Friday, October 19, 2012

tiny soldered bottle charms...

I had the soldering iron plugged in again, 
and boy did it feel good!

I was rummaging in my work room for something
and came upon these tiny bottles that I had been saving
for a special project...

special project complete!

now I need to find more tiny bottles,
because these were so fun to make!
Can you see the tiniest Christmas tree in this one?
Some have fairy dust, some have music paper scrap,
and a couple are for Christmas,
I have 3 of the amber ones with a 
little 'love potion no. 9 in them;
my own concoction ofcourse!

I missed last weeks barn show, I was still hanging on to my
"whatever the crud is that is going around here" illness,
and it was going to be 42 degrees and rain all
day so I had to stay home.
I really missed being there, and seeing all of my friends.

Today is a new day though,
and I am feeling better and hopefully the weather will cooperate!
I am headed to Everlasting Blooms in Grand Rapids
for their Vintage Flea Market...
I got a peek at some of the treasures that the other
vendors are bringing and oh my gosh is it full of fabulous goodies!
All inside their huge greenhouses,
the set up is pretty cool and the shop is fabulous!

If you are in the area you won't want to miss it!

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  1. LOVE these!!! my soldering iron has been collecting dust for years! i REALLY need to plug it in already!!!

  2. These are adorable. I wish I could learn how to solder, but if they won't let me use scissors here at the home, I kinda doubt if a soldering gun is in my future!
    Glad you're feeling tip top and rarin' to go!

  3. Oh my goodness those are just so precious and adorable!!! I love them!

  4. So sorry to hear you were not feeling well. Glad you're back up and about.
    Have a fabulous weekend adventure, but take care of is the time all the creepin' crud really starts creepin' around everyone....sniffle sneeze cough cough.. :D

    The bottles are darling. I may be partial to fairy dust.

  5. Theresa these are so adorable! Love love love these.


  6. Theresa
    Those bottles are the cutest things ever. I love how you created them. Just gorgeous! Have a Happy Fall weekend. Stay warm and cozy


  7. Love these Theresa! I can't believe how talented and creative you are!!!
    I am a teeny bit envious of your trip to Everlasting Blooms sale. I was on their site the other day and it is going to be awesome!!!
    hugs from here...

  8. Your bottles are stunning! I've never soldered before. I'm kind of scared. =) Is it hard?


  9. They look great T much like the ones I saw at the gift show.They also filled them with interesting tiny little goodies. I hope you felt better today. No fun shopping when you're under the weather.


  10. Theresa, what did you use for the lids on these bottles? I just can't figure them out! The bottles are loverly!!!

  11. Beautiful Little Treasures.... I wish I knew how to solder, I have a cheap little iron, but have never tried~ Hope you're feeling better, I think the different changes in the weather here in Michigan is causing so many bugs, My Grandaughter Eme (5) went for 3 weeks coughing & doing breathing treatments, cause her Dr. said it was seasonal Asthma, here to turns out she had Pneumonia for all that time! Feel Better & Keep Creating ~ PS. the Old Tie Dye is NOT water proof, it washes away, to leave wonderful patina & great fabric, Hint, Hint!
    talk soon


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