by the seat of your pants too,
but please humor me and tell me that you do!

As I looked at the dresser all by itself against the barn,
I thought to myself...
too lonely.
So I put a piece of wood on top and planted the tomatoes and basil in different containers
and put them on top.
It still looked lonely
so I added the planters with the blueberry bushes that I managed not to kill last year.
The wheel barrow is full of hens and chicks and
I can't remember that spring flower that you see in there. 
It was planted by birds.
gotta love our birds. :)
and ofcourse it needed a chalkboard with instructions!

So here is the low down on the dresser.
You only plant in the front and you put a false back on the drawers so that you don't fill it all the way with dirt... that way it's a little lighter.
Not much fits in there, so that is why only the lettuce and a mint plant and one cinnamon basil is in there.
oh yeah, and some marigolds to help keep the critters out.

we really need to paint our barn.
now I went and put a garden in the way...
think that was an accident?

thought # 2

a while back I won a giveaway from Linda over at Itsy Bits and Pieces.  Novica let me choose an item from the vast amount of goodies they carry.  I picked this gorgeous hand beaded necklace and I just love it.
Then I won Z's giveaway over at Old Grey Mare for a pair of Heather French earrings.
I chose the gold/green pair because I thought they would match the necklace.
I was right!
and may I say... they are beautiful! 

it is really hard to take a picture of yourself.
especially when you won earrings because you said you were a lobe model!
I had a reputation to live up to!  ;)
I mean there was no hair and make up artist in sight.
no one to fix me up and make me presentable but I had to show you these
and say
Thank You Linda and Suzan!!!
I love them so very much!
I wore them yesterday and my neighbor told me I looked sparkly!
sparkly is good!!!

thought #3

You need to see the art gallery in front of my house.
Hannah is the artist in residence...

love her queen bee!

Max made a ninja.
nope not just a ninja
a ninja zombie!

Yesterday all of the neighborhood kids got in on the art work, our sidewalk is full of beauty!

today it was just Boo and she left everyone who comes to our front door a special message.
too sweet.

So there you have it.
I am actually sparing you 999,997 of the thoughts running through my mind.

you can thank me now!!!

I do have a few things to show you next time,
I made a new cover (think burlap) for our dining room chandy chain, and I made a new candle for the patio, and I hung a bird cage planter from the pine tree,

see what I mean?
a million thoughts and no end in sight!

Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa xoxo


  1. I love your dresser garden! I knew you were a lobe model the moment I first saw you...who wouldn't? Gorgeous wins! Love this post.

  2. I love your dresser garden and all of the cool things around it. Lobe garden, you are too funny but they do look good on you so you just may have a career ahead of you:) Great to have a resident artist isn't it:) Great post today:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. They are perfect for such a pretty gal! :D


    my Hannah and her buds used to "paint" the driveway too..such great memories...

  4. Adorable earlobes, dresser, sidewalk! You can always paint the barn next year! love it all,
    xoxo Debra

  5. I love this post and your million thoughts- the dresser garden is so clever!
    Gorgeous earrings and your little artist makes your home a joyful one for sure.
    Glad to have found you!

  6. I know exactly what you mean. My mind is always flying around with things to do. Which is why I have 593 projects started and none finished to show off. Love what you did with the dresser. It looks great! The barn just lends to the vintagey look you got going there. Love the new sparklies! Great choices! Beautiful profile pic of you! I like it. The sidewalk art is great. I see where your kids get their talent from!

  7. I really love your dresser garden! Yes, I often fly by the seat of my pants! I've always got a million ideas running through my head and have more projects started than necessary, it's just what we creative types do!

    Your earrings and necklace look great on you.


  8. I bet your hubby loves to whisper sweet nothings in your ears just to get close to those lobes!
    Do I fly by the seat of my pants you ask? Hey...they don't call me Rocket J. Squirrel for nuttin'!!!

  9. I love getting inside that head of yours! never been inside a lobe models head before :)

    I have to be quick becaue Roo is screaming his head off & he will wake the whole house :) but I wanted to say YAY! Look at all those goodies you won! Well done! They are perfect for you! Now THOSE are some good friends! :)

    LOVE your dresser! I can just picture your neighbors thinking, "WHat is that lady doing now!" :) I LOVE it! Can't wait to see it in a few weeks when everything is growing like crazy!

    Better go but just wanted to say hi & spy on you :)


  10. You and your lobes are LOVERLY!!! :o)) And - girlfriend - you did pull off that dresser garden....Wowswers - you had me wondering - but I LOVE it!!! And, gee - perfect accent pieces all around - doesn't look lonely anymore. Hope it follows directions well! (And I refuse to answer that question about the seat of my pants....) Congrats on your wonderful wins! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Hi Miss Theresa...can I just say that you look beautiful in your new necklace and earrings!! They look fabulous on you!!
    I adore your dresser garden. Such a wonderful, unique idea. And to think, it not only looks pretty but is growing veggies too.
    Looks like the kids are having a fun summer.

  12. Yes, I fly by the seat of my pants. Get something in my head and just go for it, which is why instead of a quick change around in the kids room last nite, an entire bookcase almost fell, but I caught it and only one shelf buckled and came tumbling down which then meant a big clean up and putting everything right back in place from where it started and no change in sight. Ugh! Love your dresser drawer garden. I am told I slept in a dresser drawer at my Mammaw's house when I was little. :) Hmmm ... my brain goes from one subject to another too. My summer holiday has begun! Woohoo! No trip to the States this year. Was just too overwhelming to even think about planning. I hope to get many projects done around here -- certainly won't be outside since it is hot, hot, hot. Great necklace and earrings. Congrats! Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  13. I love the dresser! Sounds like your mind is like mine....sometimes I think it's a wonder I actually finish anything :) Love the artwork too- how lucky to have artists in residence :)

  14. Hi Theresa! The dresser garden is adorable and I love the whole display you created. Great earrings and necklace..congrats!

  15. I just saw a dresser garden on another blog the other day. Totally brilliant. Yours is wonderful. Thanks for visiting my took me a while to get back to yours. Thanks for your patience!

  16. I LOVE this post! Think outside the box and you did. Love the potted dresser. Thank you for sharing Rita at Mammabellarte


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