Monday, November 16, 2009

3 porches, 2 gallons of paint and 1 BEAST

How I feel now that I can sit on my freshly painted porches and relax!

porch #3 very small and a great place to hide when I need to!

Porch #2 and my impulse painting of the iron railing that I want replaced with wooden posts!

The laundry tub will hold our firewood for the winter

Glue gone paint down!!!

probably about bucket #4 of the horrible glue!

The horrible glue...

See the red rug? I have wanted it gone for 3 1/2 years now!!

I've been wanting to post this for awhile now, meaning this job wouldn't have taken the whole week! We painted our house this summer - by ourselves - that's important to know because we live in an old 3 story victorian and it was a huge job (especially when you consider that two of the painters HATE TO PAINT!!! We're not entirely crazy though and we are hiring out the third story to a professional in the spring. Anyway I digress... the porches were still not done because of a number of things that kept getting in the way , mostly the weather, but not this past week!We had the most wonderful warm week just right for finishing the job. Another obstacle was the red outdoor carpet that was glued down on the main porch. I think when the previous owners went to the store to get the supplies they figured if 1 tub of glue was good then 5 was better! So my 17 year old son and I tore up the rug and then I used a beast of a machine called a GRINDER yep that's right to get the glue up. These pictures are the results...


  1. Oh my word, I soooo love all your porches. I think I would adore your house. Before building, we looked around for an old house, much like yours probably is, but our area was a very poor farming community, so although we have great barns around here, no great houses. Not even good bones. I would have been willing to settle for a good barn, bad house, but I got out voted. You are so lucky! I hope we get to see a post of the paint job soon! I can't wait. I am sure it must have been a ton of work, but what we did see, looks lovely and so welcoming.

  2. What an incredible porch and the transformation is amazing!!!

  3. Hi Theresa, Your porches look wonderful, Love the gray paint, and the wrought iron looks great painted white! Looks so much "cleaner" and pulled together. Great job! Love your fall porch decor, especially your topiary!


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