Friday, October 26, 2012

she flew the coop again, in style...

We were lucky to have had Danielle home all summer.  

Her move to Atlanta was not all it was cracked up to be, 
and now she has moved to Charleston.
(lucky girl)

I won't be jealous, I won't be jealous...

the reason for this update is to show you some of the things she did to get herself prepared.

She created herself a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies,
mamma's cleaning supplies ofcourse!
Not just mamma's but some ideas and recipe's of her own for 
me to borrow ;)

She even made her basket a little sign!

she made these cleaning mitts out of a vintage towel and then stamped on the 
reverse side, how cute is that?

She put her soap in a container she found in the work room, filled a jar with
our organic lavender sachets and made her own
all purpose cleaner and window cleaner and then
recycled bottles to put them in.
(with hand stamped labels ofcourse!)
All summer she came up with new idea's for The Old White House and worked at markets for us,
I really appreciate all of her hard work!

After she made herself a basket full of pretty supplies,
she got busy making a few pillows for her bedroom,
this one is a vintage sheet, love the ruffle...

I put in my order for the "I like you & naps" pillow...
she also created a canopy using a vintage frame and some sheets,
she promised to send pics as soon as she gets it hung up.
I can't wait to see it!

I love the jar of dryer sachets!

So why make your laundry supplies look so pretty,
you ask?

cuz, when you go to the laundromat looking like this,
your supplies gotta keep up!
(I borrowed this photo from a vintage style pin-up photo shoot that she did with a friend)

Wishing you only the very best Sweetpea!
i miss you already.

She has me inspired to make something around here just
a little more special...
how about you? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a beauty! And I see the apple doesn't fall far from the crafty tree!


  2. momma, she's just adorable. love that vintage look! she even makes curlers fashionable! Happy Weekend!

  3. Ok...I'll be jealous enough for both of us regarding her move to Charleston. She'll have the best dressed laundry care in Town. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Therea! How cute is she all dolled up at the laundromat! Oh my goodness! She really SHOULD go looking like that! How fun would that be! If I looked like her I might even try it :)

    WOW! Liike mother like daughter! I can't believe all the little details she added to make everything so special! It might even make cleaning fun...maybe :) So glad you two got to spend lots of time together this summer...does a Mama some good...& a girl too :)

    I just love that family of yours!!!!

  5. Your daughter is adorable. Love the "vintage" photo of her in curlers - too cute!


  6. wow...she takes after her sweet maman in more ways than one....gorgeous AND creative!!! killer combo! ;)

  7. Oh Theresa! All of your children are gorgeous! Good luck to daughters new adventure! And I'm jealous to! I need an adventure in my own life!

  8. I cannot wait to hear all about the new adventure. When you come up for air write me all the glorious details K?
    WE, you and me, are so blessed with these beautiful kids...makes me weepy even to think <3

  9. Oh my word Theresa!!! I love it all! Do you think that girlie of yours could make a detour through Minneapolis on her way to Charleston? I seriously am in need of some Danielleifying around here. And I would so go to the laundrymat all dressed up with her (I wouldn't be as cute though) what fun! Love it all. Am sad she has gone south for the winter though. I am thinking you need a little road trip!

  10. Boy, is she GORGEOUS! And clever...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, in her case - much luck to her in her new "digs"...XOXO Tanya

  11. Couldn't have done it without you, mom! Love you sooo much! Xoxo


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