Saturday, October 29, 2011 changes...

 Please excuse the enormity of the giant header,
but I was hoping to get your attention!

I have had this change on my mind for quite a while.
I started the blog 2 years ago as 612 Riverside and kind of regretted it not long after.
I thought I would only talk about the things that I make.
not family, nothing personal.
Well, you seasoned bloggers know how hard that is to do!
So then I wanted to change it, but was hesitant.
Would I risk losing followers?
I certainly hope not ;)
For now I won't be changing my address but just my name.
baby steps.

With my shop name as 

the old white house

I have been trying to do more and more social networking and so I want
everything to have the same name.
I can't believe it myself but so far the baby steps include
I don't know how I'll keep up with it all, but I'm going to give it a whirl!
I don't even know if this makes sense, to only change the name and not
the address but like I said...
baby steps.
I do have a blog reserved as the old white house
so that change may soon be on the horizon.

this is one of those things that Eleanor Roosevelt suggested for our lives...

I would really appreciate any advice, feedback or helpful hints from those of you
who may have already changed your name or address.

well, here I go....

I hope you'll stick around, I promise there is more fun on the horizon!

Theresa xoxo


  1. Great move toward branding yourself. Would follow you anywhere!

  2. I changed my address about a year ago and it's taken me forever to get people to change with me. Some have never followed me. old IP address was Cottage Gardens and it looks terrible on my business card. Thats why I changed. And can you believe I thougth about another shop name. Anyway, I'm glad I did it. Now anywhere I go people can relate to who I am. All of my email address are timeworninteriors as well. That way people have no trouble finding me.

    You have to decide what is best for you. Besides I can't even get on pinterest! Signed up, have a pass word but can't remember what it is. I can't even figure out how to reset it! Everytime I try is says error on page! Who knows!

    Good luck what ever you decide!


  3. I can't really weigh in because there are rewards and pitfalls with both.
    I have been oldgreymare for so many decades how would I ever change it?
    So listen to the experts who have been there and then go with your gut...

  4. Hey Theresa, Change does not do well in my head, but like Vicki said, I would Follow You Anywhere! so I just need to update the name on my blog list for you, Not the address, Right!?!

    So now answer something for Me, What the heck is Handmade Spark???? Ok, Off to change your name.... Hope you are staying warm, it is COLD.... Have you had any of that White Stuff Yet?

  5. hmmm...I suppose I will still stalk you & your family :) & I totally get that wanting everything to be connected...& hey, with a name like The Old White House...who wouldn't want to visit!!! Good Luck brave friend!!!

  6. Oh I'm not going anywhere matter what you call yourself!!! You are stuck with me T.
    hugs from here...

  7. T, love the new name and of course the pumpkin. Have a great weekend.

  8. Wherever you go, I'll be there! love ya! xoxo

  9. Theresa, I recently did a post about the fact that I have changed my blog name from Sassy Mini Dolls to Tattered Chick but with so many followers, like you, I only changed the name of my blog (not the url) and gave it a new look. I first started out talking about my dollmaking and now I can't remember the last time I created a doll, LOL As we change our blog does too :) and when Etsy allowed us to change our shop name that was the impetus I needed!!!


  10. Hi Theresa,
    No matter what you name your blog, I will always be a dedicated follower and lover of what you have to say and show.


  11. I will still be here at your blog .. Looking and reading!! Not that easy to get rid of me!! lol Your decorating is just beautiful!!

  12. I want to change my blog name too! From Charm Bracelet Diva to Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home} because the nature of my blog has changed over the past two years as well! I think it's great you did it. I wouldn't worry about the address. I've seen blogs with their address different than their blog name. Hopefully this will work out for you. I wouldn't want to risk losing all my followers, so I'll probably do what you did. LOVE the header by the way! Never thought to use my grainsacks for pumpkins!


  13. You could call yourself The Purple Pig if you wish, and I'd still be here Girlfriend....All I ask is that you let me know if you do a change that requires me to do something differently to keep finding you. Good luck - sounding like you're going to be very busy with all the networking going on! ;o) Love the grainsack pumpkin!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Follow your gut with the name change. I'll stick around cause I love ya.


  15. Dear Theresa,
    you just go ahead...I will follow you on new name and new adress, whereever you go.

  16. Hi Theresa
    I think it's a great idea to have your business name on everything!!! And I know what you mean, you change one little thing and then it snowballs to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    I think this will be wonderful for you!!
    And no worries, whether you change blogs or not, I will definitely be there my friend wherever you are! {Does that sound a little stalker-ish?} :)
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  17. I just "found" you, so you are The Old White House to me. It's only natural that our blogs will change with us and connecting everything under one name makes sense. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to take a look around. Patty

  18. I like the name, Theresa! Great idea for business, too!

  19. I did this exact thing a couple of months ago and now wished I had done it sooner. Reading the first part of this post was like reading my own exact words. Love the new header and name! By the way, I haven't lost any followers but I did put in my header in tiny print my former blog name (which I will take off after a long while). That way people visiting would still know it was the same blog. I changed the name, header and the address to a domain address but Blogger rerouted my old address to the new one so anyone putting in the old address will automatically be taken to the new one. Good luck!

  20. I will continue to follow! Your posts, creativity and photographs are wonderful!

  21. You can't go wrong with properly branding who you are. All of the social media these days sounds pretty overwhelming, but they work together really well if you utilize them for their best abilities. I promise... it won't be too much. :)

    Good for you!


  22. Love your new name!
    I'm a big fan of old white houses, after all. ;-)


  23. I completely understand.

    My blog has been The Old Block House, while my Etsy shop and one of my FB pages is still under my old name.

    I was thrilled that Etsy allowed for shop name changes.

    The Old Block House has become such a part of my life over the last six months, it was a huge feeling of completion in uniting all my endeavors under one roof.

  24. Theresa,
    Contests on those baby steps. I think they are the most challenging but the most significant. Let me know how face book goes and twitter! I haven't done the twitter deal yet... Still more baby steps! I'm excited to see how you grow!!

  25. The pumpkin is adorable. And the big header totally got our attention ;) Just want you to know that I really LOVE you blog. Your post are very inspirational and I must say, SUPER creative :)

  26. Hi Theresa,
    I'm excited for you and the changes. I'm not going anywhere!! I'm impressed that you have accounts with all of those social media sites. I have my blog and that is it. I should probably open a facebook acct. but I'm dragging my feet on that one!
    Happy Halloween!!

  27. I know change can be so hard....with me too. I love the new name. If I had the nerve I would change the name of my blog....but to what? It's such a boring name.
    Not sure how to help you on the other social networks....I'm so behind on all that.

    happy halloween!!!!!


  28. Found you from Funky Junk's 31 day party, I checked out your link from Handmade spark, you have some wonderful things for sale. I've been dragging my feet on all this, almost ready to Make the leap! Thanks for sharing

  29. I also came over from Funky Junk's Challenge. I like your new name and your old name, but mostly I love your blog. You always seem to have good posts and ideas, which is where I am trying to decide what to blog about. I love so many things it is hard to sit myself down and get started.
    You are very inspiring. I am now going to have to go look up Pinterest and Handmade Spark :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. I know this is an old post but I so relate on changing in mid stream..I also changed and I was just getting my old blog noticed. It is hard to start over but I am glad I have made the move. I also talk about many different things which also is what they tell you not to do with blogging because they say to stay with one subject. For me that is impossible. I don't even do that with my conversations. lolololol
    I love your blog and glad I found you through pinterest.


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