Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it's show time...

come on in!

I'm going to try to not say too much here and let the photos do the talking...
and let me warn you, there are a LOT of photos!

reminder, you know who I am and I did say try.

I want to find a place at home to hang this banner that I made with help from my 
friend Julie.  Thanks Julie!

Hannah found a little time to crochet a potholder for Jill
I love that girl so much <3

Do you think Jill would notice if I moved into one of her outbuildings?

The Granary

This is Nancy and Sharon they had the granary stocked with beautiful things!
Nancy has a local decorating business called The Garden Gallery in a near by town, St. Johns,  and holds annual sales at her place as well.

see? gorgeous!

This is Dorothy's space, she had some amazing finds as well, along with some creations/ marriages
of her own... check out the sweet "junk pumpkin" in the little wheelbarrow!

This is Jill's space (the creator of the show)

here it is from upstairs, she has 1/2 the barn full of gorgeous finds!

I wish that I had more photos of the other vendors outdoor booths, but as you can see I took 
these when nobody was around, once the show started it was impossible
to get any pictures as we were all too busy.
I wish I had gotten pictures before they broke down their booths!

It was a fabulous show full of lots of great treasures, one of the best around!

I had some great 'blogging' moments as well...
I had one lady walk into my space and pick up my card and announce
"I know you,  I read your blog!"
I was recognized people!  My family got a big kick out of that!
A couple of the girls that have taken my art classes in the past came by,
Sharon was one of them!
and to top it all off
Maggie, from The White Farmhouse came so that we could meet!
What fun to meet someone that I visit on a regular basis!
Thanks for coming Maggie!

I can hear you now...
"hey you're supposed to be blonde!"
Well girls, I have found that when the hormones go all wack so does 
coloring the hair!  So now you know, this is 'closer' to my actual
hair color and when we tried to color the blonde last time
it went all wack.  no other word for it. 
The color is different everytime even when we do the same thing! ugh.
When Maggie showed up,
she was looking for me and I was right in front of her!

So if any of you have any good tips on coloring menopausal hair and 
making it 'sparkly' again, I'm all ears!
I'm missing being all sparkly!

Hannah was a huge help both days, but by the end of the show days, this is where
I found her... all curled up with Dickens the barn cat!
Thanks for all of your help BOO!
I really have to say THANK YOU to my friend Val also, she stayed
all day Saturday and her and Hannah took care of people while I visited
with everyone!
(man I did a lot of talking!)

just added... one of my favorite fashion/design blogs
Pretty Little World
was also at the show and she has some great photos to share.
and the bonus?  she always has some gorgeous vintage fashion for sale
and I do mean GORGEOUS
so do yourself a favor and give her a visit!

So there you have it... it was a great weekend and so far the past couple of days
have been pretty uneventful and so I better get some dishes washed
so that we can eat dinner on clean plates tonight!

Theresa xoxo


  1. congratulations sweetie..or are you an impostor with that brown hair? lol
    you still look adorable.

    I had the same issue for a bit but then I started doing it myself with Loreal and no problems now..shrug? next chat we'll talk hair lol.... as if we don't cover a zillion topics anyway....

  2. Your booth and this whole show looks amazing! I love it that you were recognized and so darn busy. I could have done some serious damage here. So many really cool things. I'm a blonde and the hair sure does get darker about the same time the eyes start going, right? My color wasn't quite the same either these past few years. I have it done now professionally and a mere three hours later I'm fine. lol

  3. I think you look younger with your hair darker ! What a wonderful show , so many beautiful things, I want to move into that grainery building , so cute ! Glad you had a great show !

  4. I love that barn and all of ur stuff looked so cute and very well displayed!!

    I am a veteran hairdresser of 16 years..so if i can help u at all let me know.

  5. Oh Theresa I cannot even begin to imagine the fun you all must have had! The pictures are gorgeous and I think they would have had to drag me kicking and screaming from the barn!
    Oh and I have to say you look fabulous, marvelous and everything in between. It must have been a very happy day.
    Tina xo

  6. So...THAT'S what happened to my hair color?? Yikes! I have been having it colored the same way for years...this time I asked her to make it a little less summery blonde...and now I'm a full-blown redhead! EEEK!!! Love the photos of Hannah - that one of her with Dickens is precious...just can melt one's heart...and I love the wrap she's wearing in that photo of her crocheting...

    And I could go one for half of forever of the gorgeousness I'm seeing in these photos - the settings, the buildings, the displays, the goods....wow. What I wouldn't give to have been there....Thanks for taking the time to share some of the beauty for those of us who can only indulge in cyber way....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. I wrote a loong comment was almost done stepped away for a sec to get a crying babe and poof! gone...You might have got a little from me already but I am going to try again here so forgive me if you heard this already BUT...

    I am soooo in love with everything here! The barn! The handmade treasures! Hannah's corner! Her handiwork, her! The antiques! Your brown hair! You meeting up with a friend! (Makes me jealus girl:) I LOVE seng blog friends meet! One of my fave posts...girls ned girlfriends...& lots of them! So the fact that you women came together & created this beauty! Makes me smile so big & my heart ache that I couldn't join in! Oh the fun that would have been!

    I am sooo glad you had the chance to do this! Sending some MN love your girl's way!

  8. SEE?! That is why I don't put pics of me on my blog! I look like a beast next to you! I wouldn't worry about being sparkly, you are already that lovely lady! I had such a great time at the show, the bonus was meeting you though! Everything looked wonderful! Now I wish that I had gotten into the grainery! I'm drooling over what I missed! I had a hard time enough getting into the barn with Stinky Pinky in tow! I am so glad the show was a success for you! Your booth looked wonderful!

  9. theresa, your photos came out beautifully and thank you for including a picture of us in the granary. that was a fun day for sure. the picture of hannah and dickens is so cute! (this is my third try to send a comment, hope you don't end up with all three~) sharon t.

  10. It was so nice meeting you! Thanks so much for posting pictures of The Garden Gallery. We had a great time at Jill's Sale. Love her and her place. You have a great blog and love all your creative ideas. Count on me as one of your blog followers. Oh, and by the way...Love your laundry soap. It's WONDERFUL!!!!!

  11. OH Theresa how awesome! That day I kept asking Sim where is Dewitt. He kept telling me it was by Lansing and 69. We were at Lake Orion and Great Lakes mall all day! I kept saying darn it! He just laughed at me!! LOL I just know one of these days we'll meet!! LOL Some where some how! Hannah is getting so pretty!! and looking grown up! I love your blonde story! I am still a blonde in oh so many ways!! LOL Maybe good ole sun-in might work or peroxide!! LOL Just remembering the good ole days!! LOL Take care, XO Fran.

  12. Good grief... I have to move closer. ALL of it looks fantastic!!! I love your space!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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