Thursday, February 23, 2012

proud mom alert...

Let me tell you a little story...

it begins with a young man taking a chance on himself. and life.
He packed a bag and moved to LA.
He moved there to find a job in his field of 
Environmental Science with a major in Food Systems.

He has a few friends there, 
the kind of friends who are awesome enough to take him to the
Rose Bowl Flea Market his first weekend there!

yes, I was jealous.

John kinda stands out in a crowd, 
dresses in fabulous vintage clothing...

all thrifted of course.

plus he has the coolest hair.

As he was shopping a booth of vintage clothing,
a young designer approached him and asked him if he would 
be interested in doing a photo shoot for his new campaign!

John says "yes".
the story begins with a young man taking a chance on himself...

Photo by Grant Yoshino.

(I feel like I need to add this disclaimer... John hates smoking as much as I do,
he actually had the photographer keep this cig. going for the shot!)

The photographer for the shoot
takes some shots to be sent to modeling agencies and sends
John out to meet and greet agents.

Photo by Barrett Sweger. Grooming by Diane da Silva.

within two weeks of John living in LA
he is signed as a Ford model!

He just came back from NY fashion week!
He is now taking another chance on life, himself, and his new career
and is moving to NY in April!

(closer to mom so you know that makes me happy!)

Before he left for NY he did an ad campaign for a young designer from Poland...
and this video is part of the campaign.
I laughed out loud when I saw the arm wrestling part!

from the website

The story continues...
I will keep you updated on new and exciting things coming his way!

photo by Bell Soto

I'm going to leave you with a beautiful fb msg. that I got from John
on Mothers Day...

Hey Mom, I just got to reading your post on 612Riverside about me graduating. I almost 
teared up. I'm so lucky to have you in my life, not just as my mom, but as a close friend. It
makes me so happy to see you guys caring about the things that I'm doing with my life. My
friend asked if I called my mom today and I said "Yes, we talked for an hour". He said "I 
don't think I've ever done that in my life" and all I could think was how many times that's 
happened. Pretty rare for a 22 year old and his mom to be able to do. I know this summer 
and beyond will be difficult for you, but I want to let you know that I love you and will be 
thinking about you all so much. I'm a fortunate son.
Love you,John

beautiful inside and out.


let me wipe my eyes and press publish.

next week a new story.

I'll tell you the story of a young woman...

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there you go Lib! xoxooxox


  1. Love it T! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! Hope Fashion Week went well. Next year, you need to join him!

  2. That is a wonderful story and as a mother I hope that I am able to raise such nice boys who love their mom so. Very charming and handsome son you have.

  3. I love him already after reading his message to you on Mother's Day! You have got to be so proud to have raised such a talented and loving son Theresa!!!! What a handsome boy you have there my friend!

  4. Wow ! So cool ! What a great young man !

  5. Oh Theresa

    I LOOOOVE this story I got welled up just reading it. YES a proud mom moment for sure. Loved the letter to you. +good job mom+ I will keep him in prayer as he continues his journey in NY. OH and he is quite the handsome son

    Much love to you

  6. Now I'm tearing up. He is a testimony at how great a mom you are. You both are lucky to have such a bond. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. WOW...he is a hottie!!! He will take the model world by storm.

  8. oh my...where is that pretty hanky??? this just brought TEARS to my eyes as well theresa! What a beautiful young man...both inside and out! I can see why you are so proud of him! I wish him all the best as he embarks on this amazing journey in NY! Would love to hear more in the future so DO keep us posted! ;0

  9. How fabulous is that!! How exciting!! Oh, I can't wait to live vicariously though your blog and son!! A true credit to you that you encouraged him to follow his dream. What a great looking kid, interesting face, almost a vintage look, like James Dean with full lips and dark eyes...Oh, I am so excited for you!


  10. Don't you think our chickletts should meet? lol no, no interfering moms allowed.
    We both are so lucky aren't we?

  11. How wonderful! I am thrilled for your son and for you and how proud you must be of him. I love the note he wrote you. What a special young man.


  12. Awh how sweet! He is very handsome! What a lovely story!


  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! When I saw my side bar PROUD MOM ALERT I could hardly stand the second it took for my computer to click over!!! Theresa!! PROUD MOM's FRIEND ALERT! I can't believe how proud I AM of him! ! He is so gorgoeus & I know grounded having come from such a fine family ;) & I just stared at his beauty! (in a proud mom's friend way :) I can't even imagine how proud YOU are! This is just so cool...your boy, taking chances, soaring. Making memories. Living lots of little moments he will never forget. I hope that boy has a journal going to record these adventures to pass down to his kids! Thanks Theresa...this was so fun to be & I love sharing in your joy...about a boy... :)

  14. What an incredible and glamorous story! I can only hope my son grows up to be like yours! Congratulations on his success!


  15. Oh, Theresa,
    This is magical. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your son. Such a beautiful relationship you both have. Congratulations to your son, what an aMAZing whirlwind he has had!!

  16. Dear Theresa,
    Wow , what a quick carriere, that sweet son of yours, have made. Such wonderful photoes, and such a caring letter he wrote you. You must be so happy , with that beautiful relationshop you two have- and with that fantastic start he hase, in his new life away from home.I wish him ongoing luck, and happines.

  17. Aren't sons the best!!
    Congratulations to your son and to you for raising such a caring young man. Continued success and I hope he enjoys the ride and you the pride!!
    Happy Weekend!

  18. How Exciting, you sure are a Proud Mom & have every right To Be! I love seeing the little video & the photos, I can't wait to hear more! xox

  19. How wonderful for your son! Love the sweet relationship you and he have. My son and I are very close as well. Such a true blessings.

  20. Such a lovely story. The message from your son caused me to tear up, too! You are very lucky.

  21. No way!!! that is just amazing! what an opportunity. I remember some of your own photos of him in your family pics- so yes, he does have a memorable "look" that will do well in the modeling world. Good job mama! ;) What a story!

  22. What a great story and a VERY handsome son! You have raised a sweet young man with a big heart! No wonder you are proud! Congrats to both of you! I will look for him in the magazines!

  23. Oh my goodness how blessed you are!! I bet you feel like you're dreaming!!! or probably John does too!!! Looks like God had a differnt plan for John! SO cool he is moving to New York!! One of my dreams is to go to New York City one day!! Your new necklases are amazing as ever! You keep getting better with time! Great therapy there sister!! LOL LOve ya, XO Fran.


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