Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sending it out pretty...

 So I was looking at my large amount of wool scraps and a lot of them are pretty good size,  some still full sweaters, and not wanting to keep a metal trash can full of wool just getting dusty I decided to start wrapping my etsy sales in wool!  pretty lightweight, economical, wraps easy, and truth be told I will do anything to not fight with tape!  I even hot glue my presents shut if I need to!  yup, I said hot glue!  I have been sending out my sales in pattern paper, and I will still continue to do that, but maybe for the fragile, smaller items, this will work even better.

 Plus my sewing machine is always out so this was really easier than wrapping in paper!
 The photo above is the little ceramic bear I sold, all wrapped snuggly in bubble wrap, and sealed with ,gulp, one piece of tape... I could not let you think I DON'T use it at all, I just prefer to use what I'm more compatible with!

Here is said sweater sleeve...
I turned it inside out and sewed the bottom shut, then I pinched the corners and sewed them so that the bag would be able to stand up.
Here is what the corners look like pinched and sewn.
Turn the bag right side out... here are the corners now, pretty, right?
Now, here is the little bag to put the bear into, I even ran the sewing machine over the twine a few times to hold it in place.  I promise it took way longer to write this post than it did to make this bag!
I placed the bear in the bag, wrapped the twine a couple of times, tied a bow, poked twine through the gift tag and tied a knot, then on the other side, I did the same with one of my cards.  Place the whole thing in a shipping box, TAPED that shut (the post office frowns on me bringing the machine in there!)  One down and two to go!
With the holidays fast approaching, I am listing lots of goodies on etsy, see my stores links on the sidebar, and well, I know that I like getting a special package in the mail so I'm sure my customers do too!  How do you package your goods?  Inquiring minds want to know...
So I've been sitting here trying to play with blogger this morning, giving 612 a face lift.  Right now I'm at moderate frustration level, but earlier... oh my gosh, off the charts!  It's a good thing I was doing this stuff while little people were still sleeping!  I'm just saying...
(with the new changes, I realized that I REALLY need to work on my camera skills!) geesh.

Thanks so much everyone for all of you love and support from the last post, it was truly overwhelming and I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Theresa xoxo

THIS JUST IN... DID YOU KNOW THAT TODAY IS WEDNESDAY?  somehow it slipped my mind that it is WW... I'm heading on over to link up with Kathleen over @ Faded Charm, come join the party!


  1. ...who doesn't just adore pretty packages??
    Love the snuggley, buggley pouch!!
    xo, Rosemary

  2. I love it!!! All cuddled up and ready for it's new home!!!

    Have a Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. What a treat to receive something wrapped up that way, and very green too!


  4. Now that is pne pretty package!!! I am pretty sure you will have lots of repeat customers!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!

  5. holy moly theresa this package is stunning.
    it looks like a gift beneath the tree...
    What an amazing package to receive, you really love your customers and want them to be happy.
    I totally agree with you about that darn tape, can't someone come up with something new already that doesn't involve us fighting and cursing while wrapping!! LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Great idea. So very creative and earth friendly. I too have lots of wool sweaters for a variety of projects. I think I will use your idea for a some of my gift giving this year.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. what a lovely idea mon amie!! So "Original" ( can say that!!) Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. This is oh so cute and cuddly, what a great idea!!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. Your wrapping's just too cute to open!!!!Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Hello girlfriend!

    Another home run! Though I think I would have liked that sweater BEFORE you chopped it's arms off.. Looks like my kind of warm and cozy.

    :d happy gobble dear


  11. Theresa, this is just brilliant!!! Makes a beautiful little package for sure.
    I can't think of anything I hate doing more than trying to figure blogger out (unless it's having contractions) It is frustrating for a computer goober like me.
    I love your cute!
    have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Hi Theresa,
    I love this idea, the package looks amazing!! Who wouldn't love to get this in the mail!
    And I am loving your new blog layout, it looks just beautiful, and your family photo is just perfect!!
    Have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend, and thanks so much for the lovely thoughts for my Mom!!

  13. Can't get much greener than that! Plus it really pretty! Great idea!

  14. What a great idea to package something. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Hope you have an awesome weekend, T

  15. I'm so impressed with your beautiful packaging! What lovely attention to detail! Love your blog, I'll be coming back in the future.


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