Monday, February 27, 2012

a quiet day all to myself...

Saturday was a work day for me...
(if you can call this work!)
It was a day that flew by, and as I made dinner I took the time 
to actually think about how many hours I had been
sitting at my table working on new pieces to list.

I started the day by making some of these charms.
Vintage script on a shell bead covered in resin.
Then on to homemade donuts for Hannah and her 4 girlfriends that spent the night.
(I wake up about the time they are falling asleep!)
The house was loud, crazy, silly...
just the way we like it on a Saturday morning, and then
as quickly as they showed up on my doorstop and filled the house,
everyone left.
Not just the girls, but Duane - he had a class meeting to go to,
and Max had a play date.
You know what that meant?
I was alone on a Saturday!
That does NOT happen around here!

I checked the mail and WOOHOO my prize from 
Carole's giveaway had arrived!
Could the timing be any better?
Quiet house, and now this beautiful magazine is here for me to pour threw!

If you have never seen this magazine and love
the simple style of natural beauty and white and the mix of shabby minimalist industrial farmhouse,
then I highly recommend that you treat yourself to it.
It is really the prettiest magazine (more of a book really)
that I have ever seen.
It makes me want to redecorate my house every time I go through it!

...and of course tell Carole of Maynard Greenhouse that I sent you!
I know that she always sends them out with the prettiest wrapping!

this is how my special prize arrived!

I sat right down with my coffee, in my quiet house and devoured every page!
and then I watched episode after episode of 
Downton Abbey while I made necklaces.
What a great afternoon!

Look what was inside of the tissue paper...

this sweet butterfly now rests on my inspiration board!
love all of the glitter!

and the cross inspired a new round of picnik play!
The cross is wire wrapped with pearls,
all rusty, wire and pearls, a great combination!

Thank you Carole! 
I love all of my presents!!

I have a couple of more necklaces to show you but they will
have to wait until next time,
today is a busy day!
As of right now I have a couple of orders to get out
and about 1/2 dozen errands to run for some of the kids.

see you soon!

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  1. What a gorgeous necklace Theresa!!
    I'm still waiting for my very first JDL to arrive. I have never seen one in person, I know, I'm so behind!!~ But it was really hard for me to spend that much money on a magazine, I felt guilty. :) I finally broke down and purchased it and I'm so excited for it to get here!!
    Hope you have a lovely week my friend!!~

  2. So beautiful, dear Theresa,-both your necklace, and the sweetest butterfly and cross from Carole. I have to go look for the mag. have not seen it here yet . Love your spring and easter card.

  3. Your new creations are wonderful and seem inspired by JDL. I'm glad your enjoying the magazine and getting a little time to yourself. You deserve it!


  4. a heavenly day! heavenly! (and so are all of your newest creations!!)


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