Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my secret hideaway...

this is our little side porch, not that it is hidden from all of the outside world, but generally speaking nobody really pays that much attention to it and so I can sit here unnoticed.

 why do I want to go unnoticed you ask?
because this is the perfect place for an early cup of coffee, or a evening retreat.
in my jammies.
you know when you live in town it's kinda frowned upon to be outside in your jammies.

I'll let you in on a secret, I'm in them right now as I write this post!
Ofcourse they are not ooh la la jammies,
no. they are a pair of Duanes flannel bottoms and a Michigan hoodie.
sexy, yes?
We are on the other porch with the curtains, so I am in the chair with the most curtain coverage and we both have our computers on our laps, him writing his school paper and me visiting with you.
He has 11 months to go until he is finished with his MBA.

It has been a rough road but he is a determined guy and I am so proud of him for going after it.
I know I couldn't wouldn't do it.
He is writing papers and studying constantly.
no, I mean it.
I don't have that kind of attention span.
no, I mean it.
If I was writing a paper like the accounting paper he wrote this week, my head my explode.
So I let him do that and I wrapped our chandy cord in burlap.
wanna see?

Plus I did the tedious task of cleaning all of the crystals with vinegar.

bugs are gross.

Why do they want to reside in my chandelier?

I didn't start out the day with the idea that I was going to make a new cord cover for it.
Then 2 of the lights blew, when you add those to the two that had already blown well, I needed to change some light bulbs.  As I was changing the light bulbs I was appalled at how dirty the light actually was.
I should be ashamed to tell you this, but I trust that we will still be friends even if my chandy is gross.
I digress...
As I was cleaning the light with vinegar, I took a closer inspection of the cord cover that I made about 5 years ago.
What to do?

give it a new look!
I used the burlap ribbon from Michaels that I had gotten a while back for a different project that right now, I cannot exactly remember what it was.
 I started at the top and safety pinned
(yes I really used a safety pin... I was in a creative hurry what can I say)
a corner of the ribbon to the top chain and then went round and round the chain.
Then at the bottom,
are you ready for this?
I put a dab of hot glue on the ribbon to hold it in place.
I did mention the creative hurry I was in right?
Plus I needed to know that I would like it.
How could I question the very thought of not liking burlap?

...still friends now?  :)

As promised here is the new candle for the back patio

the match to it is hanging as the light for the curtained porch and I have thought that this one would look cool somewhere in the house but not having found the right spot in 6 years I decided it needed to be used outside.

I glued tiny tart pans to the candle (light)  holders because although short taper candles fit, they weren't getting enough oxygen to stay lit.  So the tart pans hold little votives. fabulous!
It looks so sweet out back.
Glad I saved it.
Do you hear me Hoarders Annoymous?
I saved it and then I used it!!!

(sorry I had to get that out of my system)

it hangs right next to the comfy couch.
yet another secret hideaway!

Thanks for the visit!

Theresa xoxo

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p.s. Is blogger just messing with me or is it driving all of you crazy too?
It has removed my entire sidebar!  Everything but my posts is missing, maybe I should just be happy the posts are still there and that I can keep up with you through my dashboard.
smile on the face.


  1. That looks great...I love the idea. Cute porch too.

  2. Love the side porch! I am always in my jammies. I go to the store in them too. LOL. I have no shame. It is a special occasion for me to get out of them and actually get dressed. I still love ya cause you admitted you had a gross chandy. I got a gross light in the foyer. I never knew we had that many bugs flying around in the house! Oh my! It was like Bugapalooza in there!

  3. You're an absolute stitch Theresa my friend!! What a hoot!! Love the jammies (I'm in mine too - 'cept sporting a Wisconsin BADGERS (go Bucky!!) hoody - not Michigan....Love the gross chandy....If I had a chandy, it'd certainly be gross too (maybe that's why I don't have one??? NOT!!) (But the cord cover is very clever and cool!) Your hideaways are scrumptuous....Wish I had even one of those little paradise places!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Oh I love this post!!! And adore your chandelier, and your porch, and your sofa!! And you must be so proud of your husband! I finished my Master's after I moved here and glad I did--nothing--not even an entire house renovation--would stop me--so I know how he feels!!! And i KNOW you must be so proud of him...

    Your corner of the world is always pure delight!!! And I also hope that your son is feeling better!!!

  5. You are so funny with your chandie! I love your porch and I am so jealous that you have a little hideaway! I so need a hideaway!
    Blogger is driving me crazy too. I keep logging on and my follower list disappears! It's always something lately!
    Have a great night sweet friend.

  6. What a cozy little spot! I would hide there too. I love sitting on our porch and pretending I'm looking at a field instead of our neighbors house. Ha! I hear you on the bugs too. They've taken up residence in my tea room. BOO!


  7. I think the burlap on the cord is a great idea and I just loved the post! Good for your husband!

  8. That looks like a cozy spot. I love the burlap shawl on the bust. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Looks great, love your little porch!

  10. What a lovely nook... and I'm smiling about sitting out there in your Jammies... so, you don't wear the Victoria Secret or Mr. Fredericks Oooh La La Jammies out there *Winks*... now I'm guessing that would be a Post that would get everyone's attention here in the Land Of Blog!?! *LOL* Here in the City I must say that when I wear my Jammies out to water the Garden or get the Mail nobody even notices... not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, whaddya think? *Smiles* But then, my Day Clothes tend to be quite Boheme' so perhaps they're just accustomed to my quirkiness??? *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. I adore you, Theresa! Did you know you typed "tiny tart pants"? ohmygosh, I was trying to figure out what "tart pants" were! ROTFL!
    I promise to still be your friend no matter how many bugs might be in your chandy, if you'll promise not to count how many cat hairs are on my counter! xoxo Debra

  12. Hi Theresa, all of your cozy spaces are wonderful! My jammies are just like yours -- comfortable, but nothing that couldn't be worn outdoors, if necessary. :/ Today is my first full day of summer vacation. :) I hope to get many projects done. No doubt all of my light fixtures need to be cleaned. Ugh! love how you dressed up the cord in burlap -- nice and easy is always the way to go. I'm with you on the school stuff -- I could never do it again. I need to get my oldest through these last two years of high school. Sure wish he would give 100%. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  13. Love your secret hideaway! I also enjoyed your sidewalk art from the last post!!

  14. Tell Debra "tiny tart pants" are the alternative to Duane's flannel pj's! Sexy much? Now I'm ROFLMBO!
    Love your little hidey sidey. Wish I had one instead of having all my neighbors see me in my orange striped pj's on a daily basis!

  15. What a great place to get away. You do have to do that sometimes. Happy Wednesday, T

  16. Hi Theresa!
    I love both of your secret hideaways. Every gal needs one or two! I have been guilty of going outside in my pj's and keeping them on all day long! LOL!


  17. I love all of the "secret" hideaway spots! I really love the couch outdoors though. One of the things that I covet from California houses is the ability to have outdoor living rooms. Allergies be damned, I'd spend all of my time reading w/coffee (or maybe a daiquiri!) on a cozy outdoor sofa.

    I also may steal your burlap wrap idea. We have a chandelier in the dining room that's not unattractive, but not like the best chandelier ever. Wrapping the chain would be an easy and inexpensive way to dress it up a little!

  18. Blogger is acting funny for me too. I love your little side porch....wish I had one, I would use it a lot. Would you believe....I work at a University and students often come to class in their pyjama bottoms. Now THAT is GROSS. But...on the porch? No problem!

  19. Jammies are the "tie dye" of our age group. I wear em proud, I wear em loud! I wear them in the drive thru late at night, I wear them to take the trash to the curb. If I am not leaving the house I wear them to save energy and water by not dirtying more clothes.

    I wear them to work in the yard, and some days I take one pair off at the end of a long day and put on a fresh pair to sleep.

    what? Doesn't everyone?


  20. I can see your side bar! But my blog has been all messed up at well! Not sure what is going on! I love your hidden hide away! Everything at your house looks so inviting!

  21. This is why I love blogging. Guess what? I'm in my jammies too! :) Your porch is awesome!!


  22. Love the burlap! Hey at least you could wait while the glue gun heated up, that's saying something! I never used tacky glue until a couple years ago, but lately it's my go to glue. About as fast as hot glue when you count the wait time. Plus I have less crafting accidents!
    Love all your little hiding places, I need to find me one.....

  23. I laughed all the way through this. Love the burlap, glad you came to your senses. Thank you for justifying a huge basket of rusty kitchen items, broken hardware and small glass bottles in my studio with your candle repair too! See you at the next "HA" (hoarders anonymous)meeting. P.s. "HA" is pronounced with a sneer, like "HA" I used it eventhough you asked me why we have this ten times not "HA" like hahaha that is so cute you just brought home another trunkload of garage sale stuff, part of your charm...hahaha.

  24. My goodness you are so busy, cute porch,good idea for the chandelier, but I really like the tins for the candles, Celeste, victoriantailor.com

  25. Hello Theresa, What a lovely place to hide out, I mean enjoy a secluded cup of coffee;) Really, I love it:) I a so going to put some burlap around my cords on my chandeliers!!!!!!Maybe linen too. Thank you for sharing that idea, you are so creative:) Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  26. thank you so much for your nice comment about my garden house. Love the shawl around the shoulders of the statue. Tone

  27. Glad to find out I'm not the only one who likes to blog while still in pjs.
    I really need to replace some burned out bulbs but you just confirmed my fears-I would get stuck cleaning the light fixtures too. So I guess I'll just be in the dark so awhile longer! LOL


  28. I don't know if you saw the post on my creepy lady bust,your bust is gorgeous! How great to have a private little area and cudo's to hubby for working on his MBA


  29. I'm in love with your porches and all the better that they are little hide-away areas. I sit on our patio in my jammies. We live on a golf course so the golf carts will go by and I just smile and wave with my lovely look of jammies, no makeup and uncombed hair. They probably have a name for me back at the clubhouse!!
    Love the chandelier burlap cord cover!

  30. I miss a "secret porch". We used to have one in the old farmhouse I grew up in. These "new" houses can't hold a candle. No matter how much you design to make them perfect. They lack the special nooks and crannies where we can sneak in our PJ's. Everything looks sooo pretty. Thanks for the memory.

  31. Such a cute little porch~~~I love it! The slipcover back on the chair and the sweet statue with a burlap wrap!! so sweet!

    Oh my you could have made you little burlap sleeve on the chandelier with my parents sealah no sew tape so quick! Please go on there website or call and tell them Kay Ellen said I can have a 2 yard free sample to play with!

    It is a lot of work to going back to school!! Good for your husband...
    I could not do it. I would be wanting to take photos and re arrange the classroom! haha
    and a lot of day dreaming would be happening too!

    Have a good weekend!
    Kay Ellen

  32. Hi Theresa, Everyone needs a little private spot and yours is perfect! I can't imagine going back to school now and how hard it must be. Good for your husband for sticking with it. Thanks for joining my party and I hope you have a great weekend...in your pj's!

  33. Theresa, those jammies are absolutely perfect for coffe on the porch! It's a lovely spot.

  34. I love your charming side porch and the chandelier cover is so clever! Thanks for posting my giveaway...I can see your sidebar fine on my computer!

  35. I'm laughing so hard... I can't even think of one special thing to talk about. Have I ever told you that your posts where you just... cut loose and post about all kinds of things are my favorite? LOLOL

    And yeah - I have bugs in my lights and I am currently sitting here laughing at you in my jammies. ;-D

    You're great!!!


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