Monday, February 20, 2012

tulips and necklaces...

We had a 4 day weekend over here and boy has it been nice!

A dear friend stopped by with a 'spring present' of beautiful tulips
for me the other day and I had the perfect spot to 
show them off.

playing with picnik,
I sure am gonna miss it :(

I have made some new necklaces to share!

I love the light citron color of these glass beads,
just enough sunshiny yellow...

to go with a vintage religious medal hanging from an old chandelier crystal
along with a silver bird and a heart from a vintage bracelet.

I can't even remember where I found this gold wrapped shell but it is fabulous,
perfect for summer!

I beaded it with multi colored natural glass beads with a few 
larger tiger eye beads encased in bling... I love me some bling!

pretty in pink...
The bee is soldered and then I gave it a copper patina,
and that drew me to the pink beads on the table.

pinks and golds and copper and pale browns...

a pink rose with a copper heart and a brownish bead for the dangle effect :)

I'm going to leave you with the tulips...
they have really brought a bit of spring into the dining room 
and into my heart!
Thanks Julie! xoxo

I have more beading to do, ideas to play with and well, you know,
laundry to put away.

(thank goodness Hannah volunteered to make dinner!)

back to work...

Thanks so much for stopping by,
I really appreciate all of you for following my little blog,
those that have been here since the beginning
and the newbies I see on the sidebar...
welcome aboard!


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  1. Everything looks so pretty here today Theresa. Love the tulips and your beautiful jewelry creations.


  2. Oh I love that Bee necklas Theresa!! You are amazing my dear friend!! XO Love, fran.

  3. Looks like you have been busy (as a bee!) Theresa. The necklaces are lovely.
    LOVE the photo of the tulips. Can't go wrong with those and they are fabulous in your bottles.

  4. Dear Theresa, you have been having lots of fun, playing with pearls and pretty things, making so lovely necklaces- I love the bee, - and I could use a little spring flowers, too- they are real lovely in your green glasses.
    xox, Dorthe

  5. Beautiful necklace creations! I love the copper with the bee!

  6. Come to my house Hannah! I need a sweet girlie like you to volunteer to make dinner! What a girl!

    Loved your necklaces Theresa. I just realized, am kind of getting redundant. I will need to think of more adjectives for the love, delight and all the ooh-ing and aah-ing I do over here. Bamboozle you with my vocab skills...

    Have a good week! It's already Tuesday!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing such eye candy. it makes my day! Adoring your beautiful necklaces. cheers SpecialK XoXo

  8. As always, so pretty to look at and want. Your photos are just lovely. Sea witch

  9. Hi Theresa,
    Your necklaces are gorgeous, I especially like the bee one. And tulips are beautiful in the basket. So springy-I'm ready for it!
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Theresa, your necklaces are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!


  11. Theresa... I can't decide which one I love the most! LOL The pink bee necklace is BEEautiful!!! So are your tulips!!! We haven't had a winter yet so I've been thinking spring since late summer! LOLOL

    P.s. I'm gonna miss picnik too... :(

  12. pretty pink spring-ish! I do NOT know what I am going to do without picnik...I really don't want to buy OR learn PS.
    Happy WW!

  13. Hi Theresa,

    Wow, I'm pretty impressed with the jewelry you're making. I've been wanting to learn soldering for quite some time! Although the tulips are gorgeous, I admire the photo of the tulips more than the tulips themselves. Good job with the photography! Isn't it fun to take an awesome photo and see it online?

  14. Love that gold wrapped shell necklace -- some of my favorite colors in all those beads. We are starting a 4-day weekend now. Woohoo! Your tulips are so pretty! I came home to find a few roses and the dishes washed. Surprise, surprise. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. I caouldn't believe it when I got the picnik email...soooo sad! We need to have a memorial service :)

    Your work is always changing & alwyas so different! That is one thing I love about admiring your work T! It is just like visiting a museum right in my kitchen....except Rocco makes it a little hard to admire begging me constantly to wind up his little jumping mouse :) A museum would be more relaxing because I wouldn't take him :)



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