Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank goodness it's a season and not a day...

I hope that all of you had a beautiful Christmas day full of love and time spent with those you love.
Mine was wonderful.

The last few days leading up to it...
not so much.
too much stress, even though I didn't want it that way, it seemed impossible to avoid.

all is not lost.

Christmas is not a day,
it is a season.

I will be spending the rest of my Christmas season reflecting on its meaning
and how my own life is a reflection of the love that has been given to me.
We have always celebrated "Little Christmas", the Epiphany, 
and so I will be celebrating Christmas
for 11 more days!
Lots of time for relaxing and taking it all in!

I hope that you all had a most blessed and joyful Christmas day and that the rest of the 
season brings more of the same!

fa la la,
Theresa xoxo

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  1. Hope the rest of the season is filled with fun and relaxation! XO

  2. I am wishing you the very best Christmas season Theresa and calm, peaceful reflection through Epiphany. Being half French from Quebec my family always celebrated the 12 days of Christmas too and even exchanged small gifts on New Year's day. My mom just hated to see the season end!
    Tina xo

  3. Dear Theresa, my little family left today, and here is now so very quiet,and a bit empty- but time to reflect,and to enjoy blogging. :)

  4. Hey pretty lady!!!

    I thought about you so many times Christmas Day - I hope it was just beautiful!!! Enjoy this next week with your awesome family!!!


  5. I SOOO agree!! Our family always celebrated the season - a week and then some of family visits, feasting, and celebrating. And I am still playing my Christmas music and enjoying every minute. Hubby doesn't quite get it though and is ready for everything to be done and over. Hmmm...and he didn't even have to go through any of the stress of it....Enjoy the season Theresa - hope it's full of magic and miracles....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Have a restful, peaceful Christmas season!

  7. Oh Theresa,
    First let me say that your blog header is GORGEOUS!!! And yes, you are SO right that it is wonderful that this is a season and not a day--I can still feel Christmas cheer all around!!!!

  8. Happy Holidays Theresa. I definitely agree with keeping it simple. In fact, I kept it so simple that I didn't decorate at all this year. Yep, time got away from me and then I just thought it would be much more trouble than pleasure. Sure wish I could go out and gather up some greenery and find a little treetop. Your mantel looks great. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year. Tammy

  9. Hi Theresa~
    I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading and wanted to say hello. I love your photos- makes me feel like Christmas all over again! We, too, enjoy a season of Christmas. I also stayed with simplicity in my decor this year. Your's looks beautiful.
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays and wishing you a wonderful 2012.

  10. Glad to know that others celebrate the season not just the day…we can't wait for Epiphany when we celebrate "Three Kings Day" with small presents in the little ones shoes.
    Have a very Merry Christmas Season!

  11. Hey there! Loved your email the other day! You ARE crazy busy girl! But I love your atittude...11 more days to enjoy it :) You are right...we really enjoyed it for a whole month didn't we! & that makes me just smile thinking back on our Christmas Season.

    LOVE your header!

  12. Keep celebrating Theresa! You are right, it's a season, not a day. Hope you are still able to enjoy all being under one roof. I can hear you all laughing from here!

    Have a good start to the new year. Can't believe 2012 is on it's way! I wonder what wonderful things it will bring.

  13. I'm with You, Celebrate the season, Christmas goes by so quickly... I can hardly believe that we are hours from 2012~ Here's to 2012 being full of Blessings for us all!

  14. K, now feeling like I'm stalkin' ya! But just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!


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