Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Genesis

See this? Do you find it as appalling as I do? That we waste so much here on this little planet we call home, the one we hope will be around for our children's children? I don't want to get on a soapbox really I don't, and I am far from perfect but I promise you that if you google~ images of landfills~ you will think twice about what is going in your trash can. truly. this image may not get to you, but how about this next one...
yeah I know, GROSS. The sad part is we cannot deny the fact that this photo belongs to US. Which is why when I started making my dryer sheets there was no other choice but to use vintage sheets as my material. I use recycled finds in my artwork all of the time, I find it inspirational and a way to save a little bit of the piece of earth I inhabit.
Isn't this a pretty way to save the sheet from going to a landfill? Right now the inside bags of my laundry soap are made of muslin but this week I had a revelation and after the bags I have made up are sold the future bags will have a recycled sheet for their inner linings. I mean after seeing these images... how could I not?
This is why everyone in our family got reusable metal water bottles in their stockings this past Christmas. I recycle and we go about twice a week with our fair share of cans, plastic and cardboard... anything I can take there goes but the water bottles were getting out of hand, and there mostly unnecessary. It's not that we never buy a bottle of water but if we do, to the recycling center it goes.

This post really came to fruition because of this story that I read. We have all been to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. (well us lucky ones have!) but this man decided to do one better for human kind, he started his own version of a thrift store but everything is free. That's right FREE! Like freecycle but with more accessability for the city residents. I love this idea. Take what you need and leave what you don't need. Keeping things out of the landfills and sharing with those who might find a new purpose for your stuff. No money involved, no profit, just saving the earth one old book, scarf, purse, canned good, bowl or cup at a time.
You can read the story here:

Stop on over to Old Grey Mare and check out all of the other great ideas everyone is sharing for Project Genesis. Even the simplest idea for saving the earth, times 100 readers becomes a idea worth sharing. Thank you Suzan!

Thank you for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. I love this; What an amazing soul to do this!
    I am so glad you joined in and shared your voice!
    It is so true, small things make a big impact~
    Great job!

  2. Hey Theresa,

    Thank you so much for joining us today. The first photos are so depressing and can make you feel so helpless and then there is the great second part of your terrific venture and of this innovative guy in Brooklyn. ( I'll have to forward to my kids, so they can go check it out.)

    As far as I can figure out, (as far as I can track), we have way over 1,000 viewing each Genesis, each day of the first two days..So that's a lot of idea sharing. I haven't figured out the remaining days it stays linked. Even if only one idea per person sticks.....well, there ya go! Whoo Hoo!



  3. It's that second image of the landfill that is REALLY disturbing.
    I think I have never bought bottles my husband is another matter. I use his bottles and refill them with well water. I go crazy seeing all those plastic bottles.

    Good for you for changing your product. Every little bit helps!!!

  4. Hi Theresa,
    You wrote a wonderful post this evening. We have some neighbors that I really wish would read this post!!
    Anyway....I'm with you and bottled water. At the beginning of the year I told my husband and son we were "taking back the faucet" and I would not be buying anymore bottled water. It was ridiculous when we would grab bottled water out of the fridge to drink at home when a glass and faucet were steps away. So "taking back the faucet" became my motto and it has stuck. It's a little thing but every little bit helps!!
    Thanks again for a thought provoking post.

  5. This is such a powerful post, Theresa! We cannot continue to deny complicity with pictures such as this in front of us. I find the water bottles especially astounding..I work in a university Bookstore and between staff and students, the empties pile up alarmingly. Fortunately, our student union has started handing out free metal bottles. Now if I can just get my workmates to stop bringing in a new bottle every day!

    I love your pretty sewing project. Recycling is beautiful in more ways than one...:)

  6. Hi Theresa, That is a great post today! I try to get my fellow employees to drink water out of our filtered faucet. That our boss had placed in for us but they are so determined to drink bottled anything. But we do have a recycling can that all bottles and cans go into the i grab all of them and also throughout the hospital in some areras and use the cash for new flowers and plants and fertilizer for the gardens here at home. The pillows are so sweet and so are the book covers. Have a great weekend....Julian

  7. I'm with you girl. Even one little thing can make a huge difference. I remember when there were Mr. Fixits who had little shops and could mend anything but the crack of dawn. Where did those guys go to? Now we just throw away and go buy new...what a waste! Sadder still is that those things that were repairable are now collector's items. Think the same will be true about the junk that's being sold today...I doubt it! It'll just be taking up space in a landfill...forever!


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