Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 year blogiversary giveaway...

I have been rambling on now for two years, today.
Before that I was what is referred to in Blogland as

a lurker.

I couldn't help myself...
there were so many incredibly talented people
that willingly shared their ideas with me, that I just had to visit them regularly.

 Then one day I got up the courage to hit 'publish'.
and that changed everything for me.

You all helped me to see things differently,
kinda like this light on the porch does for our visitors at night.

I have made some marvelous friends in Blogland and am ever grateful for all of you.
Some I have been able to meet this past weekend,
like Maggie and Barb.
Barb's story is kinda funny.
After she read my post about getting ready for the show,
she emailed me to say that she follows my blog and had in fact gone to the show last year,
and had shopped my booth!
She asked how to contact Jill so that she could get a booth
and there she was on Saturday morning setting up her fabulous artwork!
Barb needs a blog.
c'mon in Barb the water is fine!

I would love to meet all of you,
wow, that's quite a bucket list isn't it!

We could have a big party where we solved all of the worlds problems.
Sometimes a phone call between girlfriends can do the same thing...
thanks, Z!

We would eat delicious food that all of you wonderful cooks create,
and talk home decor like there's no tomorrow,
and well, we would have fancy table settings...
no paper plates allowed,
and repurpose all of the treasures that we picked up on the way to the party,
then we would take lots of photos of everything and everyone!

lots of photos...

we like our photos... :)

If you have made it to the end of this long post,
then you know the best is yet to come...

I'm having a 

"happy blogiversary to me giveaway"

It's my thank you to all of you who stop by
to lift me up and bring a smile to my face with your comments.
I do love me some comments!

If you are a follower of 612 then leave me a comment on this post
and I will throw your name in the hat,
if not, then join in the fun and hit the follow button.
and I will throw your name in too!
(o.k. it will probably be a rusty bucket, but your name will be in there none the less)

I haven't decided on the surprise yet,
but I will make sure that it's extra special!

The winner's name will be drawn on Sunday.

Thank you all for reading, for commenting, for raising me up, for the amazing amount of inspiration
that you all generously dole out on a daily basis,
but most of all thank you for your friendship.

Theresa xoxoxoxo

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  1. ...and thank you for all the wonderful posts! Congratulations on your blogiversary.

  2. Congrats Theresa :) I am a follower so throw me in the bucket lol :-D

  3. I love your blog, happy bloggaversary! karen...

  4. What a fun post Theresa! I remember exactly when I started following you-it was last year this time when I stumbled upon your beautiful fabric pumpkins. I've been a fan ever since.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  5. Forgot to tell you-I LOVE your header!

  6. Rusty buckets are the luckiest! At least I hope so! Congratulations on your 2 year blogaversary Theresa! I'm already a follower and always get such inspiration each time I visit!

  7. it's a wonderful kinship we all share and i am so very humbled by it! merci for the inspiration that YOU bring to us all! we are blessed! happy blogaversary!

  8. I love all the blog inspiration that I recieve too from blogland. I have enjoyed my couple of years and have really enjoyed having you as a follower and being a follower. Throw me in that rusty bucket too. I ADORE all of the goblins at your home, so cute.

  9. Oh PS--your header is toooooooo cute and spooky.

  10. It wouldn't happen to be one of the many marvelous sap buckets from last weekend that I didn't get and am now kicking my self for would it? Congrats on the bloggiversary! I just love coming and visiting here AND in person! Barb so does need a blog BTW!

  11. Happy blogaversiary!!!! Love love love the header!!!

    I've been a follower for a long time! You had me at hunting for treasures!!

    Trick or Treat!
    Marsha (Tattered Chick aka Sassy Mini Dolls)

  12. Hi Theresa! This is Barb. Thanks so much for writing about me and Jill's fabulous show last weekend. Yes, I will have to get with you, take the plunge, and create a blog about my crafts. Thanks for the encouragement. I love your pumpkin people. Their heads look like painted paper maché and not real pumpkins. It that the case?

  13. Hey Theresa, I've loved every minute with you. Had some really fun laughs and been amazed at your talent. Happy Blogiversary!! Your pumpkin people are adorable! So glad you're linking up to VIF! xoxo

  14. So creative, love your people! Please put my name in your bucket.
    A Lucker, Debbie

  15. Theresa you have a great blog, I follow you and know whatever you come up with will be fantastic. I don't blog...yet....but sure do get some awesome ideas from blogland. Have a great day. Regina

  16. Happy blogiversary Theresa! Today happens to be our 17th wedding anniversary. Love your pumpkin people! And your porch is so cozy. Hope you are having a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Congrats on the 2 years but it seems we have been friends far longer than that! <3
    What a darling post, and I LOVE your fright folk. If I did that here, they would be gone by morning..sigh
    Have a wonderful week and I hope Duane is having a good one too. First days are stressful. :D
    So throw me in the rusty bucket along with the rest of your admirers.
    We love ya!

  18. Happy to have you put my name in the bucket no matter what the prize ! That sounds like my kind of party ! Congradulations on two years !

  19. Hi dear Theresa,
    I have followed you from my blog-list, but now also as a follower :)
    I would love to be a part of that big-huge party ,lol -wouldn`t it be great..
    Hugs, Dorthe

  20. Happy, happy, Blogaversary dear Theresa!!! Woo Hoo!! That's something to celebrate!! I'm be delighted and honored to have my name thrown in that rust bucket of yours...You have been such an inspiration to me....I love your posts and treasure your comments....Love your pumpkin folk something fierce....Too stinkin' cute!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  21. Congrats on the two-year mark....keep up the great work! BTW..very cool header!

  22. well Happy anniversary girl

    i din't read how many posts you have done however the ones I'v read were all good

  23. Happy 2 year anniversary!!! I think mine is this month too, but I completely forgot!
    I always love visiting your blog Theresa, you never fail to inspire me with your art and your beauty!!
    Have a lovely day sweet friend.

  24. Happy, Happy Blogiversary! I am so Happy that I found your Blog, or did you Find Me... Oh Well, Us girls in Michigan have to stick together.... Lovin the porch Decorations, that pumpkin with the Old Hat is The Best!
    You always have the Sweetest Decor~
    btw- Please enter Me in your drawing, I sure better be a Follower ~
    PS, Thanks for the B-Day wishes, the Old body has been rebelling this week with all this rain, but My Mind is Still Young!

  25. What can I say, I lurk, and I lurk, and I am a FAN! Your blog has enhanced my life! Thank you!


  26. happy anniversary! here is to many more.

  27. Hi Theresa!
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I've been lovin you and your blog for a long time now. You always have something lovely to say and to show.


  28. Congratulations on the 2 year mark! I love your pumpkin scarecrows! I am super excited about giveaways - who doesn't like a giveaway!

  29. I always love visiting you here on your blog. I love what you share and love your blog. Happy bloggy b-day.


  30. Well I'm a happy follower Theresa, so throw my name in that rusty bucket, pretty please!


  31. Happy Blogging for two years!! I feel so blessed that somehow God led me to your blog!! You are always there to answer my questions!! I love that about you!! Throw my name in that rusty bucket cuz I love rusty buckets and you!! Don't laugh at me Theresa I am feeling loving today!! LOL XOXO Fran.

  32. Hi....Roblyn at Redneck Chic told me about you. I can tell I'll be a new follower.So kindly throw me in the bucket.Hugs, Marilyn

  33. Congratulations!
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  34. Theresa - Happy, Happy to you! And of course please toss my name in the rusty bucket!

  35. Just found you and became a follower. looking forward to getting to know you! Thanks for the chance to win..

  36. Hi T! I didnt realize we started at almost the exact same time! I should check my date but I know it was Oct...2 years ago :) Great minds think alike!

    Those little Pumpkin Spookies are soooo great! I can't even pick a fave (althouh I do love a pumpkin in a pink sweater, if ya know what I mean :) Yep...She wins!

    I was reading & When you said solve all the world problems I read word problems & I thought, " NOw that girl really knows how to party" :) I pictured us solving all these word problems & of course I would win being all brainiac & stuff :) anyway! Must be too late for this girl to be typing :) NIGHT!

  37. P.S. I have been loved by you already so make sure you pick another deserving soul for that giveaway :) Can't wait to see who the lucky girl is!

  38. Oh, hope I'm not too late to join in the giveaway! I've been a little MIA here in blogland but you're right, it's a wonderful place to be. Congrats on 2 years!

  39. I'd love c chance to win your blogaversary giveaway. I'm one of those horrible lurkers that's been reading your blog for a few months, but doesn't comment much.

  40. How fantastic...Happy Blogaversary !! Always a treat to stop by and see what you are up too.

  41. Congratulations Theresa!! I know I have been following since the very beginning and have enjoyed every minute of it! You definitely meet some wonderful people blogging and I consider you one of them (and I'm not just sucking up to win the giveaway!!)
    Happy Sunday.

  42. Happy Blog-a-versary, Theresa!! I just love following your adventures and are so inspiring to a "newbie" like me. Two years is a great milestone, so here's to many, many more!

  43. I'm late for the party, but I do love to make a grand entrance!
    Happy anniversary. You're the one who inspires me with all the wonderful ideas that come pouring out of that talented noggin of yours.
    Your photographs are fantastic and I love the header.
    Here's to twenty more!

  44. I am cracking up... those photos are priceless!!!

    I AM GLAD YOU HIT PUBLISH!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, what if I had never "met" you?! That would be tragic.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your blogaversary!!! Here's to mannnnnnnny more!!

    ;-D robelyn

  45. Yeah, I made it to your anniversary party, and I was not incredibly late! I enjoy your blog, love your sense of style.

    Happy Anniversary!

    I love blogging and the friends I have made thru my computer!!

  46. I am so happy to visit your blog and congratulate you on your blog-a-versary! You are such an inspiration and so creative! Jamie V in MT

  47. yippie skippie!! happy blogiversary!! if you ever have that party, i'll be fun that would be. please put my name in the rusty bucket...i bet it is a cute rusty bucket.
    p.s. love your cute porch.

  48. I bet it is to late to throw my name in the bucket...Oh well, you will have to do it all over again LOL!


  49. put my name in the rusty your blog...loyal follower. Tiffany

  50. Congratulations on your anniversary! You and your blog have been a great inspiration to me! I'm looking forward to many more blog posts from you!!!

  51. I'm coming to that gigantic party!!! Congrats on your anniversary. I know what you sent the winner was extra delicious...

    Just wanted to send you some comment love! Knowin' how you love comments and all...HeHeHe

    And I TOTALLY lurk. Lurkin right now...


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