Monday, June 27, 2011

pinning words of faith, hope and love...

You know what the beauty of pinterest is?
...the vast amount of inspiration!

I am a novice to the whole pinning thing,
really the only thing I have figured out how to do is to repin
but that's o.k. for now because there is so much to oogle over at the pinterest site alone!
It really, really makes me want to  do all kinds of fun things to my house!
My favorite boards though, are the word boards... you know, quotes and clever sayings,
the kind that make me say awwwww and especially the ones that make me think.

A few nights ago I was reading all of the good ones that I came across to the family and Duane said we need to have some of those around the house. 
So today I obliged his request and wrote one of my favorite on the ENORMOUS chalkboard that Danielle helped me carry in from the barn.
This is chalkboard love people...
I found this chalkboard a couple of years ago thinking that I would sell it.
I can't.
I love it too much.

It's got the best little wheel like gears that keep it stable,
Today I hung a metal cone full of chalk on the wheel.
I was told it came from a school nearby, I'm not sure about that, but who cares?
It is fabulous!
So when I started seeing all of the inspirational quotes that my family needed to read on a daily basis,
I decided to rescue this beauty from the barn.
You see, because of its size and the fact that this old victorian has more doors than walls
well, I just couldn't get it to fit.
Today I made it fit!

I am still trying to figure out the manual mode on the camera so please bear with me!
I hung a ruffle of burlap ribbon that I poked little lights through for a bit of the light that I
took away by covering up the door.
It is a door to the porch and only one of the 5, yes I said 5 doors in this room!
That wall alone has 2 doorways! 
We didn't use the door but I did take away a window.
You know what?
I don't care!
We can fill our minds and hearts with some of the best notes that we will leave eachother
on the chalkboard and look out the other door to see the sunshine!
I can't wait to add more sayings to my
"words to live by" pinterest board!

here are a few of my favorites...

Do you remember this song?
My mom used to sing this to us when I was little. 
 I have to tell you that as I read it and sang it and heard her voice I missed her more than ever.
you would have loved her...

Do you pinterest?  Do you think it's the great time sucker upper that I'm pretty sure it could be?
I have to give myself time limits but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

pin away!

Theresa xoxo


  1. I have barely dabbled at it, afraid of addiction

    fab chalkboard..amazed you kept it in barn so long.....

  2. I really love that first photo you posted of this. It's a great idea with a great look. The lights are brilliant too!

  3. P.S. I haven't gotten into pinterest too much, but there is amazing stuff there!

  4. I haven't figured out how to do anything but re-pin either.

  5. That chalkboard is beyond Fab!!! I would love to have that in my house. No wonder you didn't want to sell it!! Thank you for sharing those wonderful sayings. My favorite was the one that said to do what makes you come alive. Wouldn't the world be wonderful if we could all do that?? I do not use Pintrest (although I probably should.) I barely have enough hours in the day to use my blog and facebook and twitter... oh my!! You get the point!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  6. Hey Theresa, I love how you have placed the chalkboard. At first I just thought you were posting an image you pinned. Your living room is comfy cozy! I love quotations! I won't be pinning -- definitely would be time consuming and I know my limits. Blogging is more than enough for me. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  7. I love that quote and need to find a way to display it. I love the chalkboard! I've just recently joined and am finding it addicting. I just love the eye candy and creativity.

  8. LOVE LOVE that chalkboard!! Fabulous!

    No, I don't pintrest. I have no clue how to use it, ha ha, but I think that's a good thing! Between working fulltime, creating, FB, Twitter, Blogging and then life I am running out of time!!!

  9. Ok...Confession....I don't have a clue what pinterest is....I take it it has something to with inspirational sayings/quotes? (Sorry - we here in Nod are little far removed from the real world....) And no, I don't need another addiction either. But I can say I LOVE that chalk board!! It's amazing!! Can't believe it was brought in from the barn long, long, time ago!! Have fun with it - love the idea!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. You had that chalkboard in the barn?!!!! It is gorgeous!

    My mom showed me your blog (btw love the name) because I have a shared love of chalkboards. So much so that I started making my own and am selling them now!

    If you have an inkling to put quotes throughout your lovely victorian and are in need of more chalkboards, visit my etsy shop. I just got started but I have tons of plans in my head and would definitely take custom orders to suit your needs.

    Keep up the blogging. I would love to hear more!

  11. LOVE the words on the chalkboard.
    I am going to borrow them for mine!

  12. I love the lettering. It's giving me an idea for my stairs....if I ever get around to repainting them. Been trying to finish painting my front door for the last week....but it's getting there.
    It's ok that you're not a gardener.....though it looks mighty fine from here!

  13. LOVE the chalkboard! I am just now discovering pinterest...and it is dangerous! I am really enjoying reading your fab blog! You are a very talented artist and designer!

  14. Cute little signs....Like the first one!!


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