Wednesday, December 14, 2011

one ornament at a time...

todays mantra...

I seriously need to get more decorating done around here!
It has been so crazy that although I do have a little more finished than
putting an ornament on Louise here, it's not much, and certainly not photo worthy.
Plus, I absolutely couldn't take a wide shot,
cuz then you would SEE the crazy that is happening in my house!!!
(and in my head)

I just had to stop by and say hello,
I've been missing all of you and our little chats!

fa la la,
Theresa xoxo

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  1. Oh I adore this, Theresa, it's just perfect!! xo

  2. I'm so with ya Girlfriend - but I can't even say my Louise is looking that festive - gee, can't even say I HAVE a Louise... ;o) Love, love, LOVE her ornamentation though!!! Hang in there - and "La La La" to you too....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Theresa, same as here, not yet much to show in my home---but I love the tree ornament, and wishes you a lovely week -preparing.

  4. Hi Theresa, I want to see you home and all of your know how nosey we bloggers can be.

    I love the ornament necklace hanging around her neck. Which reminds me that I need to give mine some Christmas cheer.


  5. one is enough when it looks like THAT! love! merry xmas! ;)

  6. Louise looks So Special, I bet your home is Amazing.... I did finally take my little tree out of the storage closet, but it is still just sitting on the floor, been too busy to do anything more, plus my cat loves batting at the ornaments (kept on the tree during storage) Have a Non Hectic, Beautiful week~

  7. Have to do decorating too! Love your Christmas Tree necklace!

  8. Don't worry, you still have 10 days! ;)


  9. Your ornament is precious!! I have been so smitten with bottle brush trees this year. Have a peaceful and merry week! Heidi

  10. I think maybe you should just enjoy what you have done and sit back and soak in the holidays because pretty soon it will be time to take the decorations down LOL!!


  11. bring on the crazy, theresa!!! it's crazy here as well and it's a good kind, so i'm having fun!

  12. I totally think she is dressed for a pic! LOVE the frame!!! Very cute!

  13. Hi Theresa sweet,
    I have missed coming by to see how you are, but thought I would stop by tonight to leave you a Merry Christmas Wish.
    Oh yes, isn't it great when we can edit out the 'crazy' in our photos. Wouldn't it be nice if we could make them disappear as easily in real life?
    sending hugs...

  14. Hi Theresa,
    Just stopping by to wish you and your family the Very Merriest of Christmases. Hope you get loads of time with your family this Christmas. It's fun to have my family under one roof again. Merry Christmas Theresa!


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