Friday, November 19, 2010


Thank~FULL. Yup, that's what I am. FULL OF THANKS. Why you may ask? well let's see...
I married a wonderful man who believes in me and knows that everyday even though I am far from perfect, I am a good human being. period.
I have 5 incredible kids. truly. I love them more than life itself and the best part is... they love me in return. truly. and you know what? they believe in me too.
I have been blessed with the gift of creativity. It's by far my favorite gift from above. (besides family) I have been given many, mind you, like the ability to snort when I laugh, the gift of
being able to create something from almost nothing, the gift of my mothers looks, along with the ability to recognize a mood swing (she had them too) and put myself in a time-out when I do, knowing that time-outs are a GOOD thing, the gift of compassion, the gift of tolerance, the gift of a quick wit... which supports the snort, the gift of good health and the ability to take care of myself and those people I mentioned above, a roof over our heads, and a fire in the fireplace.
This year has brought me even more blessings, the courage to overcome my fear of the computer, and because of overcoming this fear I have met some really wonderful friends on here. I have been encouraged, and supported by some of the most amazing women, I have never had the honor of ever really 'meeting' in person and yet they reach out to me when I find that I need them most. You have given me the creative outlet that I needed to really showcase the art that I love to do. You have listened when I rambled and oooh and aaaahed when I showed a new creation and that has been a huge blessing to me. It filled me with more and more inspiration. So I am sending the biggest bear hugs out to all of you right now to say THANK YOU for your friendship and love!

Now not to take away from this mushy thank you but I have had some yuck thrown my way this week here on the blog and I need to clear the air so I can move on...
If I have ever confused you into thinking that I came up with the pumpkin construction of all the the pumpkins that I made and showed you then well I'm sorry... the first time I posted them I put a link to the tutorial here. and then a couple posts after that I sent you back to that post. I have been informed by the person who wrote the tutorial that she was not pleased that I did not include a link every time I showed a pumpkin. I did not know that it was expected. Quite honestly I assume the same people come here time after time so they already saw the link, I am sorry for the oversite. There is now a link in the comments section of those posts and you can find it there. I did not 'create' the original idea of the pumpkin made this way, however, over the years of doing shows with my sister we used to make wool pumpkins and they were pretty similar but not as easy to create. I mean who doesn't like the no-sew tutorials on here? Anyway... ours were almost identical to the ones I made this year, only this year I added the rosettes, thanks to the many tutorials out there for them, and the bling, because when we did shows we were making lots of primitives. So the idea for the construction and the original tutorial were not mine, it is here. Now that being said, I was offended by the fact that I was called a copycat and not creative enough to come up with ideas on my own. I was offended that I was considered beneath a person who 'made a living doing this' while apparently me making and selling things to help with our bills was less important because my income doing it was not as large and so was referred to as a hobby. Just to set the record straight, this is not a hobby to me, I am doing everything I know how to and have the time for to create a business for myself. All in all here's what I want to say, if you visit here on a regular basis than I hope you KNOW who I am. I hope that I have been able to convey to you that I am an honest, hardworking and upstanding individual, I am kindhearted ( I swear) and live by the golden rule, something else my mom blessed me with, I get my feelings hurt pretty easily (more of a curse than a blessing) but when I have made a mistake I apologize. I have done that and I guess the one last offense is not being forgiven after apologizing. I am a person of faith and in that faith I know where my heart is and so does HE, so I'm going to take comfort in that.
In the big scheme of things, this is trivial. Max's best friend has leukemia. that is not trivial. people are hungry. that is not trivial. people are lonely. that is not trivial. soldiers are dying. that is not trivial. people cannot afford health care. that is not trivial. I get what this is... but I really needed to get this off my chest so that I can move on. Today was my first day to get creating again and it was good to be covered in glitter.

Thanks for listening... I'm getting off of the couch now. do you charge by the hour?

I want to give credit to Jessica over at Craftily Ever After for the thanksgiving definition on my chalkboard. She has a wonderful download of the definition printed on burlap to share with you. It is actually longer than what you see, but I couldn't fit it all. Thanks for sharing Jessica!

I'm linking this up to the Give Thanks party over at the Vintage Nest, what a great idea for a party! Thank you Lynn xoxo

Thanks everyone! Theresa xoxo


  1. Oh Theresa that was wonderful, Bravo, well said, and you know I mean that is the nicest sweetest way possible! You are everything you said and a million things more and I've just recently gotten to know you and hopefully I can say I consider you a "Friend"! Hopefully things are, or will be resolved after this, I've missed all your wonderful stories and beautiful creations this week. Well now you can move on, you've said your piece, and quite nicely I think, and get back to what you do best, being the sweetheart that you, your family and friends know you are. I'm sure that everyone that frequents your blog is very "Thankful" to have you here, I know I am! (I can't wait to see what all the glitter is about, how funny I've been playing with it too today lol!)
    ((Hugs)) and Take Care,
    Theresa K

  2. Well done Theresa, I am thankful for your friendship here on the blog and I think you are TALENTED beyond measure. Sorry that you had to suffer from the mouth of another. Thankfully our faith allows us to perserve through the trials with a firm promise. Have a wonderful week my friend.


  3. OMG. To actually think that anyone in this decade has created anything unique or original is absurd. Yes we may take our spin on things but to say we "originally" made it is crazy. I have seen pumpkins like the sweater ones done years ago- and I am talking over 30 years ago at small town craft shows- made of sweaters even with the real pumpkin stems. You gave credit where you saw the tutorial.
    If said people don't want anyone using them as inspiration then don't blog it.
    You gave credit but you shouldn't be expected to do it every picture you do..
    Go,create, make a mess with glitter and put that behind you.
    It seems as those people who tell us they do this for a living get bigger and bigger they tend to forget they once were small business too.
    Have fun and keep sharing -
    one little business to another-

  4. listen mom made a fabric pumpkin back in the 70's. the idea is NOT "new." You put your own "spin"on it and did what most everyone else here in blogland is doing regardless of whom wants to take credit for it,. Somewhere out there is an 80 year old woman who has no idea that her idea is causing such a fuss! take heart...i believe in you and your sincerity. yes...leukemia and hunger and homelessness are what we all should be "fussing" about right now. Let's all look at the "big picture." I luv ya...

    You have stated this so very well and I know how hurt this feels first hand. I wish you the best and know that you are a wonderful and kind person and always show a kind spirit with every post you do.
    BLOGLAND can be a horrible place and feelings get hurt so easily because of no person to person contact.
    I hope this post does your heart some good, now that you have gotten it off your chest but I know it still hurts deep down.
    This pumpkin thing is everywhere so there must be a lot of apologizing going on out there in
    I wish I could express myself better with words, but know I am here if you need to vent!
    I wish you the best Thanksgiving ever and Know you are blessed and bless all of us with your smile, posts, and creativity every time we visit.

  6. T,
    I make it a point to avoid those I feel are phony and rip off artists. I say this to make a point. You don't see me avoiding visiting here do you? Quite honestly, if there is a book on blog etiquette someone needs to sell it online...they could make a fortune! I love that you proudly acknowledge your talents. So many (inlcluding myself) fail to do that. We think nothing at all of saying we do a good job at a paid job, why not say the same thing about our talents. I'm taking a page out of your book (do I need to link back to and from henceforth, I'll say it loud..say it proud!
    Thanks darlin',

  7. What a sweet chalkboard. I love it! I still have mine ready to be made, but simply cannot get my act together to get it done.

    OH NO - - I guess, however, that I can not give you credit for making that chalkboard because as I recall in 1801 it was Mr. James Pillans who invented the chalkboard. I suppose that means that we must always link back to the on-line encyclopedia each time we show a chalkboard.

    Listen, Theresa, I've been wanting to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your primitive pumpkins. You did a great job on them. You are so creative. How on earth did you ever come up with such an idea? (I know, I know... I couldn't help myself). I will stop now. I should be scolded. Do you think I will be? So be it.

    You, my dear, are creative treasure, a true jewel and I am thankful to have you as a blog friend and constant inspiration!

    God's blessings to you and your family.

  8. Hi Theresa, I luv your post today and all the things you had written for being Thankfull for. I have always been so happy to see the projects you do and admire that. I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving......Julian

  9. Hi Theresa,
    You are one of the most original, creative people I know. I am one of your true blue followers (and #1 fan) because you create all types of amazing projects and share that creativity with us.
    But that is not the only reason why I love you and your blog. All of the attributes you mentioned above shine through with every post you write and with every comment that you leave for me. You are definitely on my list of true blogger friends because of your sincerity and compassion and the wit that comes through your posts.
    I'm sorry to read that this happened. You followed all the rules of the unwritten blog etiquette by linking back to the tutorial and I don't think it necessary to add the link every time you shared one of your pumpkins.
    I am glad you are creating again and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  10. Hey Theresa! I feel so bad you were probably filled with icky feelings while "being informed:)" Yuck! You know what...i kinda think that "don't put your ideas up if you don't want other people to make the stuff!" Bizarre! We do all know & love you & know that you always pass credit onto others. So don't worry...we DO all LOVE & SUPPORT you! & girl....YOU make the best pumpkins anywhere!!!

    Love the Thankfulness list too! I love all the relationship & gifts from above on your list because really it doesn't get any better than that! i am just so glad you know you are blessed!!!! & I feel blessed just being your friend! Take Care!!!

  11. The list of things that you are thankful for is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    I'm sorry that you are going through a yucky pumpkin-blog thing. Hopefully it's at the tail end of being weird. :)

  12. I am pretty sure I have seen many many versions of this pumpkin for at least a few years now all over the place. I think yours are cuter anyway. ;)


  13. My Heart & True Friendship goes out to You ~ Love Your Talent, Your Spirit & Your Spunk.... I Hope your feeling better after getting this off your chest ~ You can tell from the comments that You are Encouraged, Supported & Loved! I know I'm rushing the Season's, but I look forward to Spring, when You & I as Michiganders Can Finally Meet in Person & Go Treasure Hunting..... Go Glitter Something Dear Friend & Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving with Your Family.....

  14. Oh Honey, it is too bad that happened...I know in my heart that we are all creative and we get inspired by everything we see!
    There are so many pumpkins out there, I have been making different versions of them for over thirty years.....
    Margaret B

  15. Hi Theresa, this is such a great post. You dealt with the absurdity of another in a very honest manner, just as you do with everything. You are gifted with such wonderful creativity and if anything, someone is just jealous that your pumpkins turned out so beautifully. I mean, come on, does someone think thye have an exclusive market on pumpkins? Give me a break! Anyone who has the gall to write and say such harsh things is driven by greed, jealousy and ego and has some serious issues! You, my dear, are funny, talented and honest. And truthfully, if everyone remembered just how blessed they are, and realized what truly is important, they wouldn't feel the need to react in such a nasty and awful way. When you release the ego, a world of beauty and friendship opens up to you. Wishing you all the best. Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

  16. Your list of things to be thankful for was just beautiful to read...thank you for sharing.

    As for the other "thing"...I hope you feel better now that you've talked it out. Keep Calm and Carry On!! You are doing a wonderful job!!!

  17. Hi Theresa,
    I will always be here to support and love your blog...I was so sorry to read all this nasty business about the pumpkins....
    I am thankful to be privy to your talents through blogging!
    Happy day!

  18. Hey there, as you can see from all the comments here... we are on YOUR side! If Martha Stewart felt THAT protective about HER stuff, she would have never made it to where she is today!!! The joy I get from "copying" others is the ability to take an idea and make it mine... the customization,,,,your bling, your rosettes, etc. KEEP CREATING! Don't let anyone get in your way! Happy Thanksgiving! :) mercedes

  19. Oh Theresa,
    Very well said! A lot nicer than I would have been. I have never understood people's need to be rude, hurtful and offensive. I have had just about enough of it myself! You are a truly gifted artist and it shows completely in your hard work! And I for one know that what you do to support your family is extremely important and not something your doing just for the heck of it. My jewelry business is helping my family as well, and I take it completely serious!
    You are such a beautiful and lovely person and those who have nothing better to say than horrible things to others need to take a look at their own lives and mind their own business. I could have said something a lot worse and wanted to, but I will be good.
    Have a lovely day my sweet and VERY talented friend.

  20. Bless your heart. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that...I know what it's like to get your feelings hurt easily. It's a bummer! Hope all is well now!

  21. I am very thankful for many, many things in my life as well! Keep up the good work! I love your blog not matter what!

  22. It sounds like you have a lot for which to be thankful. As for the other blogger...well he/she takes his/herself much too seriously.

    Happy Thanksgiving! La

  23. What a wonderful post-to be able to really know what you're thankful for and give credit to the man upstairs(God!). If we all took time out to do that-the world would be a much better place!

  24. Sometimes people don't have any thing better to do so just keep up your fabulous work and take these comments with a grain of salt. Everyone in blog land or Etsy world puts their own spin on something and it's not like any of us are claiming to have invented the internet or the wheel! Keep your head held high and have a chuckle when someone's panties are in a bunch! =)


  25. Theresa,

    You and I know that you followed all the rules of blog etiquette by linking back to a tutorial and praising the author of such. Regardless of her perspective she did not "invent" sweater pumpkins 2 years ago.

    Pumpkins of all materials and styles have been around for as long as I have been creating. ( far too many moons) Whether made from a tube or a circle, it basically is fabric stuffed and segmented and given a stem. I made them from the pant legs of jeans over 15 years ago; awfully reminiscent of sweater sleeves? It is up to the artist to make it attractive and artistic, and put their spin on it, which you have, but in the end it still remains stuffed fabric....

    By your sincere, heartfelt actions in this post you have taken the high road and shown your true colors, which the other gal would have known were pure, if she had just bothered to learn a little about you.

    Unfortunately, this means that she appears harsh, unyielding and petty over something that she truly does not have imminent domain. She may be a lovely gal I do not know, but this behavior in hurting you publicly was unnecessary and mean, and reflects very badly back upon her, which I'm sure was not her desired outcome.

    One of the definitions of gracious is : showing divine grace

    She may have written a tutorial on pumpkins, your tutorial was one of grace.

    Now, please walk away from the unpleasantness of it all and enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving. gobble gobble : D



  26. Great post, start to finish. I come here for YOUR posts! For you and all the other creative bloggers out there, I'm thankful. When I start to judge I try to remind myself to be thankful that it's not my job, He's got that covered.

  27. Hi Theresa, We all have a lot to be thankful for and I had to laugh at your snorting comment! Everyone in blogland copies each others projects and most are happy to share their tutorials. When someone makes a project I show on my blog I am flattered! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Sherry

  28. Theresa - I love and adore you. And - I don't care WHERE the pumpkin idea that has pride-of-place in the single-wide came from... I know that YOU made it - YOU made it for me - and YOU put your special twist on it - YOUR creative genius in it - and YOUR heart in it...

    that's what matters to me. I recite to me all the time, "no idea is original, but you are"... and you dear woman - ARE. Original, one-of-a-kind, a creative genius...

    and in my opinion? you make the best pumpkins... i know I have the great pumpkin...

    ;-D chin up - spread that glitter - and have a GORGEOUS week!!!


  29. Theresa! Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings and friendship! I am grateful to know YOU! Have a wonderful day!

  30. Hi Theresa,
    I read your post and I actually cried...I can't imagine working so hard to make something so beautiful and then having someone be upset that you did not post their link each time...

    I do understand someone wanting credit for their idea, but you had already done that and I thought the pumpkins were adorable--and so much work!!!

    If you look around in the different Etsy shops, after awhile you see many of the same things because people are inspired by what they see and decide to make something similar.

    But, you are so right about perspective! Someone battling a disease has far bigger concerns and soldiers fighting in battle are in life-endangering peril...

    You really helped me to gain a perspective about all of this...and there are so many of us out there trying to use our talents to carve out joy and an income from something we love to do.

    I love your work--it's purely beautiful!!! You are such a special person!
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  31. P.S. As you know, I design for Shabby Cottage Studio and I make tutorials that I post from time to time. Guess what--if I don't want someone to make something that I have made, I never put it into a tutorial! To me, tutorials mean "Here's how to make it--have fun doing it too!"

  32. Oooh Theresa, I think I love you already!!!! I love thankful people and even more when they are as talented as you!lol!(I love untalented folks too,hehe)
    I loved this post! Sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for, and so does your family.
    Someday I will tell you about the awful thing that happened to me blogging. It almost made me delete the whole darn thing.
    hugs to you...

  33. Hey Girl,
    I will second all the wonderful things about you.All true, every last one of them, and we could all add a few more wonderful things to say about you!

    And so funny as last week I was just thinking of you and your shop, and thinking that this is a business for Theresa, not a hobby. Love your stuff. And have to tell you, I almost never share any creations I make on the internet, as I don't think I could bear anyone to accuse me of copying them. Even if I think I have come up with an original idea, I inevitably find it on the internet somehwere. It seems as if someone has thought right along with me. Then I laugh, not accuse! Total bummer what happened to you, but you know... you can always move into the house across the street from me. (thye have a barn and split rail fences...)I would love to have you as a neighbor!

  34. Hey Lady ~ I was just following along as to what you said to do about the Treasury in My Etsy & when I went to add the link to the SANTA ~ HE HAD SOLD! ! ! Yippy, I was So Excited.... Thanks for the Help, We need to figure out this ETSY thing ~ I wonder if they have "Etsy for Dummies!"

    Have a Wonderful & Blessed Thanksgiving with Your Family.... xox


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