Thursday, October 11, 2012

fall fluffing...

A sweet friend of mine dropped off some beautiful Indian Corn 
the night before last after I had already went to bed,
and I swapped out my empty frame before daylight yesterday! 
I then proceeded to do a little fluffing...
I know, all for a little bit of fall fabulousness...
go figure.

As a bonus we have some sunshine today so it was a perfect morning
to do a little pumpkin photo shoot!

Now tonight while I am sitting in front of the 
t.v. with the family,
I can get some of these listed on etsy.
My poor etsy shop has suffered a bit because of all of the shows
we have been doing.
Time to kick it into gear over there!

Back to the "ta da" list,
 more sewing, gluing, gathering and creating!

Sooooo..... what are you up to today,
I hope you are enjoying the same sunshiny day that we are!


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p.s... like this fabulous orange bench?  It's coming with me to Jill's sale!
I will be there on Sat. 10-4
but the rest of the vendors will be there on Sun from 12-4 too!


  1. so.... it's like this.

    either i'm moving to your house because you fluff so beautifully, or...

    i'm kidnapping you and bringing you to my house so that you can fluff my house and make it beautiful like yours.

    you KNOW i love me some of your pumpkins - and you!!!


  2. No sunshine here in Muskegon! Very windy and wants to rain.

  3. It's gorgeous here in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sunny, but cool and windy. A perfect fall day. I love your pumpkins...especially that beautiful plaid one! :)

  4. Does the bench have to go ? :D
    It's so happy

  5. That bench really IS awesome...looks so great with the pumpkins!

  6. Your porch looks amazing Theresa!! I love your pumpkins on your red bench!!
    I hope your having a lovely week.

  7. Your pumpkins and Indian corn look great to welcome guests onto your porch.
    Mary Alice

  8. I love how you're displaying the Indian corn, what a clever idea to frame it. That bench is awesome and I'm sure someone will be honored to take it home with them.

  9. The Indian corn is fabulous, we understand, juggling it all is is tough...Oh and I love the bench!


  10. Coming to you from Vintage Inspiration... Love the bench! Great piece, and the super pumpkins are precious!

  11. Love your porch, the pumpkins are great.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oooh, I just love your Indian corn in the frame!... I popped over from Debra's party at Common Ground... signing on as a new follower, xoxo Julie Marie

  13. Oh my...why do those chubby little pumpkins make me smile so! They are too adorable :) & I LOVE the red bench...perfect pop of color! I bet it is a good place to hang with the kids on a summer night...or is that just in movies? :)

  14. Hello Theresa!!! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful fall weekend! Love your fluffing. Wish you could fluff some over here. Nothing except my hair is fluffy around here this fall. (And I really am tall enough that I don't need fluffy hair now that the 80's have come and gone, and what a horrid period of fashion to have grown up in!)

    Take care, enjoy your week!

  15. Can I just come hang out at your white house and absorb some of your home decor skills? :) Seriously,I love everything you do, the corn in the frame looks GREAT!!


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