Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Pics...

Oh I love my title picture, it really shows my ukranian heritage. that's my Bushie (grandma) on the left drinking her cup of coffee and then my Mom is in the highchair. I love how the table was set all fancy with lit candles and probably their best ironware and the white tablecloth and well then if you look to the left in front of Bushie... the can of Pet Milk! Love It!! Old photos are the best I use them often in my altered art but when you know the people in the picture, well that makes it all that more special. It puts a new twist on the artwork. As soon as I figure this blogger thing out I will add more pics.! Theresa xoxo

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  1. ya hochu moloko (spelling) --- I didn't know you were a Uke..... -- Did you know I went to a Ukranian school for 6 years when I was young (my older sibs had to speak it to graduate) -- I just remember how to count to 10 and say "I want Milk" hahaha

    This is so cool -- I love it Theresa -- you have the greatest eye --- I'm with ya on the old photos -- I can't ever get enough of them----

    Awesome job on your work -- as always.


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