Thursday, November 10, 2011

is it just me?

I have a soft spot for the old stern St. Nick photos of the past...

(imagine being a small child and wanting THIS guy to show up in the middle of the night!)

...and he is the kinder gentler version!

If you were on the naughty list, this might be who showed up...

I know, right?  
not scary at all!

guess what?

I have some exciting news for all of us burlap and typography lovers...
see that burlap behind the scary Santa?
I found it at Joann's the other day while I was gathering supplies for my upcoming show
and stopped. right. in. my. tracks.
whaaaaat?  printed burlap?
(insert another version of the happy dance)
the one that come to think of it, probably looked like I needed to use the bathroom!
(man I hope their security camera is fake)
The clerk told me that they just got it in, so run... don't walk, to your nearest joanns for your share!

I just bought a small amount of it so as not to go crazy and wrap my whole house in it!
Some of the print is quite heavy but the possibilities are enormous!
no. really. enormous!

So back to the stern Santa...

Is it just me or do you have a love/fear relationship with him too?

As you can see, I have been rufflin and glueing and sewing over here.
I have more to show you but honestly, if my tired brain spells one more word
wrong I might do something to put myself on the naughty list.

and I don't think we want that to happen, do we?

Sweet Dreams,
Theresa xoxo

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  1. I adore your new ornies Theresa...burlap and paper alike!! (That burlap is all kinds of good - gotta say....) But if you think those Santas look a bit cranky, you should meet up with Black Peter!! I sometimes still have nightmares about THAT guy! (See you found some of the "la's" to go with your Fa's!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. I'm glad I visited late. You gave me a couple of really good chuckles before I hit the sack and dream of mean Santa! Your ornaments are wonderful! Love the burlap.

  3. Yeah, when my oldest son was 3 he couldn't go to sleep on Christmas Eve. He was was all that talk of a stranger coming in the house in the middle of the night! You know, gifts or not, who wants some old dude you don't know breaking into your house!?!

  4. Theresa the printed burlap looks fantastic, and I love your santas added-also your Noel paper piece is wonderful.
    Happy week-end Dorthe

  5. I'm with you, Theresa! I like the stern-face Santa. But then again, I like the jolly face Santa too....

  6. Gives a whole new meaning to "Bad Santa"! I got a feeling Joanne Fabrics is gonna make a ton of money this year. That's brilliant and so are your designs.

  7. Love the burlap! Not a Jo Anns near me! Dang!

  8. You are so funny. I love the inserts:) Everything about Santa is scary if you ask me. Non the less I will still traumatize my children to get the pic of them on his lap. Ah the things we do for tradition.

  9. New burlap, get my car keys......
    Love the santa, mean looking or not.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the burlap and the new ornies!

  11. I hope I can get some too!


  12. Theresa - you crack me up! =) The stern Santa's remind me of my Dad. He always had a beard when I was growing up. Of course it's gotten more and more white as we've both gotten older. Either way, I have a soft spot for both Santas!


  13. mean santa, too funny lol!! Beautiful decorations :) thanks for wishing me well over at my bloggy, I'm feeling a little better today

  14. Printed burlap? Brilliant! Thanks for linking up to the Burlap Month party at WhisperWood Cottage!

  15. Love the ornaments! You won me over with your very entertaining post...I'm a new follower!

  16. Printed burlap? Who knew!! I'll have to go check it out.

  17. Love your little Santas, and printed burlap...

  18. Such a cute post! I am a real big fan of burlap so i think this turned out great!!

  19. You crack me up Theresa.Come to think about it... my happy resembles that too!
    I love your ornaments you have been creating.

    I loved the picture of Hannah and Max with their yummy plate of donuts. Such darling kids!
    hugs from here...

  20. Thanks so much. You are getting me back into the Holiday creating - my mojo had disappeared after working on holiday items for 4 straight weeks for our open house. And it was beginning to scare me. But after looking at your ornaments I think i can wake up tomorrow and get back at it.

  21. Theresa, you always amaze me with your creations! I want to see this printed burlap!! thanks for sharing all the great holiday inspiration, xoxo


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