Monday, November 1, 2010

Project Genesis

Happy Monday! I am joining in Suzan's Project Genesis movement today, she posted an awesome tutorial on how to make a reusable shopping bag for us to take to the grocery store so that we can eliminate the age old question... paper or plastic. It's worth checking out (hers is actually almost too pretty for the grocery store) and making some for the next trip to the grocery store! I missed PG last month and had thought about what I would post about and as it turns out it was shopping. As you can see from the picture above, I am from a very large family. Those beautiful parents right up front are the reason why family is so important to me. They decided when they got married to have 12 children. It's true... 12! Who does that? Well, people who love family and what it represents that's who! Now because that was the choice made, there were other choices made as well and being frugal was one of those choices. My parents instilled in me that life is about the people, love and laughter that you surround yourself with, not the stuff. Not that I don't like stuff... cuz I love me some stuff... but it is not my reason to live, I don't cringe if a plate or glass gets broken, and you know why? Because I probably paid almost nothing for it, that's why! I cringe at the cost of some of lifes necessities as it is, so if I am going to get us some of lifes extras well, I'm shopping second hand. I have found here in blogland that so many of you do exactly the same thing. We don't need a mall to define our style, we can create our own by mixing clothes from different eras that we find at the thrift store or a wonderful yard sale. My mom loved garage sales, she would find the craziest stuff - always with a plan, not that she always carried out that plan mind you, but she started out with a plan! She passed on the idea that things can be reused, recycled and passed down. With 12 kids in the family you did not want to be the last boy or girl in the family cuz you know that there is "still some life left in those jeans!" Patches were my moms best friend!
So now I have passed this love of thrift stores on to my children. My older kids shop almost exclusively at thrift stores for their clothes and housewares. I am proud of them for this choice, for one, is there a better way to recycle? They have shopped there on their own since highschool because they did not want to look like they just came from the mall and looked like everyone else at school. They still do that today and the best part, besides the fact that they always look so fabulous when they go out, they are recycling, reusing and passing down everything they buy! By purchasing vintage, and we all know how much we like our vintage, we are all doing our part to keep perfectly good items out of our landfills and giving a gorgeous piece of history another chance at life.
So to wrap this up... keep on sharing all of your vintage treasures here on blogland and you will be passing on the lessons taught to us by our parents... waste not want not! These are important lessons to share with our young children who are so brainwashed by commercials of buy, buy, buy! I am proud to be a frugal shopper and that my dad and mom thought it was more important to fill a home with 12 children that they raised with love and values than it was fill it with valuables. My mom is gone now, and I miss her terribly, but the wisdom she and my dad shared with us about what is really important in life will be with me forever and I hope that I can continue to pass it on to my children, and now with you!
Head on over to Old Grey Mare and visit with the other participants for Project Genesis, if every one of us shared one idea no matter how small, and we tried the ideas shared, just imagine how much better this little planet we call home would be!

Thanks for letting me ramble on...Theresa xoxo


  1. So Theresa...a penny saved is a penny earned!
    My Mum was one of 12..she always said "first up, best dressed". You never wanted to be the last...Lord only knows what was left in the closet!

  2. Thrifty is as thrifty does..or something like that...: D

    Thanks for joining in.

    What a great family photo. I did a quick count....there are over 40 in the immediate family? Yowza!



  3. Hi Theresa, I completely agree people before things. Thifting is fun and practical. If something is broken no big deal. If I need something I figure I will run into it at a yard sale eventually...and I do! hugs♥olive

  4. Hi Theresa, my 2 teenagers are thrift store shoppers. My 17 year old daughter gets stuff that she transforms and re designs, it's funny to see how her designs get passed around her girlfriends. They all love what she makes and don't believe her when she says where they come from!! LOL!!

  5. I didn't know you came from such a big fam! My mom has 10 kids in her family & it ALWAYS blows my mind thinking about that...but 12!!! I love it! Not enough to try it :) I think four will be plenty for me :) But yes it is great to reuse & rebuy! Keep it up & great job passing that down to your kids! I gotta go peek at your halloween pics!

  6. When you talk about family, love and values, it's never a's a prayer of thanksgiving.

  7. My girls love shopping at thrift stores! My oldest refuses to buy anything at full price!

    Nothing better than family!


  8. Hi Theresa, love this post as it is heartfelt and honest. A lot of people in this world need to learn the lesson of waste not want not. In fact, all these corporations that keep producing more and more need to just stop. Don't we have enough stuff as it is?

    Your parents were great role models. I can't even imagine being one of 12. I have one brother. And I only have my two boys which is more than enough for me.

    Hope you are having a great week. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Love this post Theresa! I so agree with you and your Mom! I do like to go to some of the stores after holidays! for the sales! My daughter Kaitlin came up to me tonight and told me to close my eyes. She went with her friend last night for the after Halloween markdowns! She focused on baking stuff (I love to bake!) She got me the cutest Owl cupcake liners with owls on them! and some icing for cookies!! How awesome when our children do that! It's kinda like a pat on the back from God!!! XO Fran.

  10. I agree with all you've said. I have converted my 3 daughters over the past couple of years and now they have no qualms about shopping there.

  11. Hey there! I am a new follower who just happened to stumble upon your blog! I would love it if you got a chance to stop by for a visit!!



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