Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time to put on the teachers hat

Another class this Sat. this time I'm teaching wax collage. I just love doing these, the smell is wonderful (ofcourse doesn't compare to the fabulous aroma of E6000!) and the freedom you get with the wax is awesome! I hope it goes well, my ultimate goal is to spark creativity and teach something that the class is glad they learned how to do, and ofcourse have fun while doing it. I will be putting together kits today because in the past I let everyone pick their own picture out of my stash,paper,embellishments and such because I want everyone to feel that their piece is OOAK but that causes too much confusion in the process so I'm going to try a kit. I'm still giving a choice as I'm putting together 2 kits they can choose to do either the Santa or Angel collage. Crossing my fingers here... I figure they can make a OOAK when they get home. If anybody out there in blog land has taken or taught a class and can offer up pointers to what they feel works the best I sure would appreciate them! O.K. off to my dads now for a visit and a little halltree makeover. Have a fabulous day ~ Theresa p.s. both the santa and the angel pictures are from Karen over at she has so many great graphics to share! The noel letter behind the santa came from go check her out she is very generous as well!


  1. Wish I lived in Michigan so I could take your class! It would be right up my alley. Have fun.

  2. Theresa, I think kits are a marvelous idea. I did the altered stars at a scrap retreat last weekend and offered them all I was too much, too many options, and too long to finish. This week I am bagging up kits with the paper and images. I will tell them they can swap out pieces if they choose. I may add a few small containers with embellishments and ask them to choose only one item per container if they want to spend a little more time on the project.

    I have only done one project with wax and loved it. A class would be great but alas your too far away to come visit. Have fun with it, it looks like a beautiful piece.


  3. Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog, and for linking to me:-) Love your collages! Heidi


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