Thursday, December 8, 2011

around the house...

we say this.

and seeing that everything becomes a competition,
even telling one another how much we love each other,
you must win the competition with

I love you most.

This was a special order for the shop

I loved making it and added the design to the rest of the "keeping Christmas simple" heart ornies.

I couldn't believe I didn't think of it first...
anyway I'm so glad that one of my shops visitors did!
The last couple of weeks have been frustrating to say the least.
Danielle's car broke down and so I lent her my truck to go to work.
(she works 2 hours from her house-I work 5 min. from mine)
We got her car running over the weekend
(or so we thought)
Today I make plans to go see my dad, and am so looking forward to a long overdue visit,
go to get into her car and now there is something dragging from underneath it.

so you know what this means, besides not being able to see my dad and miss out on a fun outing with him?
yep, I haven't done any shopping either, except for the things that I have gotten online, 
mostly from etsy I might add!
Looking on the bright side, 
(cuz that's what I do)
good thing we kept her car here for a trial ride to make sure that it was going to run for her,
or else she would have been stranded with no way to get to work!
(and she leaves in the wee hours of the morning)
things work out for the best.

for some of us anyway.

fa la la ing 
my way through this.

fa la la,
Theresa xoxo


  1. I Love You More ~ sounds like me & the Grands, but the 4 year old just doesn't get it, yet... Love the Heart! Sorry about the broken cars, I know what it is like mine will be 1 year since it broke, it still sits in my Daughter's drive, no $ to fix it (yet) I am Happy to be able to stop by, Not having a computer at my house is a pain, but I am getting so much work done, (creating wise) but I do Miss all my blogging friends & the ease of surf the web..... Hope your Holiday activities are going great, be back soon~

  2. Dear Theresa, you are so lucky to live close enough to help your daughter-- I`m with the sea between us, and a 5 hours travel to be there !!!
    I love your simple hearths, and the: Love you more is so sweet.

  3. It's always something isn't it, at my house we always say "Well it's not cancer", it seems to put things in perspective! Now that you are home you will have to put something on your dress form for cripes sake! She needs more than a Christmas necklace LOL!


  4. Sorry about the broken car! That sucks! Hope all is well soon! I love the heart, so sweet. Hopefully next week will be better.

  5. Ok I'll say it....I love you more!!!!


  6. Hi Sweetie!!
    Love this little heart ornament!! Such a lovely and simple sentiment!
    I know exactly how your feeling with your car troubles, our has been acting up and every time we think it's fixed, something else happens to it.
    Hope everything works out for you all soon.
    Wishing you a beautiful night my friend.

  7. And I love YOU more dear Theresa! Only you can "fa la la la" through that.....I'm beginning to channel Ebeneezer I think..... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Keep up the good attitude, Theresa!!!!!! That's about all we can do sometimes. Glad all are well in the midst of car trouble.
    Love the heart. So, so sweet.

  9. My favorite children's books are Guess How Much I Love You and Love You Forever. I cry every time I read the second one; it was given to me by one of my best friends when I had my first son. Sounds like ya'll are having fun with happy holiday preparations over there. Love your little hearts. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  10. Hey Theresa I got your convo! Thanks!! I'll keep checkin the PO BOX just outside by my driveway for a smell!!! LOL I know what ya mean by something getting in your way! Not good, our furnance was out for six days in this cold Mich weather!! But thanks to a family member, I mean Angel we are hooked back up with a new one sorta, didn't have to get new duct work, just the brain part!! I am fa-la-laing too through it all!! I did alot of baking and cooking in the oven!! Take care and hang in there soul sista!! XO Love, Fran.

  11. You've got a good perspective! Love the heart project.

  12. First of all: I'm so sorry about your car troubles! It would be nice if that sort of thing never happened at all, though doesn't it always happen at the worst times? I've never had car problems where it was like, "Well, at least it happened on my day off, and right in front of this auto body shop." lol.

    Secondly: B. and I have, "How much do you love me today?" competitions. For instance, "Today I love you as much as basket of fuzzy little puppies. Some days he loves me as much as his entire record + stereo collection, so, a lot. :)

    Happy Sunday to you as well!

  13. Oh no! Car troubles are such a bummer...always a bad time it seems, too! Hopefully it will all be set to rights very soon.
    Your little heart is lovely, such a sweet idea!


  14. I adore you beautiful blog. I love the hearts you have created. Thank you for sharing. I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to you. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place soon and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  15. Love the heart! Sorry to hear of your car problems... I just hate car problems! Hope it all works out for the best

  16. That would be a perfect ornament too! Falala sIng your way through this :). Especially for one hosting I laws ;) I just jumped on before bed just cause I missed you and wanted to see what you are up to...hope you get to see your dad soon!!! And shopping? I'm waiting for payday...his, not mine :). Ill say a prayer right now about your cars!!! Night t!


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